Friday, March 26, 2010

It is shaping up to be a good night

This morning I woke to more cold rainy weather. So ready for some warmer weather. MD had to get going early this morning so that left me to deal with morning grumpy kids. But it was all good. Devin actually got up after only three visits from me, that is better than most mornings.

Devin's probation officer and I had a chat today. I got in trouble for allowing him to do sleep overs (without her permission, but I explained that they were rewards. She agreed that it was a good idea but I had to contact her first. Well that would all be fine and good except we usually decide to do these on a Saturday (always last minute) and we cannot get a hold of her after 5 or on weekends. Apparently he had the same idea because had called her with the request of doing sleep overs if I was okay with it.

Work was QUIET! Love that, I accomplished A LOT. But it did start dragging as I noticed the weather getting nicer outside. Had a beautiful ride home, windows down and music blarring (yea I am one of those people), and dancing in my seat. Now I am cooking dinner for friends that are coming over this evening.

Felicia got her intership she applied for at the Butterfly House. She is so excited! But of course it is not a "paying" intership. So I asked if she was going to look for a "paying" job so that I could get her off "my payrol". She laughed and said yea, but that would be something she was going to wait till she got home from school for. So I have a few more months of Felicia getting part of my pay check then I can go back to stashing cash into savings again!

Pretty boring life hu? Yea but it is all good, I don't care for drama and I have had enough of that to last for a long while.


Laggin said...

Boring is good, right?

The idea of an internship at a Butterfly House is cracking me up. Younger is terrified of butterflies. This would be a nightmare for her.

Cindi said...

Most of the time I just LOVE boring! That means that there's no drama going on!