Thursday, April 22, 2010

Easily Entertained

MD and I were sitting in the garage and noticed two spiders going at it.

One was really tiny and one was like 10 times the size of the smaller one.
The smaller one seem to be building a web on the side of a paint can while the larger one kept dancing around the bottom. All of a sudden the little one shoots down an invisible trail to the top of a leaf (where the larger spider was hiding at the time).

MD swears the little spider was female and that they were having sex. He then said "poor sucker doesn't know his life is over". HA I thought that was funny.

Anyway as we were discussing the workings of spider mating we continued watching the bouncing leaf (by this time both spiders were underneath) and debating which one would come out. All of a sudden (again) the little spider shot straight up the invisible trail to the top of the paint can. The leaf was motionless. The little spider slowly went back down her (yes I agreed at this point it was a she) invisible trail. She got to within about an inch of the leaf, so slowly she crept. Just when she was just above the leaf it started jumping violently. She shot back up but only half way. When the leaf settled she headed back down sat on top of the leaf then quickly darted under the leaf. Then up she came and as she came up her trail the leaf looked as if she was dragging it with her.

Wow spiders are strong!

Sorry got sidetracked there. Anyway, I could not see the big spider anymore so I got up to get a closer look (I know weird) and MD said he (at this point we agreed the bigger one was a he) was dead. I argued this point so as I peered over the paint can I saw the big one move, faintly but he did move.

The "girl" spider was going up and down her trail very quickly and every time she went down the "boy" spider moved less and less.

I suppose MD was correct in one thing, she nailed him good. But I gave up watching and went in.
I think it is funny how easily he and I are entertained.


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utmomof 5 said...

You two need to get out more :)

And just so you know it took all my my will power to scroll past that picture the spider. I HATE them.