Monday, January 25, 2010

Teens = Frustration

Does anyone want a 14 year old? Really, my last child that I have to go through the wonderful teen years with is going to break me.

I thought for sure it would be Devin, but Mikayla is rearing that nasty teenager attitude with pride!

She has been sliding under the radar for years.
First with dealing with Felicia's teen inner monster, her boyfriends, school, engagement, and college Mikayla was quiet as a mouse, made you think she was doing everything a wonderful well behaived child does. Then with Devin and his legal, behavior issues she "seemed" like a dream child.

Oh but nooooooo the teen in her is now rearing its ugly head. All lip and attitude. And spoiled to boot (yea that one could be my fault).

I am actually looking forward to being an empty nester!

Boy I am tired.

1 comment:

utmomof 5 said...

Umm, no I don't want a 14 year old girl. I have a 14 year old boy thank you very much!

I am just getting started with this teenager thing ... you are almost done!

Good luck with her :)