Friday, August 27, 2010

Our Home Is Back To Four

Our house of five is going back to a house of four.

Felicia has found a "big girl" job. This poor kid had no idea that LOOKING for a full-time job was in fact a full-time job in itself. The St. Louis area of late has not been the best place for someone looking for a position of employment. Felicia has found that out the hard way. It seems that ole bachelors degree doesn't open the doors it use too. NOW for the same jobs I looked at 3 years ago (the ones that wouldn't look at you unless you had that bachelors degree no matter how many years experience you had) are now wanting experienced applicants. Ones with 5 plus years of it AND a bachelors degree. She has been complaining that she is having exact opposite problem I was having when I went looking for a job. I had all the experience no degree, she has the degree no experience. (Viscous circle it is)

So with fire under her feet she expanded her job market search. She has friends in Boston, New York, and Kansas City. They were all selling her on why she should move to their city to look for a job. Of course all these cities have a better job market then St Louis just now. In the end she opted for Chicago. She has friends there, and "home" is only a short distance. So she can be here or us there is relatively a short amount to time.

Honestly though I think the deciding factor was this guy:

Let me introduce you to Jon.

They met in college, of course not until the December before she graduated. They were "party" friends. Or at least that is how it sounded to me. And he lives near Chicago. They started "dating" after graduation and have been doing the distance thing since. Both of them seem to have a good head on their shoulders about this relationship.

With what little MD and I know of Jon we like him. He pushes and challenges Felicia in ways the fiance never did. When she asks what we think of Jon my response is always:

"We don't know him well enough to like or dislike him, but what we DO LIKE is the way you are now with him"

That answer is the most honest answer I can give. My feelings behind it all: 1. He graduated college, 2. He has a good work ethic, 3. We never hear him talk down to her, 4. They don't fight over everything, 6. He does not seem to be the jealous type, and 7. Treats her with respect.

This we like.

After only a few short days she landed a job and now has been looking for a place to live. I have mixed feelings about this great adventure she is about to embark. I am excited for her as she is taking life by the horns and being brave enough to go the distance to achieve what she wants. Sad that I am 5 hours away and will not be right there to catch her when she stumbles and my support has to be from a distance.

But in the end MD and I are very proud of our little adventurer and we are confident that she will claim all the spoils that she goes after.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday workout

Bootcamp Day 3 - Sorry I forgot to update Friday.

Run a mile

Stretch......lots of stretching

Then every freaking kind of lung you can think of 2 minutes each. mountain climber lunge, standing lunges, etc. we did enough lunges to last 15 minutes!

Jump rope for 2 minutes

Then relay sprints for 10 minutes.

Now time for sit ups, not crunches, full on sit ups for another 2 minutes. Now another 5 minutes of stretching and scoot on home.

Now for Monday

Warm up 5 minutes of stretching.

Go run a mile.


All the following excersizes are done for a minute each. After each group (2 minutes) sprint for a minute.

1. Barbell deadlift
2. 20 foot hop scotch
3. trampoline jumps
4. mini hurdles
5. Jump rope
6. Reverse push ups (using a chair)
7. bar bell lifts
8. leg shuffles (yea that one is hard to explain)
then stretch and scoot home.
Tomorrow will fill ya in on Tuesday's Boot camp!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wednesday in a nut shell

Wednesday was a “day of rest” or at least according to my instructors it was supposed to be. I on the other hand seem to like torturing myself. Wednesday nights are my sand volley ball nights. And last night was a double header, instead of playing just three games we played six and for some reason over half our team didn’t show. The 6:30 game we had 5 players but we fared well. Won 2 lost 1. Our 8:30 game we had two more show up and we had a volunteer (we really needed another guy) join us. The 8:30 set was an amazing game. We only won one game but it was oh so close in points on all three. We seemed well matched with the other team as we had volleys that seem to last forever. It was great and very enjoyable.

Except for this morning I am very much feeling my age. Chest, arms, thighs all ache. And tonight is Boot Camp again. I have no idea what they have in store for me to do but I can pretty much guarantee that I will NOT be doing pushups!

Devin and Mikayla’s first day of school was yesterday. They both came home in good moods and never complained once about being back. Devin actually told Felicia he was glad to be back at West and is going to “try hard to pass all his classes on time so he will graduate when he was supposed to”. I WAS SHOCKED! We will see how long THAT outlook lasts. Don’t get me wrong, I am not expecting him to fail. But you gotta know Devin and his mental status changes are changing frequently. I am just taking one day at a time with him. It is a good day when we don’t have police at our door, or screaming going on.

Felicia is on her way to Chicago as I type this. She has a job interview as soon as she gets into town. Then she will be heading to her new boy friend’s house for the rest of the weekend. She has two other interviews back here next week. But I think she is really hoping to get the one in Chicago. We shall see.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Boot Camp Day Two

Last night was an experience........that is all I have to say.

First off we casually walked around for 10 minutes "warming up" our legs and such. Then the rest of the assessments commenced.

We did as many sit ups (NOT crunches) as we could in 2 minutes. I did 42

Next we did as many push ups as we could in 2 minutes. Here I only did 22.
I have tendinitis in both elbows and shoulders (this I will talk about in a bit) so it got very painful after about 17.

Then they gave us (well everyone but me) a sheet showing how many calories, fat, carbs, & proteins we are to be consuming a day. They also had on the sheet our body fat percentage. Again I did not get a sheet because my weird little body stumped them. I was promised that I would have one emailed to me today (so far have not gotten it). The reason they are stumped with me is that many years ago I started getting the shakes and dizzy spells (passing out most of the time). I went to the doctor was run through a bunch of tests and the answer I received was that I have an extremely high metabolism. Perfectly healthy otherwise. Also found out that my blood pressure is freakishly low. (last check 86/62) Now before you go off cursing me like most people do, take a breath and imagine:

You HAVE to eat something every two hours, you HAVE to have like 6 meals a day, and you HAVE to eat as close to 3,000 calories a day as possible. AND if you work out or are active increase that number. I have to carry food with me everywhere.

Now while most of you may think .... awww poor her, she HAS to eat. I have passed out at county fairs, on the job, and friends houses and pretty much scaring the crap out of everyone. My sister once said she watched come out of a room fall against the wall and kind of shimmied down to the floor. She said she didn't know what to do so she shook me (we were teens at the time). I usually am not out for long and am usually pale, sweaty and vomiting afterwords. Not a pretty site by any means.

OOPS Sorry got carried away there, back to the boot camp.

So now I am sitting there listening to the discussions regarding tracking food portions, calorie counting, protein counting and such and I must have had a dazed lost look on my face because the instructor giggled and asked if I understood. I could only answer ........ NO. I have never had to do such a thing and I would have no idea how or where to start. They gave me this cool web site

I just put in what and how much I eat and it does the rest for me. This "journaling" is something we have to do everyday without exceptions. And we need to either email it to them daily or bring it to class so they can see where we are at and how we are doing. After the little dietary pep talk we went and ran 1/2 mile.

Plus side!!!!! One of the trainers is a massage therapist for athletes. She said that she will work with me on getting my elbows and shoulders back. She said (and I have heard this before) that I have A LOT of scar tissue especially in the shoulders. Damn tendinitis. And she will be giving me exercises to help strengthen the muscles there.

So far here are my stats that I know:

Height 5' 4"

Weight 129 pounds

Bust 37.5 inches (I have Never been this big without being pregnant! YEA BOOBS)

waist 28 inches

Hips 37 inches

Upper Arm 9 inches (why they measured this and what it means I have no idea)

Body fat percentage 16 %

Mile run 10 minutes flat

Site Ups 42

Push Ups 22

They measured more but that was all I could remember. At the end of six weeks I was GUARANTEED shrinkage in my measurements and increases in mile, sit ups, and push ups.

Now we get a day off. Thursday in the actual first day of abuse (that quoted directly from my instructor). So can I get a big Hu-Ahh (Hu-Rah is marines and we are Army so I have been told)


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Yesterday I had my first night at Boot Camp Challenge. It was the first assessment night. They pinched all my jiggly parts and wrote down measurements (Yes I will post them as soon as I get them from my trainer). None of which made me feel very good, ugh I dislike my jiggly parts!

I have a class of 7, so it is nice and small. BUT that also means I get a lot of personal attention from the trainers. So if I am slacking at all they will be all over me.

I was asked by friends to keep a log of everything we do and what the nutritionist have us eat. This second part may be a bit hard for others to follow as the nutritionist set up diets or eating habits for each individual. My doctor years ago said that I am supposed to eat upwards of 3000 calories a day, especially when I am exercising. So my friends you may not want to follow my food intake list.

So for you CRAZY people who want to do boot camp along with me (just a day behind) go do your mile run/jog/walk. My time was 10 minutes for a mile.

My daughter was very proud of me for this time seeing how I am over 40 years old, a smoker, and haven't run THAT far in years. (her words exactly).

Check back tomorrow for what was dished out this evening!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Amazing Things That Come Out of Their Mouths.

Yes I know it has been quit a while since I have been here. Sorry. My mind has been blown and I am trying to piece it back together. But I had to just share this story if for no other reason then when I look back years from now at this blog journal of things I will see this story and laugh.

School is getting ready to begin on the 18th. Part of me can't wait for it to start. The other part is dreading the morning arguments that come with getting my son to get up and ready for school. Ahhh but that tid bit is for another post.

So with the anticipation of school starting comes getting schedules, school pictures, etc. Devin's day to pick up schedules was last Tuesday. We decide to do this task in the afternoon due to the before mentioned not getting up in the morning problem. I leave work at noon and call him on my way home to (warn) let him know I am on my way. When I get home I head straight to my room to change into something more comfortable (St. Louis temps have been hovering in the high 90s with heat indexes going into the 100s) because my jeans were sticking to my legs.

I come downstairs and my LOVELY son looks at me and we continue with this conversation:

Devin: Is that what you are wearing?

Me: (For just a second I am stunned into silence.) Did you really just ask me that?

Devin: Yea, it looks like you just got out of bed.

Me: (stunned again) Seriously, you just asked me that? This from you who just picked up something off the floor, smelled it to make sure it was from the "clean" area in your room?

Devin: Well if your going to wear that, are you going in the building with me?

Mind you, what I am wearing is a pair of shorts (I wear the gym type) and a T-Shirt.

Me: Umm, yes I am going in. I AM the one who has to pay for everything. ($30 for school pictures, $50 for yearbook, $60 lunch account, etc)

Devin: Really you look like you just rolled out of bed. I don't want to be seen with you.

Me: (super stunned) Dude (yes I say that word) you are wrinkled, wild hat hair, and barely match and you are embarrassed to go with me? Who do you think we are going to see. Your friends look like they haven't showered for days and dress about the same as you. So who else am I having to impress?

He has NEVER made a comment about what I wear, style of my clothes. Never. This was just out of the blue weird for him. Though he did go upstairs and change his shirt, and comb his hair. Really who was he trying to impress?

At this point I just shook my head, went upstairs and put a tank top on. THIS he approved of! Strange kid.