Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Yesterday I had my first night at Boot Camp Challenge. It was the first assessment night. They pinched all my jiggly parts and wrote down measurements (Yes I will post them as soon as I get them from my trainer). None of which made me feel very good, ugh I dislike my jiggly parts!

I have a class of 7, so it is nice and small. BUT that also means I get a lot of personal attention from the trainers. So if I am slacking at all they will be all over me.

I was asked by friends to keep a log of everything we do and what the nutritionist have us eat. This second part may be a bit hard for others to follow as the nutritionist set up diets or eating habits for each individual. My doctor years ago said that I am supposed to eat upwards of 3000 calories a day, especially when I am exercising. So my friends you may not want to follow my food intake list.

So for you CRAZY people who want to do boot camp along with me (just a day behind) go do your mile run/jog/walk. My time was 10 minutes for a mile.

My daughter was very proud of me for this time seeing how I am over 40 years old, a smoker, and haven't run THAT far in years. (her words exactly).

Check back tomorrow for what was dished out this evening!

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