Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Birthday Party He Will Not Soon Forget

MD's birthday party once again was a surprise to him.

He repeatedly said that he did not want a party. HA is all I had to say to that!

I am actually very surprised myself that I was able to pull it off without him finding out.

I thought for sure he had suspicions. He did get very sneaky.

I had originally planned to have the party at a place called SpyBar. Michele, Jodi, and I went one evening in December (under the veil that we were Christmas shopping) and fell in love with the place. And the name went perfectly with the James Bond party theme.

But as time went by I had kept trying to contact the manager to get things finalized and I kept getting no answer. One night in January I called the number again and it was disconnected. Needless to say I FREAKED.

I went on a mad scramble to secure another location. I thought I was doomed. It was very difficult locating another restaurant/bar that would be able to accommodate the group I had coming. Finally I contacted one of MD's Pepsi clients, it was a newly opened establishment. Rich was all for it, and so excited. He normally did not cater but said that he wanted to do it up right for MD.

Finally I had a place so I got back on the ball making his invitations.

And got them mailed as quick as I could as it was about three weeks before the date that I was having the party. And it could not be changed as I had people coming in from out of town and tickets were already purchased.

In the mean time Mr. sneaky britches was rooting though my email seeing if he could find out if I was up to something. He found an email from a photographer I hired for the party.

He had been dropping hints for about a week and a half that he knew something was up. So I fessed up. Told him that I DID plan a party. I confessed everything........well everything about the party at SpyBar. But I told him that SpyBar closed. That they turned into an under 21 club!

I told him about the other places I tried. Told him about the manager at Blue Sky (what a JERK). Told him that I was unable to locate another location that would close a section for us on a Saturday evening. They all said that they could not accommodate the size party I was planning. So he was getting his wish, he was NOT getting a party.

The following day he informed me "HE" received an email from a photographer saying she was going to meet me at SpyBar. Sneaky bugger! I asked him to give me the email. That I needed the phone number or email to let them know the party was canceled. But he said he deleted it. How convenient!

I kept that ruse up until the very end!

Now the excuse to get him dressed up you ask???
Well that is another creative fib I had to come up with. My neighbor Michele is a nurse in a cardiac cath lab. SOOOOOO we came up with ....... now wait here it comes......

The St. Louis Heart Association Annual Dinner Benefit

Jim & Michele said they had two extra tickets and wanted us to go with them. Totally worked like a charm!!!! Oh, and why were we going to Maxwells first? Well had that covered also. Michele said that they were meeting another nurse there and then going to the banquet hall. She even had another friend of ours call her while we were on our way "asking where we were at".
Michele was perfect. She even explained the personalities of the "doctors" that would be attending the dinner. She had Mike totally fooled!

The party was great. Mike has not relaxed that much in YEARS. I mean he danced, talked, played, ate and drank.

He got silly with me and the kids (yes I talked the bar owner into allowing Devin & Mikalya in the bar until 9pm). We had an all male dance review (they kept their clothes on however) going on early in the evening. It was soo funny seeing all these grown men dancing on the dance floor with absolutely no women out there. And having fun.

No one had a care in the world it seemed.

Devin was amazing and so well behaved. And some of MD's coworkers were flirting with him. Devin just ate it up. But I have to admit he did clean up good!

MD's sister, brother in-law, and nephew came in from Georgia. I was disappointed, I barely got to speak with them.

His Aunt Sophi also came. I just LOVE this woman. I have known her since I was a kid. I have known MD's cousin Jon since I was 15. He is partially the reason MD & I met. But that is another story for another day.

MD and I use to dance all the time. I have missed that and it was so much fun just letting loose and dancing all night.
We danced with everyone. And had a lovely time.

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