Monday, March 15, 2010

Another New Adventure

So MD has been doing construction as a "side" job for like the last 15 years. We have never advertised, we have only gotten new jobs by word of mouth. He worked alone most of the time every now and again he would recruit help but for the most part he has been a loner. For the longest time people would WAIT until MD had an opening to get work done. We had one gentleman wait over 15 months to get a garage built. Now in our defence he did decide to get a basement done first which bumped the garage to a later date. But still he refused to have anyone else do the work. And he lives across the street from a construction contractor. We thought that was funny.

MD is SOOO busy that almost two years ago he started working with one of our neighbors who was in construction. Jim was in a lull so to say thanks to the downside of the economy so he was happy to work. MD has since had enough work to work Jim full time and even hire on another worker. Kevin started as a part time helper but has learned enough to start working almost full time.

So we have decided to become an OFFICIAL COMPANY. Talk about scary and a bunch of freaking paperwork. Holy cow first we had to file with the state of Missouri, once that was done (thank goddess they let you do it all online now) I had to go to the IRS website and file with them. I apparently did something wrong because now I have to call an 800 number to complete the process.

A bit of advise to anyone who has to call to get an EIN number from the IRS, BE PREPARED TO WAIT. I sat on hold 20 minutes the first time and had to hang up since I was at my "real job". I tried again later in the afternoon and waited again for 20 minutes and had to get off. So tomorrow I am taking a 1/2 day at work to get this done. Then off to the bank to open a checking account (to keep him out of our personal account).

THEN I need to design our website. Not that we need it to attract business, but it will be easier to send potential customers to see the work we have done.

And MD thinks he has it rough building the stuff, now I have to keep the records on it. Guess it is time to suck it up.


utmomof 5 said...

It may be a big pain to get going but what a GOOD problem to have!!! Congrats on the success.

Dread Pirate Davi said...

Wow, that's amazing! Good luck!