Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Had to share some pictures from Rachael who writes at Huse Blog is it anyway.

She has a VERY brave daughter........

And a crazy friend.........yes I have met her and Rachael. Rachael was in town visiting family and I met up with them at a local pub.

This expression is defiantly shows their personalities. Simply wonderful and fun to be around.

Oh, and by the way, the snake..... is fake.

New Bragging Rights.

Wanted to brag a little on my eldest (needed happy thoughts anyway). She has been in Italy studying for the past month. She got an A for the semester! Which was typical Felicia (until college that is).

Carolina Roomies

She has also been country hopping, which I have encouraged strongly. Seriously when is she ever going to get another chance like this again. Especially if she follows through with her plans of getting MARRIED next year.

So every time she talks of friends going on a trip somewhere I push her into going. Some trips there was no pushing required. Like Dublin, she has now visited there twice and absolutely loved it. Said this was her favorite place of all countries. "Fresh and Green" she stated. Well duh, it rains a LOT and is cool there even in the summer.

She has only told me of one or two more trips for the next month. I know one is Rome, I of course can not remember where else she said she was going to go (I know bad mom). But she has told me of so many places that I am now getting confused.
She has been to Florence (of course this is where she is going to school). Venas, Napels, Pompe, Ireland (twice), London, and Paris. Again she has ONLY been there a month!

She is making friends while she has been there, and I am hoping that she will stay in touch with these young ladies when she gets home. Of course you know me, I am already planning trips for her to take to visit them after she returns home.

I was hoping though that she would have posted on her blog or facebook more and if not that at least posted pictures. Nope not my kid, she makes me stalk her friends FB pages and get pictures from them!

How can I live through her adventures if she does not at least let me see where she has been!
Stubborn kid!

At least I know she is eating!

I talk to her almost every day (and yes that has increased my phone bill a bit. But I figure the $35 I spent on the phone bill is totally worth hearing her stories every day about what is going on. And thought it does not look like she spends much time in school, she is in class from 7 to 12:30 Monday through Friday.

She has new roommates this semester (her roommates form 1st semester only stayed a month), luckily her NY friends are there for the same length as Felicia. She does tend to run through bouts of homesickness when she does not have familiarity. This semester with her NY friends still on their whirlwind trip (Felicia came back early she did not want to go to Scotland) and Felicia moving in with her new roomies, she went through a short bout of homesickness. Luckily the NY girls were home within a day or two so she got over it pretty quickly this time.

Thanks NY girls!

And though I miss her terribly I do hope that she is having the time of her life.

And yes my savings account is taking a bit of a hit, it has been worth every penny to know she is having and experience of a life time.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 3 of Vacation 2

What a totally LAZY day.

I started out with all the good intentions of getting things done. BUT the kids decided to sleep late, I mean really late, like noon late.

So while I sat in front of the TV waiting for the kids to get up, so I could start my day, I watch The Next Top Model. Then next thing I knew it was 3:30 in the afternoon and the kids and I had to get to a dentist appointment.

So much for a productive day.....maybe tomorrow will be a productive day.

At least the weather is amazing, I picked a perfect week to be off. Mid 80's all week. WHOOT!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 2 of Vacation 2

Seeing how I was sick almost the whole time of vacation 1 and it rained 3 of the 5 days, I was unable to get the things completed that I had intended.

Day 2 of vacation 2 was very productive. MD and I got the deck cleaned and the back part of the house washed. Laundry done, some house work done, got all the bills paid and balanced the check book.

Then about 2 we sat by the pool enjoying the amazing weather. Jodi came with her rotisserie machine and we put on a fabulous pork loin. OMG I need one of these machines, just set it and forget it.

Then we watched a couple of movies and the fireworks show that Delmar Gardens put on. That is a retirement community across the way. and every year they have a festival of sorts and at 9pm they put on a wonderful fireworks show.

What a great way to end a good day.

Day 1 of Vacation Number 2

I again am on vacation! I am lucky as I get 5 weeks a year, and with the way I take them it will give me over 6 weeks. See I always have taken my vacations on Holiday weeks. So with the holidays taking over a day of my vacation that leaves me with and extra week. Cool hu?

Yesterday was my first official day of vacation for the 4th of July week. I spent it hanging out with a friend in our pool. After MD got home he decided that we all needed to go to the casino (of course I did not argue this) and go out for dinner. So off to Ameristar the three of us headed for the buffet then gambling.

Jodi decided she wanted us to hear Joe Dirt (from what I understand it is a local band) at the Bottleneck Blues Bar. MD and I decided what the heck, he was off Sunday and we had no kids at home waiting on us (that is a strange feeling we are still getting use to). So we went, it has been a very long time since MD and I have gone into a nightclub. Loud and smokey was the best description (and I am a smoker).

We then decided at 1:15 am that we were again hungry (rather MD was) so off to IHop we went. Totally reminded me of our club hopping days. But man are we paying for it today.


No nicer way to put it, we did not even drink that much. Mine is a smoke hangover I think, too much intake of 2nd hand smoke, I did not even smoke while we were in the bar.

But MD true to form was up VERY early this morning and is off buying paint to finish repairing the holes Devin made in the upstairs hallway, buying grass food to spread around the yard, house soap so we can clean the siding, and a little hand rake so I can clean up the landscaping. Looks like he wants my day 2 to be a work day.

Good thing I got some lazy time in yesterday.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How Do I do This?

I had a nice conversation today with a lady I use to work with. She said something to me that has my brain going in overdrive. You see she know my son and some of the old problems we had with him and asked how he was. Now I did not go into details (I have taken Laggins lead and started giving him some privacy) just the highlights. She went through some of her struggles with her son. She has two prayers, 1 to keep her son from harm, and 2 if not let her find out. We laughed a bit about this and that. Did the little chit chat. As I was at work I needed to get back to it.

It was her parting statement that struck me. She said it will all work out, and it is our job as parents to keep our children safe and in line. That is the job of a parent.

Now how do I do that? I have mastered it pretty well with the girls, but the boy...... a totally different story.

I take him to my parents home during the day (to keep the other boys out of my house and him out of trouble) and they now are having the same feelings as I. What are we going to do with this kid?

How do I help a kid that refuses all help from anyone? How do a motivate a kid who cares about nothing?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just random thoughts

Do you ever wonder what the heck is going on inside someones head sometimes. I do about a particular coworker .... sometimes.

She is a young person (at least to me she is young) about 27. And she can not seem to get her act together, and drama (way stranger than my kid drama) seems to always be around her. Even if it really has nothing to do with her, she has it. She has been going to full time College since I have known her (7 years) and still has not graduated for one reason or another (it is always the schools fault).

She is now in another mess. It seems that she and her roommates have to find another place to live. The roommates are definitely not the brightest crayons in the box, or at least that is what we get from her stories. The reason for the move is that supposedly the landlord was behind in his payments and the townhouse was up for foreclosure and being "sold" on the court house steps. Then the next we hear is that it is not (but not first without a LOT of drama at work about what was going on) and things were fine. Then we hear that she is going to move anyway and gave her landlord his notice. And she is not going to live with a roommate any longer.

Now mind you, she only works part time, goes to school full time, likes to shop, likes to go out parting, and needs to have roommate to make any kind of rent.

We have all been helping her locate places around town to look at. I even have other coworkers that have considered letting her live with them for a while till she "gets back on her feet". I too have thought "I have the space, I could help her". You see she has this lost animal aura about her. Something about her keeps nagging at you to want to help her. This of course is a very bad thing to do, as it has ALWAYS come back and bit me in the ass in the past. But none the less you still always seem to want to help her. May it is that damsel in distress thing who knows.

Anyway,one of my coworkers thought very long and hard about how they could help her and approached her with an idea. They wanted her to come over to her house so she and her husband could discuss it with her. She never showed, never called. Needless to say my coworker and her husband sat around the house most of the day waiting for her. Which of course made them decide that they were going to get into trouble if they continued to help her. they decided they were done.

Another coworker had basically the same idea, she has extra space in her home and was going to offer this young lady a place to stay for a couple of months. But she said that she was afraid that she would never leave and take advantage of the situation. So the offer was never made.

You see, What I mean "what is going on in this person's head". At 27 I had lived on my own for 8 years, had a child, gone to school, got married, etc. This your lady can barely manage a checking account on her own. What is going on with our youth today. I know she does not represent the mass but she does sure seem to represent a goo portion of them. She wants to get paid but not work (this one really iterates me), wants other people to support her, wants an education but not work for it. I just do not get the "I am entitled" "I am deserving" attitude. My 15 year old son has the EXACT same attitude as this 27 year old. They are deserving. Deserving of what is what I want to know. I had to work hard for everything I have, my parents had to work hard for everything they have, why are the kids today this way.

And again before anyone gets their panties in a twist I know this is not the majority, but is sure is quite a few of them.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day Blog World!

MD is working on his Father's Day! I tried to get him to stay home, no go, he said he is on a deadline. An inspector will be where he is working to do an electrical inspection Tuesday and they have to get ready for that. Actually they would have been done with electrical days ago IF the home owner (rather their daughter) would stop making changes.

Also, MD and my dad are the HARDEST people to shop for. Whenever they want something they just buy it, which leaves nothing for us to purchase for them. So once again I will cook MD his favorite dinner and lounge with him in the pool. Also, my parents will be joining us as this is also my father's favorite activity.

As for gifts, well for dad I will be going over to his house to help tear down a pool and deck they no longer use (rather no longer want to take care of). For Mothers Day the kids and I went over and did yard work for them. For MD, I finally talked Mikayla into going shopping with me (Devin refused and took off for the day). Mikayla picked out a nice shirt and a 22" monitor for his computer.

He really liked this as it was "1080P" HDMI? Whatever that is.

So I am off to get the house cleaned up once again, and marinade the shrimp & beef for the Kabobs!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Grass is Always Greener......

I work for an Environmental Consulting firm. Have been there for 10 years. I actually like my job (even though I am nothing special there), and really like some of the people I work with. They are an odd bunch. See I work with Geologists, Chemical Engineers, Hydrogolists, Environmental Scientist, and Biologists. And no I am NONE of those things. I am the lonely Project Assistant in the office. We specialize in groundwater so our primary clients are landfill owners and/or waste companies. We travel a lot and when I say we I mean them (that does not mean I have never HAD to go out of town it just does not happen often).

When we were considered a "start up" company and conducted business at one of our Economic Development Center (for start-up companies) I had several other "start ups" trying to get me to work for them vs my current employer. While I was extremely appreciative of their confidence in me I am not a person who takes to hopping from one job to another. Not to mention that they too were start ups and I was not comfortable with the prospect of the future of their business.

Now as of late I have not had other companies offering positions, rather other people trying to get me to leave from where I am. Again, I am not a person who leaves a position that easily. And granted I do not make bunches of money where I am for what I do, yes there is other companies that pay A LOT more for what I do.

It seems people today seem to forget that there ARE other things to gain from a company other than money. See the company I work for keeps family on a very high pedestal. And for that reason I am able to leave if I wish to go to a class party, 5th grade field day, teacher conferences, and of late court appointments (thanks to my son) and taxi rides (thanks to my youngest daughter). All of this with absolutely no questions or receiving any grief for wanting to such things. I have (well had) my kids call me to let me when they arrive home from school, or where they are headed off to (this seems to help my guilt of wanting to work outside the home) so I know where they are and what they are into. And again, my employers all totally okay with this.

It does not hurt that my office is also only 10 mile from where I live, so if I do need to get home for any reason (and lately there have been a few) I can get there withing minutes. I also get to dress casual which means I do not need to spend money on "dress" clothes.

So while I am very appreciative of my friends and family that keep trying to get me to a company that will pay me "what I am worth" I think that I am doing pretty good where I am. No I am not making the big bucks that I can get elsewhere, but I am making benefits that I absolutely can not get anywhere else.

That is what I think is wrong today, companies have no loyalty to their employees and employees have no loyalty to their employers. You hardly ever hear of someone staying with a company today for any length of time. My husband has been with his employer for 30 years. When people hear that they stand there with dumbfounded looks on their faces and ask "how can you stay with a company that long"? His response..."easy, I like what I do and they like me".

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time to build an Ark

Missouri has received a lot of rain lately. Well at least my part of Missouri. So much rain that quite a few roads are now under water, most of which I have to take to get to work. It is interesting in the morning to have to navigate through confused people to find alternate routs to work.

But everything is sooooo green and pretty. The storms last night were amazing. I only know this because my youngest received a phone call at 3am which woke me up. So now I am going to have to navigate through my day on little sleep.
Thunder so loud it shook the house, lightning so bright it make everything look like it was daylight, even if it was only for a second. MD and I love sleeping when there is a storm going on so it was not too long before I was lulled back to sleep by the storm.
Bad part of all this is we have a pool, and we can not ever seem to use it. Every time we THINK we are going to get a chance to play in it the storm clouds come. Mother nature is a funny gal.
Well off to find new ways to get to work.

Monday, June 15, 2009

So if you can not tell my life is driven around my family. First and foremost my wonderful accident prone husband MD. Then my kids. I know that most women put their kids on the top of the list. But my MD is first and most important person in my life. Though I have put my kids second they are a really close second. Really they are 1.5.

But right now it does seem that I revolve around my ever busy children (and not enough time with MD). I had to leave work early today to take Devin to night school. Got up early to get a call from Felicia to discuss her day (she is 7 hours a head of us). And am waiting now for Mikayla to show up because she wants a hair cut. I am not complaining but it would be nice if some of them would actually act like they appreciate what I do for them. No I am not speaking of you Felicia, you do show your appreciation, and I love our long talks. It is my younger two. They believe that I should always have an open wallet for them, should have a maid to clean up after them, a chef to cook what THEY want for dinner (if they bother to come home for dinner), and should not bother them with such silliness as a curfew, good grades, or chores.

Hey but other than spoiled children I am having a wonderful day. Hoping MD comes home from work today since I am here. Get some cuddle time.
There was another reason I got on here to post, but it has left my tired brain. Maybe I will remember later. So instead you go some of my whining and I do apologize for that.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What a Day

One can never say that the MD house is never boring. Today started out nice and QUIET. Started out with no one home enjoying the peace of the morning. Got to have a nice little (her phone was on roam) conversation with Felicia. She filled me in on the days activities. They are in Naples today and tomorrow she is going to Pompey (spelling) then back to Florance for school.

As I sat on the couch in the bliss of the quiet and imagining the excitement of my eldest as she learns new things and see parts of the world I can only imagine ........the phone rings. It is Mikayla calling for a ride home. So off the mom taxi goes.

Still waiting for the sun to come out I do some laundry, and wait for my friend Jodi to arrive. Then it happens.... the sun.... decided to pop out for a viewing. Out I go to the pool to soak up a bit of sun before it decided to hide again. Shortly after Devin showed up from church, then Jodi for the pool. No more quiet. But it was a good no quiet.

Then (about 1 pm) I for no reason at all I decided that I would call MD and see how his day was going. I told him that I cleaned the pool walls. His response, I am on my way home. But he sounded off. I asked what happened, what was the matter. Pause pause. I cut my hand and I think its bad. Horror! He has done this before, and it was really bad then. Almost took off a finger! I told him to go straight to the hospital and get it looked at. He said no I want to come home and you can look at it. UGH MEN. I said fine, but if I think you need stitches you are going.

I called for back up. I have several neighbors that are nurses. So I called my neighbor Michelle and asked that she look at MD's hand. I told her he will not listen to me and that he would listen to her. He came, I checked said he needed stitches, Michelle came and echoed my statement.

Off to the local clinic we went, one hour and 4 stitches later we came home. The rest of the evening was spent watching Hitch and talking with Jodi. Bless her heart she waited while I ran MD to get sewed up.

So much for a totally quiet weekend.


My house is almost empty. MD just left for someones basement, Mikayla is at a sleep over still, Felicia still in Italy (she actually stayed put this weekend and updated her blog) and Devin is upstairs with cousin Sean getting ready for church.

Yes I said church. For those of you who actually know me, know that I do not GO to church. Actually despise church. My sister has said that because I refuse to ATTEND an organized church I do not believe in God. My response is always "I fully believe in God and spirits, I just do not believe in church". I have only been to one church that I liked and would continue to attend. That was 19 years ago, MD and I were married there. But a couple years after we got married the Minister moved 2 1/2 hours away. The new minister I did not care for so that ended our church goings. Have not found one since that I would give a second try. So I pray in the Church of Home. I donate my money here, laugh here, cry here, worship here, unstress here, stress here, my spirits are here so here is where I go to church. Besides I have enough people taking money out of my pockets, I do not need another hand in there making me feel guilty for not giving or giving more.

Oops I strayed, sorry. Anyway one of the neighborhood boys (one that I actually like) attends the church in the front of our neighborhood. He has been getting Devin to attend for the last couple of weeks (at my suggestion). At first Devin gave me grief about it, but now he likes going. Actually gets up on my first attempt to wake him. My thinking is that maybe he will meet a different "crowd" of kids and leave the trouble makers behind. I am also hoping they can give him direction I seem to not be able to do. Especially with what his future holds for him, he needs some intervention of an amazing kind.

Also looking forward to the sun coming out today. We are having such a weird weather summer! Yesterday was beautiful but we were not able to get use of our pool due to the need to attend a graduation party down the street. So I am looking forward to lounging by the pool with a friend today. Oh yea, she is a friend I have gotten reacquainted with thanks to Face Book. Guess the silly thing is not all that bad.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

18 and Counting

MD and I just celebrated our 18th Wedding Anniversary yesterday. The surprising part is neither of us forgot (yes it is usually I who forgets our wedding anniversary). We deserted the kids and went out to dinner. It was nice, we talked, made fun of each other, & laughed. We still surprise each other that we have tons of things other than the kids and work to talk about.

It was a nice break as with all that is going on with some of our kids. To just get away with just us and not worry about anything else.

He sent a HUGE bouquet of flower to my work (something I usually frown on) and surprised me with a gift when I got home. Now again I usually do not like him going out and spending money on frivolous things but the man has been paying attention! You see, I am Italian which means I have dark hair and a lot of it. I am ALWAYS complaining about having to shave my legs before we go anywhere. Yea I could go European and not bother, but then I would really have "guy" legs. Yuk.

Anyway, he got me a laser treatment at a local spa! I know, I know, I am weird to get so excited about something that is going to cause me a bit of pain. But I am totally psyched about the thought of being able to get up and just throw on a pair of shorts not having to check for stubble! Those ladies who have blond hair and those that can go days or weeks without shaving have NO idea how lucky they have it. I mean really, I live in pants a lot though the summer because of this little (hu little) issue.

So yes I am totally amazed again with the husband of mine. he really does still pay attention even after 18 years. And once again bought the perfect gift!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Steps - Hope He Takes Them

Just had a meeting today with the school district's Special Services Director. Seems that somehow I was able to get Devin into a summer night school program that will enable him to make up most if not all of the classes he failed during the year. Only draw back is that it is for the most part self study. there will be teachers (1 plus a secretary) that will be there to help him should he come across something he needs help with.
They offer 160 hours of study availability and he only needs 120. So here we are hoping that Devin decides to kick it into high gear and passes his summer classes. With that he will be able to start next year as a sophomore like the rest of his classmates.
The principle has also suggested that I apply and enroll Devin in the alternative High School the district has. It is mainly for kids who have dropped out or to a point of dropping out. Also for kids that for some reason can not make it in traditional school.
While I believe that this is a good idea in theory, I am not currently allowing Devin to even think of this school as an option. First and foremost the kids I am desperately trying to keep Devin away from attend this school. Secondly, once you attend this school any IEP you have in place goes away. They do not allow for IEP regulations, this of course took me years to get into place and do not want to have to continue battling the school.
We have explained to Devin that if he cannot make it in regular high school, Military school will be his only option. This second option I am currently saving for just in case.
Well baby steps, lets see how he handles summer night school.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Living Vicariously

In keeping with living vicariously through my eldest daughter here are some more pictures of her trip abroad: And since she can not seem to find the time to update her blog or Face Book I will share some pictures I borrowed them from some of the girls posts that she is with she has not even sent pictures.

Florence in the morning

Pictures from this past weekends trip to Ireland.

Ireland is definately very GREEN.

It looks to be cold this time of year..........

Very Very Cold.

Felicia was not prepared for cold weather. She said she only had a pair or two of Jeans, and I do not think she even brough a long sleeve shirt. She said she had to by a hoodie from one of the local universities. She was cold.

Felica update your blog! Mom needs tp see you and see what you are doing!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

What a Relaxing Day

Today was absolutely wonderful!

This morning I got to chat with Felicia and hear about her excursions in Ireland (she is spending the weekend there). She sounds excited, I am happy for her. Yes I am living though my daughter's experiences and she is okay with that. She is making friends and they are having a good time.

This group of girls are from New York and ar ethe ones she went to Ireland with. And from what I understand they will be in Italy as long as Felica. Which is good, she will not have to make friends all over again next month.

These are her roomates and the girls whe went to Venas with. They are only going to be in Italy for a month or one semester.
These are two young men the girls have met (can not remember where they are from, but it is not the US, I do believe they are from Italy).

Then when she had to go another friend caught me on Face Book (I was checking in on other friends) that I have not seen in a while, so we got on the phone for a nice long chat. It was great to talk again Julie, need to get together and do some 4-wheeling!

After that Devin, Mikayla and I got the house cleaned and the back yard mowed. All before noon! I even had time to get my hair colored! Yea for today. The white skunk line was getting scary.

We had a neighbor's surprise birthday party to attend at 2 pm, again we had a VERY good time. We have got some great neighbors (I know I say this a lot but it is true).

Then MD decided we needed to do a little relationship repair and go on a date. Dealing with the kid issues that we have been dealing with has put a bit of a strain on our relationship. So he said we needed a little us time. And where did we go you ask? Of course he wanted to go to the casino.

After a bit of gambling (I broke even) we had a nice dinner and then headed home. To find that Devin actually was home and on time (sweet surprise). He really wants a new pet to replace bunny. Amazing what a furry little animal with do with children with issues!

Friday, June 05, 2009

All Quiet

For those that thought my life was full of Drama will be happy to hear that it is somewhat quiet on the home front.

Well, sort of quiet we did have a few mishaps.

It is the wonderful time of year when ALL the baby bunnies are out. Well Devin brought another baby bunny home. I reluctantly agreed to let him keep it with the understanding that when he got bigger we would let him go.

Devin started coming home on time or not even going out at all. He really took care of that bunny (of course Mikayla talked us into getter her a new pet also but not a bunny). Who knew that a bunny would help change Devin's attitude!

About a week or so later we were all home, Devin in the kitchen, MD in the office, Mikayla upstairs,and I in the living room. Bailey (one of our dogs) came bounding down the stairs with Mikayla on her heals hollering about the dog having something in her mouth. I looked up, looked at Bailey, then flew off the couch. She had the bunny in her mouth (the thing was bigger than her head). While I was telling her to drop it Devin was coming in from the kitchen. As soon as Bailey dropped his bunny he saw it. Well then all hell broke loose!

Devin started screaming and cursing. He was so upset, understandably. But his anger and words set MD off, he come in hollering about what was going on and started in on Mikayla about who let the bunny out. The whole time this was going on I am trying to settle down Devin, get MD out of the room to get the bunny (which he refused to do) and was trying to find out what was going on and how it happened.

Finally I got the bunny out of the house, sent MD back in the office (I really hate being referee) and got Devin settled a bit. Well MD was already back upstairs getting in every ones face again (he was in a really bad mood to start with so this did not help) so I got Devin in the car and we went for a drive. We drove around until a found this little park by the house I grew up in. We walked around a bit then got on the swings. We did not talk for a long while we just swung. After a while we started talking about nothing and slowly we started talking about what happened.

That I would have to say was not a good night. But since he has been pretty good. By no means a model kid but at least he is not arguing all the time with me, he is even starting to help around here. He did have a mishap Thursday wrestling around with a Friend (who was not to have been in the house) and ended up putting his knee through one of the walls upstairs. Surprisingly MD did not pop an artery.

And now we are up to date on my every day life that I call mine.

Totally on the upside - I have been speaking with Felicia everyday while she has been overseas and she is absolutely have the time of her life. She and some girls she has met are in Ireland this weekend. She sounded so excited this evening as she discussed her day. Tomorrow she is going on a Guinness Tour. She said she will try it but does not think she will like it since she does not like beer. She shall see. Well it is 11pm as I write this so that means it is about 5am in Ireland she will be getting up soon.

Off to sleep now, and man I need it.