Saturday, January 09, 2010

Hmm what to say

Life is getting back to a nice BORING pace. And as I sit trying to write something, anything interesting that has been going on in life here at the MD house I come up blank. Oh sure we still have the wonderful "teenager" arguments. Of which I am afraid are not going to end anytime soon, they are siblings, teens, and children of the opposite sex. Those three things seem to not mix well here. Md is still working like the world will end tomorrow. Man I need to get that guy to start taking it easy and relax sometimes.

I am planning MD's 50th surprise birthday party. I have decided to go with a James Bond theme. Totally MD in a nut shell. It is proving to be a very challenging task as decorations are not as available as I would have thought. Such as the spy silhouettes. I can not find them anywhere except on-line from the UK. I fear that I am going to have to make them myself.

There is a bar in the area called the Spybar! How great was that, it totally goes with the James Bond thing!!!!!! Problem with them is getting them to confirm. I mean the manager was excited when I last spoke with him. And it is not like the place is ever packed and this would be creating a problem for them. I am offering them 60 people guaranteed, which is way more than I have ever seen in there! Frustrating to say the least. I do have a back up venue, the local Fire Fighters Union Hall. But that will be more decorating for me, Tick Tock.

I have hired a photographer so I do not have to worry about getting pictures, have downloaded lots of "Bond" music, designed the invitations (just waiting on confirmation of a location), written the menu and drink list, guest list done. So All there is left to do is again confirm a location, decorations, get a killer dress for me and Mikayla and a suit for Devin.


Laggin said...

Fabulous idea! Sounds fun. Too bad I'll have to do a NASCAR theme for Car-man. Yuck.

Cindi said...

Your party sounds like a great idea! Can't wait to see the pics!