Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Passing Pet

Mikayla came home from Dance last night, went to her room, and bounded out exclaiming her bird had died!
Part of me felt bad for her and the other part was relieved. Having a house full of animals can be a daunting task at keeping everything clean. And Mikayla is not one to keep a cage clean. I did explain, in the nicest way possible considering the situation, that birds need to have clean water all the time as they drink from the same place they bathe and their cages need constant cleaning as all that stuff can become toxic. Last night that little piece of information finally sunk in.
I will say that I have put a NO NEW ANIMAL rule in affect. I have a hard time when pets die, even when alive they irritated me to no end.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Teens = Frustration

Does anyone want a 14 year old? Really, my last child that I have to go through the wonderful teen years with is going to break me.

I thought for sure it would be Devin, but Mikayla is rearing that nasty teenager attitude with pride!

She has been sliding under the radar for years.
First with dealing with Felicia's teen inner monster, her boyfriends, school, engagement, and college Mikayla was quiet as a mouse, made you think she was doing everything a wonderful well behaived child does. Then with Devin and his legal, behavior issues she "seemed" like a dream child.

Oh but nooooooo the teen in her is now rearing its ugly head. All lip and attitude. And spoiled to boot (yea that one could be my fault).

I am actually looking forward to being an empty nester!

Boy I am tired.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Sense of Humor.

I stumbled across this little ditty today. Well actually the first time I heard it was 13ish years ago. Friends emailed it to us (they use to send a lot of nasty stuff) MD & I laughed until we cried. I had not heard this or found it anywhere for MANY MANY years. Then today on a friends facebook page there it was. I had to share it with you. In crappy situations I will still say (rather loudly) Armageddon. MD & I will both start giggling. Sick are we not?

Yea, I know it is just how we roll. Probably why no one else will put up with us.

Anyway, I apologize now if this offends you. Please do not leave nasty comments, just move on.

For those of you with a dark sense of humor like me Enjoy a giggle on me.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Hmm what to say

Life is getting back to a nice BORING pace. And as I sit trying to write something, anything interesting that has been going on in life here at the MD house I come up blank. Oh sure we still have the wonderful "teenager" arguments. Of which I am afraid are not going to end anytime soon, they are siblings, teens, and children of the opposite sex. Those three things seem to not mix well here. Md is still working like the world will end tomorrow. Man I need to get that guy to start taking it easy and relax sometimes.

I am planning MD's 50th surprise birthday party. I have decided to go with a James Bond theme. Totally MD in a nut shell. It is proving to be a very challenging task as decorations are not as available as I would have thought. Such as the spy silhouettes. I can not find them anywhere except on-line from the UK. I fear that I am going to have to make them myself.

There is a bar in the area called the Spybar! How great was that, it totally goes with the James Bond thing!!!!!! Problem with them is getting them to confirm. I mean the manager was excited when I last spoke with him. And it is not like the place is ever packed and this would be creating a problem for them. I am offering them 60 people guaranteed, which is way more than I have ever seen in there! Frustrating to say the least. I do have a back up venue, the local Fire Fighters Union Hall. But that will be more decorating for me, Tick Tock.

I have hired a photographer so I do not have to worry about getting pictures, have downloaded lots of "Bond" music, designed the invitations (just waiting on confirmation of a location), written the menu and drink list, guest list done. So All there is left to do is again confirm a location, decorations, get a killer dress for me and Mikayla and a suit for Devin.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

2009 Good Ridden and Good Bye.

This years New Years Eve was really no different than any previous year. With the exception that Devin decided to hang with the "old" people crowd. It was absolutely wonderful having him join us. So now I only have a New Years wish instead of a resolution..... Here is Hoping that Devin is finally maturing and coming out of the FUNKY attitude he decided to embrace for the last year.
MD and I have been trying NOT to dwell on his past behavior and trust that he has "changed".
Fingers Crossed!!
MD had a nice time spending it with friends, this year we spent it at Jim & Michele's home. Which was nice for me, no cleaning!! And we only had to walk two houses over, no driving.

Jim and MD have had a great year this year. Their construction business has been keeping them extremely busy. Which is good AND bad seeing how MD still has his regular day job. So that means he works A LOT.
Jodi has become a very close friend since May (when we reunited on FaceBook). I am constantly teasing that she is MD's 2nd wife. When we go out, he always includes her. I absolutely love the fact that MD is so easy in adopting my friends. And my friends all seem to love him.
No Devin is not EXTREMELY tall, but he is definitely taller than Kevin. I think I am even taller than Kevin. HA HA HE HE. Devin has however shot up this year from 5 foot in April to 5' 9" now. That growth spurt has not helped in the clothes department. This is all due to the fact that the boy may be 5' 9" but he only weighs in at 115 pounds! And have any of you ever had to shop for a very tall toothpick? At least he is eating, eating me out of house and home just not putting any weight on.

Michele and I have also seem to be getting closer this past year. And what is really nice is that Jodi and Michele get along fabulously! And both have been through similar problems with their boys that I am going through with Devin. Both of their boys (one is 27 and the other is 20) have turned out to be great well adjusted young men. That in itself gives me hope that this is just a "phase" Devin is going through and will grow out of it. Of course not before he turns me totally grey!
One thing about Michele, until a year ago we were just "neighbors" and "acquaintances" through mutual friends. I had a fortune teller explain to me that Michele and I would be good friends and that she would be the one to "help" me through my time of need when MD passes on. I told said fortune teller that we were not that kind of friends, she argued with me and said she was going to be. So now that Michele and I ARE getting to be that kind of friends, does this mean that the fortune teller was right about MD? Makes one ponder the validity of fortune tellers, psychics, readers, or whatever you want to call them. I am still hoping that she is WAY wrong.

And even better both Michele and Jodi adore Devin, and are most understanding and patient with him. They help me keep in mind that things will get better and that down deep (really deep) he is a great kid. Just trying to find his place. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they are right and that he does not end up a serial killer or strung out on drugs (yes I exaggerate).

This year Tom and Vicky stayed in town! So they too were able to join us this year.
Okay, get your pencil out I will explain the string of how we actually all ended up as friends. Ready??
Okay here we go.
First many many many years ago I worked at Shoney's (while in college) as a waitress, there I became friends with Alicia (not in these pictures, she was with family). Alicia and Vicky were friends from a previous job. So I met Vicky through Alicia. Now Vicky and Michele went to Nursing school together. And have stayed friends all these years later. Like I said Jodi and I went to high school together. So Michele moved to our subdivision first, she in turn got Vicky to move in, who in turn got MD and I to move in. Which was kind of funny that we move to the exact same street as Michele.
Whew, that was a mouthful. Were you able to keep up? People seem to get all confused when we try to explain HOW we all know each other. They are also baffled that such a large group of females are able to be friends. It seems to work for us because (I think) that we don't do EVERYTHING together as a group. Sometimes we do and we have a good time but we also know that "alone" time is also good. At one time there use to be another good friend, her name was Sue and she was so much fun to be with. She is still friends with Vicky which is good. But she is instigator of the Dog Lawsuit and it is just too hard for me to be around her just now (or should I say the last 3 -4 years) while the suite is still ongoing. We shall see how things go after everything is said and done. I do miss her sometimes, but dammit I had to put my dog to sleep because of this mess, and put my family through a lot of turmoil.
Okay enough about that.

This is Kevin and his wife Viola. MD hired Kevin several months ago. The man is a freaking monkey I tell ya. You should see how he shimmies up make shift ladders. But really he is such a good hearted man. His wife (who I finally met New Years) is also a sweet lady.

Like I said before, Devin was SOOOOO SOOO well behaved Thursday night. he played Foosball with MD & the guys. Played pool with me. No temper tantrums, no hissy fits, no foul language spewing out of his mouth, spoke with EVERYONE with respect in his voice (this is very rare).
We even gave him champagne at midnight.

And before any of you start up about how I let him drink, this was the only glass of alcohol he had all evening. And yes we do let our children have wine at dinner when we serve it, drinks on special occasions, and hot wine at Christmas. Felicia explained that when she went away to college drinking was not one of her "I FREE TO DO WHAT I WANT" things to do. She said that since she was able to have a drink occasionally at home it was not a such a big deal to do when she went away. Now staying out all night on the other hand is something she said she does and does often. No curfews. I have major curfews.

Jodi made a comment to me Friday that she was VERY glad everyone included her in the festivities. And everyone treated her as if they have know her forever. She was dreading midnight she said. You know when everyone kisses and gets hugs. She thought it was great that MD put out both his arms and grabbed both Jodi and I up and gave us both a hug at midnight. I even got MD to give her a kiss (granted they both went for cheeks). She was very nervous about midnight and MD made her feel a lot better (see why my friends all love him?).

It was a very good way to Kiss 2009 Good Ridden and Good Bye. And here is keeping my fingers crossed for 2010.