Sunday, May 23, 2010


Felicia is home from school. Devin is doing much better (most days). And Mikayla is growing up and is turning from a tween to a young lady faster than I care for.

MD and I are diving head first into business ownership. Funny how new ventures make a person question everything. I guess I should clarify that he has really been doing home remodeling for over 15 years. It is just that now it is more full time than part time. It is inevitable that he is going to have to give up the "pay check" job he has to pay attention to our company. He has so much work that he is working 40 hours a week in both and I don't know how long he can keep that up. The scary part is that he has been with his regular job for 31 years. He is comfortable and secure with this company and leaving it kind of takes away our safety net.

I have been working on building our website, managing our books and bank account, and basically doing everything except the physical work. Oh and all that and still work a 40 hour plus week job of my own, keep up with the kids, and run our own house. Makes a person tired just thinking about it all.

Felicia has decided (for now) that Hotel Hospitality / Event Promotions is the field she would like to be in. She has her bachelors and is now checking into graduate programs to assist her in getting the position she wants. I can not give her any advice as this is a field I know absolutely nothing about. My husband's coworkers have all (those who work with the hotels and sporting venues) offered to introduce her to their contacts. Which is so very kind of them. Felicia is also looking at Chicago and New York City. I told her that I am sure it is a very competitive market and to do her homework first. So for now she is interning at the Butterfly House here in town to start gaining experience. Of course this internship does not pay, so she is having to get a part time job to pay her bills. Baby steps I keep reminding her.

Devin is getting to go back to his regular high school next year. his last day at the state program school is June 15th. He has been getting and maintaining good grades and continues to get positive reviews from his teachers and case workers at this school. Upside, from what I am hearing most of the boys that he ran with and got in trouble with are no longer attending the high school. They are either at the alternative high school, being home studied, or just dropped out. I am hoping with the majority of them gone Devin will be able to keep on his studies and behavior in check.

I am just looking forward to a quiet lazy summer, think it will happen?

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