Monday, December 07, 2009

It's Definately a Monday

I am sitting on my couch watching the time slowly pass by. I am waiting until it is time to leave for Devin's Neurologist appointment. Why Neurologist you ask? Well basically every other kind doctor has not helped. Devin is now not taking ANY kind of medication. This year he has shot up over 7 inches in height and maybe gain 7 pounds. Yes he is a bean pole. He still has weird mood swings but he has been "happier" since he stopped taking his ADHD meds. from what his Neurologist is saying he is more inclined to diagnose with with ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) than with ADHD. And wait for it ..... here it comes...... there is nothing medically we can do to treat this. His is basically going to have a VERY tough time with school and at home. Since those are the two places that most enforce rules that he must conform to. Oh Joy.

Devin is no longer in traditional school. He goes to a state run school which they call a Day Treatment Center. I will say that his grades are better and they always give glowing reports on his behavior. I am still worried though that when he does go back to his normal high school he will still be too far behind. Devin will come home explaining to us how his day goes. Sometimes the school will start an hour and a half late and then all they did that day was make cookies. I am hoping that it was done like a home EC class and there were life skills taught. They provide lunch for Devin at no cost to us. His lunches have included McDonald's, Taco Bell, Subway, Golden Coral (a local buffet), KFC, and Long John Silvers. The boy eats better at school than he ever did at regular public school. I have no idea how the school affords this. I guess it is not for me to worry about.

This weekend was a bad weekend for Devin and therefor for the rest of us. HE is very moody lately. I still say it has to do with the types of video games he plays. But I get no backing on that one. Everyone else just sees that he is home and not causing "trouble". But then not everyone else is asking Devin to "do" anything around the house. That alone is my blessing. Devin has come to the conclusion that if he does ANYTHING to help around the house then he should be paid for it. That includes cleaning his own filth in HIS bathroom. I am thinking that I should teach him a little lesson here and agree to "pay" him for helping around here.

BUT and oh do I mean a big BUT.

I will start charging him for food and board. Oh and if I have to taxi him anywhere that too will be charged for. Then there are his hair cuts and clothes that he has been asking for. Yes I think that would be a good lesson for him to learn, and learn the hard way. Trouble is I have to figure out how to execute this without having the whole house suffer from what I am sure will be a huge temper tantrum.

Stay tuned ...... we shall see.


That corgi :) said...

it gets frustrating and overwhelming to deal with doctors and school systems and to hear the news that there is not much they can do, etc. You want to scream at them and wonder why they didn't help earlier than later when you knew something was a bit odd or different yet no one would listen (or perhaps I'm just telling my own story with my daughter) but I think you kind of know where I'm coming from. My daughter was in a similar program that you described Devon was in, but her's was because of mental health issues (primary depression with suicidal tendencies and hallucinations) but it did make it very difficult when she went back to a regular school setting. I'm off to read your next post about the neurologist visit since I saw that on my Dashboard. Hang in there; it is hard dealing with kids like Devon and like my daughter. They wear you down and you get jaded dealing with them. Make sure you allow time for yourself and you don't lose you in the process of dealing with all this


Dread Pirate Davi said...

Yikes...and while you're at it, charge him for the X-number of hours of labor you went through to bring him kicking and screaming into this world. Include the stretch marks and sleepless nights, etc etc...