Monday, February 22, 2010

A relief and a break

We brought mom home on the 14th. It has now been a week with her resting at home and my father running around like a crazy man.

My sister went over Saturday to do some house cleaning for them. I would have gone but I needed to get things ready for MD's surprise 50th party. I was a stressed out monkey that day. But with Audrey there my dad was able to do a little grocery shopping and get a little break.

Today mom had another doctor visit, something about checking on her defibrillator she has. She was scared, apparently a nurse told her that they would be "checking" to make sure it was working. She (the nurse) said that since her heart was too damaged when she received the defib they were unable to test it and she needed to have it tested. Needless to say mom was freaked out and extremely nervous about going today. I tried explaining to her that they will NOT activate it in the way she thinks. They have a devise that they can "scan" the the thing and it will tell them everything they needed to know. Well she went and they did pretty much as I explained. The doctor also told here there would be no way they would activate the defibrillator unless she was sedated. Well duh! If/when that sucker goes off it is an electric shock! Dad is going to give the nurse a what for when they see her again. She should not be scaring patients like that.

I will be going over tomorrow to play beautician and color her hair. Hopefully making her feel somewhat "normal" again. Her incision still hurts so bras are out of the question still, she was finally given the okay to shower starting next week. So no more sponge baths. A shower will be good as MD had remodeled their bathroom a couple of years ago and she has a ton of shower heads for massage! Totally jealous there.

That is where we are currently. She has loved all the cards and flowers she has received and I want to thank all of you my friends and family for that. They were little rays of hope each and every one every time she looked at them.

Coming soon..........Very embarrassing pictures and summary of MD's 50th Birthday party. We definitely let our hair down that night.

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Dread Pirate Davi said...

Happy Birthday, MD!!