Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to relieve the PRESSURE of the Holidays

I find that This time of year tends to get mind boggeling and gets me totally frazzeled (is that even a word). Over the last few years I have started doing a few things to de-strss myself especially this time of year.

Here are a few things I have found to help give you the excuse to just go CALM and enjoy every day.

1.Haven’t finished (or started) decorating yet? Just say NO. Do you really need to empty all 25 holiday rubbermaid containers and use 132 strands of lights?

Find a small focal point in a couple of rooms to add a festive touch of greenery or a jar of brightly colored ornaments & Christmas balls. There is no need to deck out every shelf and surface with an extravagant holiday display. Give yourself a break and keep it simple.

2.Feeling like an total failure because you don’t have enough time to bake with your kids? Devise a shortcut. There is nothing wrong with using pre-made sugar cookies. It saves some time and still allows your kids the fun of decorating and eating holiday cookies. And isn’t that the point?

3.Need to get the house picked up in a hurry for a holiday gathering? Use a grab and stash method! Take paper bags, label the front with the name of the room you are cleaning and gather up all the miscellaneous clutter from that space. The only rule is no bills or important papers can go in the bag, but everything else is fair game. Put the bags in a closet and set an appointment with yourself in January to sort through it once the holidays are over. If you don’t feel like looking in the bag in January, toss it. You probably don’t need that stuff anyways.

4.Don’t even know where to begin? Put the top three projects that need to get done down on paper. Shut down the computer (yes, the computer needs to be turned off) and tackle one project at a time. It is a lot easier to focus once you break it down. Multi-tasking (at least when attacking chores at home) leads to anxiety and lack of progress.

5.Need to rev up your holiday spirit? Give yourself a break! Pour yourself a holiday drink, turn on the Christmas tunes, read the Christmas story and remember the reason for the season.

Adapted and republished from December 2008
Photo & DIY Pinecone Elves instructions: Martha Stewart


That corgi :) said...

love the idea about the holiday cookies; I've done that in the past and we had a blast! and I also like grabbing a drink of holiday cheer too :)


Cindi said...

The plan sounds like a great idea...but if I did that, I'd feel so guilty about not having the "Norman Rockwell" Christmas that it would bother me too much.

I'm still looking for that point where I'm satisfied and just not overwhelmed.