Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Antoher FREAKY Found Animal

Here is another FREAKY animal story. I wonder where people actually "find" these things and how much is camera trickery.

But this was a FREAKY critter so I had to share.

Click here to follow a Fox News Story regarding our "crawfish" looking friend.

The end of the story went like this:

Responses to the original post ranged from the curious to the horrified.

One reader notes the connection between the isopod and a more familiar household pest: "The giant isopod is related to the "woodlouse"-- turns out this is the common bug that I grew up calling a "roly poly" or pillbug. Neat!"

Others were more disgusted with the crustacean. "I remember watching some documentary (Blue Planet maybe?) with a time lapse of these things swarming a whale carcass. it was horrifying," writes one reader. another

One reader saw nothing but dinner in the flesh of the behemoth bug, writing "It could be because I really like seafood, but those isopods look tasty. Land bugs = ew! Sea bugs = mm mmm good

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Dread Pirate Davi said...

My fiance says, "Probably tastes good."