Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Finanly a day of rest ...... sort of.

This has been one crazy month, but I guess December always is for most.

That with family visiting or going to visit family. Our December also includes birthdays. This was a big one for Felicia, she turned 21. Her friends at school of course held a "drunk fest" for her though she never did make it to 21 shots (epic failure so they say).

She did look too cute even if the "dress" she wore was ACTUALLY a shirt. Goofy kid, lucky she is of small stature or she would have never been able to pull that off.

Then some more friends from high school got together for happy hour. Jodi wanted me to come and I wish I could have but that was a kid running around night.

I do like getting with old classmates and re-kindeling old friendships. Mine and Jodi's friendship continues to get stronger and stronger ever since we reunited back in May. The poor thing, I have drug her to everything and she never complains! Weirdly enough she enjoys it.

Mikayla also had her winter recital in December. This was her first recital, and she was EXTREMELY nervous. She said in practice she fell, but she was amazing when it cam to show time. I told her if your going to mess up then practice is the time to do it! Though she concentrated so hard she barely ever broke a smile, she was soooo serious the whole time.

Their song was to Santa Baby. And they all did a wonderful job. I was so very proud of her. She is in dance and gymnastics now because she wants to be on the high school dance team when she gets there. It is pretty much required that you have taken dance and gymnastics prior to high school. She is hoping that 1 year will be enough. I am too, she has never really shown so much interest in school activities before.

This month MD and I did end up having to buy some new appliances! Our washer decided that it did not want to spin any longer, the dryer decided that building up lint was a good thing, and the dishwasher loudly sang its grievances against washing. So off to Lowe's we went and spent what I later found out was my Christmas present from MD. A trip to Hawaii! Damn appliance knew he was getting ready to buy a vacation away from them so they revolted....all at once! That's okay, little do they know, I will get my trip anyway. I just have to wait a little longer.

MD's sister came in for a visit on the 17th. I love when She comes in because MD actually cleans the whole house......himself! This is the only time when he really dives in and makes sure everything looks just so. I don't know why but the house must be clean for his sister.

It was good seeing my soon to be doctor nephew! We have not gotten to see him in about 4 years or better. School keeps getting in the way. He did an impressive thing....he lost a whole person. The young man has been slowly loosing weight for the last two years and has gone from 350ish pounds to 185. He looks AMAZING. He still eats what seems to be massive amounts of food, it is just different kind of food than before. He is a rabbit, I have never seen anyone eat so much salad. I give many kudos to the kid, that defiantly took some will power to change an entire lifetime of eating habits.

We all took Felicia to the Casino for her birthday. Luck would have it she turned the $100 we gave her into $230. After we got home Casey (Felicia's friend she brought home from school) Felicia and Matt went to a local bar for some fun without the "old" people around.

Then Christmas. We had a VERY good Christmas this year thanks to MD's construction company doing soooo well this year. They kids never grumbled or complained once. Mikayla opened one gift and was good, she needed nothing else! MD and I were amazed!

The kids were well behaved at their grandparents house. Well Devin still gave his sisters and cousins trouble. It just wouldn't be normal if he didn't.

But the food was good as was the company.

Devin was even VERY affectionate giving hugs! Actually it was suprising and I soaked up as much as he would give.

His younger sister was not so into his affection though. She really is not use to that at all and didn't trust him. Kindof fuuny I think.

But Mikayla did like visiting with her cousin Alayna. From this picture you can't even tell that Mikayla is 10 months OLDER than her cousin. That kid is going to a tall one. Both are 13 years old, act and look totally diferent.

If we did not live so far apart they would be the closest of friends.
Whew I think I covered it all, caught up on everything. Long enough post that is for sure.
Hope everyone has a wonderful and prosperous new year!!!


utmomof 5 said...

WOW you have been super busy!!! Glad you had a good Christmas and the kids we happy and not complaining about what they got. That is always a sign of a good day!!

That corgi :) said...

sounds like everything is relatively going well in your household, appliances excluded (darn them, that would have been a fun trip to Hawaii)

loved the pictures

Happy New Year to you and yours


Laggin said...

What a great catchup! Looks like fun.