Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Favorite Smelly Things...

Have you ever walked into a place and smell a smell that just warms you in the pit of your belly? Smell a smell that takes you back to a childhood memory? Food of course always gets me going. Coworkers think it a funny trait of mine. But I just love smells (I know a bit strange, but that is how I roll) and the way you can alter one's mood with them. I truly believe your mood can be controlled by a smell.

I like, no Love trying to make my home have a particular smells for particular events. Like when I am cleaning I burn "clean" smelling candles such as Clean Linen, Ocean scents, and such. When I want that cuddle up homey smell I burn cinnamon, sandalwood and such. And when I want comfort I burn pumpkin, spices, and other "baking" candles.

Combining smells is an art though, there have been times that I am mixing fabulous individual smells and when mixed.....EWWWW bad. And it takes forever for me to get them out of the house.

My top ten favorite smells:

1. The air just before it rains.

2. Fresh cut grass.

3. Budweiser's paws (yes I said my dog)

4. The scent of a baby.

5. The salt of the Ocean.

6. Fresh baked Cinnamon rolls.

7. My husbands pillow.

8. Fresh cut wood.

9. Camp Fire, and....

10. My husband after doing a construction job (I know odd, but I always run up to him after he gets home to inhale his scent. It is a smell that makes me feel secure. I know I am weird. And yes MD too thinks I am strange.)

What are your favorite smells?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Project Down & Done

So Super Freak MD has finished the wood floor in our dining room. And once again in record time.

He actually would have had it done in about a day and a half but MD can not do anything simple. He found this border he liked spent about 3 hours figuring out the angels and cutting it all out a head of time. The border took 2 days to do by itself, the rest of the floor.......1 day.

Now his knees get about 2 days to recoup then he is doing a tile job this weekend. I am not sure where or how big, but he never seems to give his body time to heal.

Makes for a grumpy hubby sometimes. Looking forward to that hot of these days.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Stow Away

We have had a little friend with us at work for the last several days. And working with the people I do he has caused quite a stir. Not a "freaked out" one but and excited one. I have mentioned this before but I work with a bunch of "tree hugger" and "animal lovers". This is not a bad thing at all, that is until you want to step on a bug.

THAT IS NOT ALLOWED especially spiders.

Anyway, this little fellow has been hanging out just outside of our doors entering the building.

In he not just the cutest!

I checked for him today and he was gone. I was worried that he might have been dead because he was always in the exact same spot for the last like four days. Plus if the Managing Director caught sight of him, he would for sure devise a way to get rid of him.

One of our resident Environmental Scientist told me what kind of bat this was, but of course for the life of me I cannot remember.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Man Needs to Take a Chill Pill

MD finally gets a weekend off and what does he WANT to do........... tear apart our dining room!

Which of course means I get to help. But I help as little as possible. Remember I do demolition not construction! I think he also forgets this as he is always wanting me to build something. I always have to remind him I like to things apart, I cannot put them back together. At least it is always good for a giggle, then he puts me to work anyway.

Friday night was spent ripping up carpet & padding. Then tack strips andstaples. Then bleaching the floor. Why bleach you ask? We have 2 dogs and a very old cat. the dogs (or I should say one of them) have decided that when the weather is bad outside (rain or snow) she will not go outside. She then uses the carpet as grass. So in order to get rid of the pet smell you bleach the floor.

MD is his own worst enemy. As you can see it cannot just be a simple task of putting down wood flooring. We have to have flare! You can see the flare he decided to put in. This took him several hours Saturday morning to figure out all the dimensions and measurements.

It would have just been a weekend job, but he has turned into more. My homework for the day... I was told to go look at NEW furniture for the dining room.


yes even this kind of shopping.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

First day of School Post 4 days late

Typical me, always behind the times. My two youngest (guess I should not call them young as they are 13 & 15) had their first day of school this past Wednesday. I tried to be the good mom and get their pictures (you know, future memories and all) but luck was against me once again.

I actually had to take this picture (on day 2. Mikayla had my camera so I missed day one) hiding behind a bush on my porch. The bus stop is actually about 100 feet BEHIND and to the left of my house. And Devin is not one to let me take pictures of him in general.

As it was 6:30 of the am I was not going to start off the day in an argument about getting his first day picture, so I did what any respectful mom would do, I hid.

And don't you know, he never knew I took the picture.

This is Mikayla's first day picture. Of course she was already fussy at me because I was crabbing about not being able to find MY camera that SHE had. She does have a very nice camera of her own. I am still unsure of why she swiped mine.

Grumpy looking isn't she.

Ah, the first day of school, Whoot!

Felicia's first day back to the last year of college is the 24th.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What did I let her DO?

I do not know how she does it. Mikayla seems to be able to talk me into most anything. I am such a sucker. Especially when she promises the world (she usually gives a continent).

So yesterday she talks me into making her an appointment to get her hair cut and brows waxed. Yes I said that waxed I have posted before we are a furry group of girls. The guys do not seem to have this problem. So as I usually do I gave in and made the appointment for tonight.

Then while in the middle of cutting Tera said something about getting it colored. Funny I had said no yesterday. I did remember saying that she had to save her own money to get this done. SUCKER!!! All Mikayla had to do was give her her "look". I lost.

This is Tera, something starting to look familiar here ?

Are they not too cute. Felicia and Mikayla just love Tera.

Mikayla was having fits that I was taking pictures. Said she had no "makeup" on. Her idea of makeup is eyeliner.

Mikayla had to come straight home to straighten it her way and put her "makeup" on. She then and only then "posed" for a picture.

My baby has gone from blond to brunette, starting to look more and more like me every day. Daddy is losing the only one who looked like him (blond & blue eyes)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am Nervous

So today was Devin & Mikayla's first day back to school.

I am nervous, wondering how Devin's day is going. I hope he calls when he gets home.

We could ALL tell something was bothering him yesterday. He was being a bit of a butt. I am hoping that it was just the back to jitters. he unfortunately has to make up some time at in-school suspension starting tomorrow (left over from last year). not a great way to start the year.

Here's hoping to fresh starts.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

How to Make a 13 year Old Girls Day Part II

As I said before, my 13 year old daughter wanted her room re-done. And as my eldest so eloquently put it: It looks like "Nickelodeon threw up in her room". And my son suggested black lines so it will complete the "pumpkin look". Both of which Mikalya just stood there proudly smiling...... and said........ This is what I want.

Well in continuing our steps:

Step 5: After you have trimmed in the room TWICE, you get to fully paint all the wall TWICE.

Just a note to all you crazy parents out there willing to paint such wild colors:


Reason being is that when going sooo dark, you will need either a tinted primer or two coats (and in our case sometime 3) to make sure the wall if fully covered.

Now we let it dry. MD wants to put white crown molding up. Ugh more work. Then Mikayla has some sort of design she wants on the wall..... we shall see

Stay tuned as this adventure unfolds!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

What Ever Kind of Day

Its Saturday, Felicia and Devin are still in bed, and not sure when Mikayla is getting home. It's a quiet house and I'm enjoying it. Should be getting house work and yard work done, just can not get motivated to do that.

Hu, think it will just become a pool lazy day. Hopefully the kids will agree. We shall see, if they ever get up.

Count down till middle & high school starts back up ................... 4 days. Hoping for a better year than last year.

Friday, August 14, 2009

How to Make a 13 year Old Girls Day

My 13 year old daughter has been bugging us for years to "redo" her room. I have stalled, thinking she would move on to the next "must have" that all 13 year old's want.

She has not budged. She has come to me with different renditions of what she wants her room to look like. Had I been smart I would have done what she wanted in the first place. She has now gone on the wild side.....

Here I will just show you......are you sitting down?

I think maybe you might want to, or maybe you will just think that I have lost my mind, think that I have lost total control over my life. Well you could be right, but this is what has made her happy and it is not costing anything but a couple gallons of paint and several hours of time from MD and myself.

Step one: fill all the holes left from posters, bulletin boards, and miscellaneous items your child had on the wall.

Step two: Paint the ceiling of your child's room one of the colors they chose.

Step Four: Stand back and gasp quietly, regroup, and then start trimming with the walls with the other "wild" color of their choice.
Please excuse the "blurry" pictures. But I think you can understand it was late, and I think the camera FREAKED out trying to capture these bright colors.
Stay tuned for updates of Mikayla's room as we progress towards completion. She has more surprises in store (a mural or something of that sort). And MD wants to put crown molding up. he wanted to have a little of him in the room I think.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just Because My Brain Is Fried

A Riddle.

I live above a star but never burn,

I have 5 neighbors that never turn.

My initials are P Q R and S.

What am I?

Monday, August 10, 2009

He is home

What an emotional morning! The judge was hard, I mean really hard. The girls went with us as they were excited to see Devin and this was their first chance since he has been in Detention. The only family members allowed to visit we MD and I. During the proceedings the Judge ripped into Devin, and it was sounding like he was not going to let him come home. It really sounded as if he was going to send Devin to DYS (division of youth services). Devin started getting upset, his sisters were sitting in the benches behind us.....getting upset. Even his DJO looked startled. I mean this Judge was not holding back any punches, he really gave it to Devin.

The last thing he said to Devin before he gave his ruling was that Devin was on the path to the penitentiary with his behavior, attitude and the way he thinks. Devin just sat their crying. The more the judge spoke the harder Devin cried. When the Judge was explaining that we was going to allow Devin to come home (against his better judgement) and go to his high school Devin was sobbing so hard that he heard nothing. We had to tell Devin to listen, the just waited for Devin to compose himself a bit then repeated what he said about coming home.

Devin at that point promised the man the moon and stars. The judge said prove it, but one mistake and he will be gone.

I really am hoping that Devin will adhere to the stricter rules set forth in his probation and can keep his nose clean. I also hope he realizes that he has been given a second chance to start over. A second chance that the legal system thinks he will fail. Devin ...... Prove Them Wrong!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

A Shopping Day

Here is Missouri this weekend (in most cities) is tax free holiday. So my girls and I are going to brave the crowded malls and go shopping for school clothes and supplies.

I very much dislike malls but the girls love them, so wish me luck, as so I do not get trampled!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Stuck between Ahhh & Grrr

The Ahhh part:

It have been wonderful having Felicia home. She is very good at keeping her younger sister in line, running errands, and getting chores done around the house. Of course there is the incentive of money. She had found it hard to find a job here just for a couple of weeks so we offered her to "WORK" around the house. All those lovely things I have not been able to get to. Plus she likes hanging out at the house with MD and I. She just sits there a chatting away about what ever is in her head at the moment. Use to be this would drive me mad after about 15 minutes, anymore I usually join in. I am also glad that she will be here when Devin gets home, help him get through his first week back. Besides he has missed his big sis.

The Grrr part:

Devin is responding great to detention (no he is not liking it, but his attitude has gotten much better). Everything MD and I hoped for. BUT his DJO is very skeptical about letting him come home and go back to his school. She said he will just go back to his old ways. Now this lady has not even given him a chance to come home and prove anything. She is assuming he will screw it up. In all actuality he may stumble a little, but MD and I absolutely refuse to send him to a school where there is a concentration of "bad" kids. At least at his own school the "bad" kids are diluted with "good" kids.

She is fighting us on this, but MD and I are making headway. Plus we are going to hold the judge to his words at our last meeting. He said he would agree with what WE believe is the best to do with Devin after the 10th. That was of course conditional on Devin's behavior in detention. Which by every report I received, he has been excellent and very well behaved. We are on our way this evening to have one of our visits with him tonight. He has been moved up to level 3. One of the benefits of this is that our visits are not through glass and a phone. We get to hug and hold hands. Still from across a large table but I will take it!

One of the conditions for him to come home is he has to attend counseling, as well as all of us have to go to family counseling. Now I am on the hunt for a good counselor in the area. Devin does not want to go back to the counselor he was going to before. Grrr I do not like trying to find new doctors.