Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What Were They Thinking?

All I have to say is.................

I do not think I could eat here!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Here We Go Again


True to form, St. Louis has once again skipped Spring. We have gone from having to wear sweaters and jackets to shorts and tank tops in the span of ONE day. Yes we had 30-40 degree weather up until oh, Wednesday - Thursday then BAM Friday 93 degrees. Hello summer good by winter and totally forget the spring.

And of course warm weather means MD and his list of outside projects. So as the title goes "here we go again".

Here is a reminder of what the front of our home looked in October of 2008.

Then November 2008.

Now notice that all the front bushes are gone. MD has decided that it was time to finally complete our landscaping. The bushes MD states were always only temporary until the front of the house was done (yes, we have a to do list for our house and it is MD's mission to get them completed before we have lived in this house 10 years).

Here is day 1 (Friday after work) of our new project. Devin actually helped a little this day. He enjoyed driving the "tractor".

I think we got a lot done for only having a couple of hours of daylight. And one must not forget living in a subdivision...... when you start outside projects people are drawn to see what you are doing and must ask thousands of questions. And of course they NEVER come at the same time so you have to repeat everything several times. Which of course means you can not get very much done.

Now day two, what a back breaker! My head was screaming by 3:30. The sun was hot and strong. But we made good time, and yes I said WE. I was hauling stones, shoveling rock and stacking stone. Each one weighing 30 pounds. Each pallet held 76 stone and I had to handle each one of those suckers TWICE!

Day three came and my savior came also. Our neighbor and friend Jim. Bless him he saved my back today. So that left me to do everything else needing done. The lawn needed mowing, and since MD was using the rider to do the landscaping I used the push mower (got my exercise at least), laundry, run Devin to his last Home bound lesson, more mowing, clean the pool, clean the house, and make the boys lunch. Then when Jim left I had to go back to helping MD. This is where we stopped.

We have 4 more pallets of stone left, a ton of gravel and a large bucket of minus left. Well there is always tomorrow and MD has more on his list to do. Rather for US to do. Oh Joy. Hear me smiling?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I cornered the teacher when she got up and took a break with Devin. I asked her what was the big "ta-do" at school last Thursday.

She said that all the principles were running around crazy as well as some teachers. They had the police there for narcotics (yikes), several fights that broke out, and something that she mumbled under her breath (I decided not to have her repeat it). She stated that they had the police there for a while checking lockers and questioning students and of course she did not divulge students names. The ones fighting were students she said were normally good kids. Not the kind you would expect this type of behavior from. Again not divulging students names.

I am glad that Devin was not there. Not that he would have been involved the fights or involved with the drugs, but I am just glad he did not have to witness any of it.

Speaking of Devin he did complete 5 of the 7 tests that the teacher had for him. YEA!

But then yesterday when I got home I received a letter from one of my financial institutions. There seems to have been MANY withdraw ls from the company that runs Devin's online computer game. Withdrawals of $200 of which I only authorized $74. I asked that the bank close that account and tonight when I got home I found out that this company is located in another country!

I searched all over the web site and finally found and email contact. Needless to say I wrote them explaining the situation, that I did not care how it happened but that it is to STOP and to STOP NOW.

When I asked the bank to close the account explaining that these were unauthorized charges, they told me that I would have to wait until there was a zero balance. I asked "did I not just give you a check to cover the balance. Which would make it zero?" Ms explained that they had to wait for any other transactions. Um HELLO did I not just tell you that these were unauthorized charges? No matter she said, they have to wait and I was instructed to call back in the morning and then it would be decided if THEY could close the account.

Hum, is that right? Do I have no say? Can anybody just continue sending withdrawals and I have nothing to say about it? I do not think so. I told ms that whether or not I would not be paying for any other transactions. They (the bank) werre informed of fraudulent charges therefore I will pay no more especially since I have paid for the ones prior to their knowledge.

Bank do NOT make me mad, I may seen nice and quite, but I have a big mouth and the claws come out when I am feel cornered! And you are pushing me into a corner.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I am sitting here at the library waiting for Devin. He had another Home Bound session today. And I decided to use the time to finally complete an Internet course I started oh, two years ago. This session I might add is going much better than his session last week. I am not sure if it is because I decided to stay the whole time or not. I will say that his teacher is not LECTURING him as he states she normally would if I was not there.
That he states is the main reason for him getting so upset last week and refusing to work with her. She started on him trying to make him feel guilty about her being there. It was her anniversary and instead of being with her husband she was with Devin. And she started in on him about what got him suspended in the first place. It really was not pretty when I got here to pick him up. He was VERY upset and mad.
My response (what I really wanted to do was call her and ream her a new one) was to explain to Devin that he need not waste his, mine or his teachers time with arguing. It was obvious that she did not want to be there as well as he. So he should have just gotten the work done and that way he could have left that much sooner and had no work to do at home.
I figure her for an intelligent woman and she knew what would set him off. I have never gotten a phone call before so I figured that she would have rather not be there. My major problem with this is that she was the one to schedule this day and time, not Devin or myself. So she should have just sucked it up and done her job, which of course was not to sit there lecturing my son on his past actions. Her job is to attempt to teach my son something, anything.
Today I see that she brought her two young children. Both seem to be elementary school age. I see them ever ten minutes walking up to the table asking her questions, putting a stuffed animal in front of Devin on the table or just sitting at their table playing and disturbing their study time. This woman is getting paid to sit with my son and help him with HIS school work. This does not make me happy watching her children there interrupting his time. This Devin has said bothers him also.
But no like a lump I it here not saying a word, just watching and complaining to you. And to top it off, I asked if she received any more of his missing work, her response was no.
What use is it to have an IEP with no one paying attention to it? He was suppose to receive ALL work missed during his absence. We have received no where near the amount of work he has missed, and I still see tons of zeros on his grade book (our school has a parent portal where we see all work grades, tardies, absences, lunch account etc). So why are we not getting this work. I have emailed his case manager, and principal. No response. I guess a personal visit is in order.
I am curious, his instructor suggested that something "big" went down at school on Thursday. And said it was probably a good thing that Devin was absent. It did however, keep his teachers from getting his work together for him. Now the little curious monkey I am is dying to know what went on. This is something I will ask her before we leave today. I do not need names just want to know what happened.
Home schooling is looking better and better. Just wish I had the stamina and patience for it. Not to mention the know how to actually teach my children something.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy East Everyone

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter and has spent the day as they wished!

Yea, I know not very "Easterly" but every time I hear the word Easter I instantly think of Easter Island. Can one really blame me?

My sister would undoubtedly call me a heathen for saying that. But I am the way I am, and you either love me or not.

MD and I would lover to visit here. Someday maybe when the kids are gone or at least out of college. Then that would probably be the only time we could afford it.

Any who Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Do you ever just hear a song and then instantly you are brought back in time?

Hear a song on the radio while driving down the road that just makes you smile?

I hear them every now and again, a song from a time long gone. A song that I may not even know the words to anymore. But the way the music just comes out puts me in a little trance.

For example every time I hear Boys of Summer by Don Henly I am instantly transported to a time many many years ago driving down the highway to get to an afternoon class as college. I can instantly feel the heat on my face and the wind whipping though my windows. It makes me smile and just feel all over good. Or here is one for the 80-90's You Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive. I am instantly out with my girlfriends a club. Dancing and having fun.

What songs raise your memories?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ahh What a Day

Today is Wednesday.

Today I should be at work. I am not.

Devin had a psychologist appointment 9am.

I had a dentist appointment at 12:30. I have had a broken tooth for over a month.

Devin has home bound instruction at 2:30.

Does this schedule not look like fun? I think not, none of it!

Chore No 1.: Devin was VERY crabby this morning, and decided to let everyone in the house suffer for it. He did not want to go to the therapist this morning. He states it is stupid and not worth the time or money. Though I REALLY do like his therapist. She put him right in his place first thing. AND every time he tries complaining about MD and I or trying to get us in trouble she once again puts him right in his place with one simple statement.


Nothing like reminding one what real life is about.

Chore No 2: The Dentist office called asking if I could come in early, they were ahead of schedule. I said sure and off I went. I got to see the dentist at 11:30, after a shot of Novocaine, lots of drilling, another shot of Novocaine (I guess I was not numb enough, I jumped) more drilling and finally that nasty gooey blue rubber junk was taken out of my mouth and a temporary cap put in I got to leave. Oh yea in addition I was informed that "MY PART OF THE BILL" would be $625.50. WTH!

Now the entire right side of my face is numb but not my teeth or gums!

Chore No 3: Devin has home bound instruction again this evening for 5 hours at the local library. Part of me is very glad that they offered this option with his suspension. But the other part of me (the part that did not know he was doing his work but not correctly) is thinking what is the point. He does not care enough to even do the work much less correctly. He is still FAILING his classes. I am at a loss, he will have to go to summer school this summer and take zero hour and probably have to go to summer school the next two years just to catch up from this years bombing.

This is my day and life today in a nutshell. Off to the library for fun (sarcasm inserted here).

Update; therapist believes Devin is/has Aspergers. I was told to go do some research at the symptoms and see if I agree. Again WTH! First he has ADHD, then another doctor states he also has ODD (oppositional defiant disorder). Yet another thinks he is depressed. So now we add yet another diagnosis to his list of possibles. I just wish that someone just agree and tell me how to deal with this kid. Though he has been better lately his is reverting back to his old self. I still think it has to do with his friends. He did not start reverting until they were allowed back into his day. UGH boys...and their friends!

Great, just received a phone call from his instructor. He is refusing to do any work and I have to go pick him up. So much for his return to normality. Now what to do?

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Will Miracles Never Cease?

It is Saturday, our normal activities always are first eat, then get the house clean and laundry done. All of which by the way is DONE! We do still have to get the dogs nails done. Saving that for tomorrow.

Yesterday Devin received a packet of homework from school (yes he is STILL suspended). That in itself is another grumpy blog for me to rant about. But not today, too happy today!
This morning he came downstairs, ate 6 packages of oatmeal (he is very hungry in the mornings) and then asked where his homework was. Yes he asked me! I showed him where I place it and he took it to his room and stayed there, ALL DAY, doing his homework. He only once asked if he should do it all. My response was why not get it done now so you can do what you want the rest of today, tomorrow and Monday. HE DID NOT ARGUE OR FUSS. He just sat in his room from 9:30 to 4:30 doing his work with no complaints! I am giddy with joy and surprise.

My son has turned into SUPERKID

And if this was not impressive enough, he calls me every day when he gets up to ask what chores I would like him to do that day. Yes there is an incentive, I hide the Internet key for his computer every morning. That way I can control when he gets on at least so he calls to see what needs to be done so he can get on the computer. Still in the past getting Devin to do anything around the house was a fight.
And just now, he asked if I would buy more of something for his online game. My response to him was no because I have already spent quite a bit of money this week on that game. And the last time I did buy whatever it was he was wanting I said this would be the last time. His response .... he just stood there said okay and went back to his game. Again, no fights, crying, whining, nothing.

Who is this kid, I like him, I want to keep him. Please let him stay. Life has been calm with this Devin here. Yes he still fights with Mikayla. But that is okay, sibling argue all the time. I will take it as long as THIS Devin stays.
he still does not like me to hug him or run fingers across his hair, but hey he is not screaming profanities at me. I even chastised him this morning for new holes I found in the drywall near the computer. He just let me rant without arguing back! WOW. AMAZING!

I can not wait to see his counselor and let her know what has been going on. And find out how to keep this kid forever! I guess I should give a little credit to a program I bought, 'The Total Transformation". I really did not think that it would work but at that point I was willing to try just about anything. But WOW it has and I have only gotten though two of the lessons! Now if I could get MD to follow along with the program we may have no arguing in the house at all. I would not know how to act or feel.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Dirty Jobs

I love watching the Discovery Channel show "Dirty Jobs". Some of the jobs featured are very interesting and who knew that someone is actually paid to do such jobs.

Well, I have a job for Mike Rowe to try out. I am not sure where to find such a place that does this job, but I would think that it would be mother of all Dirty Jobs.

I know that this job could NEVER pay me enough to do this!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wine Tasting Fun & SNOW

Last Saturday we attended "The Kirks Annual Wine Tasting Party". This year Pat decided he needed a break from cooking and had it catered. He did seem much more relaxed and was able to enjoy the party more. BUT PLEASE COOK NEXT YEAR WE MISSED YOUR COOKING!

The caterer's food was good but nowhere near as good as Patrick's.

Fun was had by all, and as you will see from the "fuzzy" pictures I think maybe Brad (he decided to take my camera and play photographer) had a bit too much fun.

I always have a good time when we go out with our friends! They all have the best personalities.

We also have wonderful neighbors. Everyone of them are one of the nicest people you would want to meet.

We even have our own beer & wine brewer in the neighborhood! Jim & Laure are so full of energy (I guess they need it as they have 5 kids) and he makes the BEST port I have ever tried! He smokes a mean pork butt also.

Michelle (lives two houses down from me) got Vicky (Lives down the street from us) to move to this subdivision, and in turn Vicky got us to move to this subdivision.

Then Karen (lives across the street from Vicki) moved in just after we did. We have street parties, holiday parties, and casual gatherings.

I know I sound like I am bragging, well I am. I consider myself extremely lucky that I have such wonderful neighbors.