Sunday, October 31, 2010

No Children Allowed

Last weekend we attended a Halloween Party. It was a nice escape from my own issues so I was looking forward to it. BUT it was costume require. I have of late NOT been in a creative mood. So I relied on my sister this year for my costume.

She wore this last year. And of course everyone loved it and teased MD about what a great way to keep me quiet. Yea thanks guys love you all also! (Yes I do know they were teasing).

No I really don't know anybody, though there were two other neighbors there that I did know. But as always MD had a great time (this was one of his construction clients)

These are our hosts. Last year they were Bill and Sooky from True Blood. I think it is cute how they always do couple costumes.

Then this past Friday (yes the night that seemed hell broke loose here) we attended another Halloween party. Some ex neighbors (miss them a lot) had us to their new house for a party.

Laure has the bubbliest personality and you can not help but love her.
And Jim makes the best beer and port around.

Karen (another neighbor) was there and we all played catchup. And yes we are silly together, but because we can it makes good fun.

This couple smuggled in Kentucky moonshine. Never had moonshine was surprisingly good. But Goddess you DO NOT want to drink much of it or you will be on your butt quick.

I could not put myself through another night of full face paint. So I found the "static cling" idea and went with it. Walked around all night with underwear, socks, and dryer sheets pinned to me. Not overly fancy, but hey my face did not feel like it was peeling off.

Of course after Devin & Mikayla pulled their stunts. And after I gave myself some Blogging therapy (yes I have found that if I spill my guts here and divulge all our personal laundry for the world to see I feel microscopically better), and Devin was not home yet, MD went to work on someones deck. I decided yesterday that I needed to get out and escape being a mom, wife, maid, chauffeur, cook,.....etc.

Some girlfriends and I took off for wine country. It was may I say AMAZING.

We (me) polished off two bottles of wine and had a beautiful family/responsibility free afternoon. We seem to have all needed it at least that was the consensus.
Isn't Augusta just amazing in October???

Then again I am a nature freak and am more level amongst the trees.

For those inquiring minds..........MD got home around 5pm, Devin was home. They had some sort of discussion but just now my brain is nonfictional and I cannot remember it. MD asked Devin wehn he got home, Devin replied an hour ago. MD asked Devin why he bothered and that Devin could go back to where ever he was last night. Devin's response "I can't I am not 17 yet so I will get in trouble".

Dude really! You were not 17 Friday night either, so would that not equal to you getting into trouble anyway???

Oh, and for those that are interested and live in the state of Missouri (not sure if it is the same in other states). If your child is 17 years of age, he/she can come and go at will and want. No matter what your rules are or if there is a home enforced curfew. If said child decides they do not want to come home they do not have too (nope not a damn thing you can do). But you cannot keep them from re-entering the house either.

It seems that (and i have verified this with law officials) the age of 17 is a "gray" area. 17 year old are NOT considered run aways if they do not come home, but you are also not allowed to throw them out either until they are 18. SOOOOOO what that means is that your child can tell you to go to hell and leave as long as they like and come home when they like. BUT YOU ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS WHILE THEY ARE GONE.

I am just saying...................

Saturday, October 30, 2010

We Are Falling Apart At The Seems

What can you do with/to a teen who disregards everything you say. Has no care for your authority. Pushes you to your breaking point every minute of every day?

This is where MD and I are at. We have tried rewarding as well as punishments. We try to be fair. But in the end we are basically told they will do what they want when they want and we have no right to be upset, angry, or disapproving.


At this very moment I can not think of the word I want to use (probably because I can only see/think red) but I believe it is entitled. They think they are entitled to have everything just given to them and to do as they see fit..........................oh how wrong they will see they are.

It became painfully clear last night. MD and I had been planning on attending a Halloween party at a old neighbor's (they just moved two weeks ago). Both kids knew we were going as they were first told that they were going to go with us, then it was decided to not be "kid friendly" so I told them they didn't have to go.

I get home from work right behind MD. We get into the house, no kids, no notes on their whereabouts. We leave for the party. Still no calls or text messages (though Devin's phone has not been returned to him due to poor grades). Sometime around 9 pm I get a text from Mikayla ............. when are you picking me up? Picking her up? I don't even know where she is. With some text bickering back and forth MD and I decide to leave the party go get her (oh and play taxi to others again without knowledge of this till we show up) and go home to an empty house. Mind you it is now after 11pm.
No Devin. His COURT APPOINTED curfew is 9pm. I sit reading/playing on the computer till midnight, still no Devin. MD stands looking at me asking what we have done wrong as parents? All I can do is shrug my shoulders and say too him..........."we gave them too much". That is the only thing I can see we have done WRONG.
At this point MD is fuming and all I can think is that Devin is bringing this on himself. MD goes around and verifies that all windows and doors are lock. Locks the garage door. This way he HAS to ring the front door bell if he wants in (and it is like 30 something degrees outside). No Devin all night, even as I write this, no Devin.
So this morning I have removed ALL electronics from his room and will be "cleaning it out" shortly. I informed MD that Mikayla will be receiving the same removal from her room.
With things bouncing around in my head I have decided that a formal listing of "HOUSE RULES" need to be inforced. Following is list of rules that I have come up with and enforced (how I just have not figured out yet) at the MD House:

1. No electronics what so ever in bedrooms (this means laptops, TVs, I-touches (Internet access) etc.
2. No more eating in bedrooms
4. No F's allowed on any assignment (we currently take the cell phone away a day for every F that is why Devin still does not have his back)
5. Chores will be posted and completed before I get home from work.
6. Devin will apply and obtain a job within a month. All funds will be stopped in 30 days. No more money for lunches he can make a lunch a bring it from home. He is after all 16 and since he has no desire to do homework or sports he can go to work.
7. No longer will disrespectful talking be allowed. If your mad, fine but go to your room and work it out there.
8. Absolutely no one is allowed in the house while MD and I are not home.
9. The Internet will be allowed only on one computer in the house and you will have to ask permission to get on it. Oh yea there will be a password on it.
I am sure I will think of more as the day goes on but this is what I have come up with so far. So now I am trying to think of "punishments" for breaking these rules. With Mikayla that is not too hard. Grounding and taking the cell phone away still works for the most part. It is Devin who is going to be the challenge. I mean if he is not afraid of breaking probation rules (which he know will get him sent back to court) what could I possibly do to him?

Like I said falling apart at the seams

Check it Out St. Louis Made the Top 10!!!

Someone actually put St. Louis in the top 10 list, and NOT for its crime rate!

Best Online Colleges had an article

10 Best Haunted House Attractions. You can click the link or if you are lazy (like me) I have put most of the story here. Well the St. Louis Part.

Today’s haunted house attractions are more terrifying and believable than ever before, thanks to state-of-the-art animatronics, visual effects and talented actors that have the power to scare just about anyone and everyone. Expert ratings and reviews say these haunted houses are the best of the bunch and the best boo! for your buck.

1.The Darkness Haunted House
Missouri is the Show-Me State, and St. Louis will show you a frightening time at its renowned haunted house, The Darkness. The Darkness features two floors of your worst nightmares, as monsters, ghouls and 3D clowns and killer circus animals chase and taunt you till the very end. Expect new additions to The Darkness this Halloween, such as a turn-of-the-century funeral home with mirror mazes, ancient graveyards and an animated falling barrel wall.

Going to have to ask Devin his opinion on this particular topic. He has been to several this year alread. And I know this was one of them. So if you happen to be in the St. Louis area this Halloween weekend maybe you should stop by and get a frightful!

I crack myself up sometimes.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Never want to do that again

Collin's funeral was harder than I expected. Facing Debbie & Steve was the hardest thing I think I have done to date. MD gave Felicia and I trouble (teasing trouble) later in the evening. Saying that they (Deb & Steve) seem to be holding up great considering the situation. That was until they took one look at us (Felicia and I) and lost it.

Yea, I have to admit it was a cry fest when we greeted them. Steve hugged me so tight I couldn't breath then he just looked at Felicia and started sobbing. I mean not just tears, the man was sobbing. It broke my heart. Then as I turned to Debbie, I tried to smiled a little, she let out a squeak and that was all it took we both started crying. MD looked lost and very uncomfortable, he absolutly hates seeing me upset or crying. and he knew there was absolutly nothing he could do to help any of us at that moment. We have never had to deal with this type of situation before, I mean we have had family members / fridnes pass. Of course they were either old, sick or both. So dealing with this type of death was difficult. None of us said a thing to each other, all we could do was hug.

As we approached Collin's casket it was very difficult to keep our composure. Felicia was crying so hard and turning side to side. Looking at her, it made you think that she was trying to figure out which way she run to get out of the church. In the end she just leaned into my arms and cried. I have never felt so helpless in my life. Nothing I could do could fix anything. MD just put his arms around us and led us to the side of the church and walked us out.

Collin's entire Fraternity came and did some sort of service gathered around his casket. It was moving to say the least.

What was heart wrenching was watching grown men talk about things they remember about Collin and having to stop because the would start crying. Seeing grown men cry always tears at my heart.

One of Collin's and Felicia's friends (he was one of Collin's best & longest friends) found Felicia and I. Grabbed us and hugged us. He looked horrible, not doing very well with the situation at all. Poor boy could only nod, couldn't say a word. Sadness engraved so deep on his face, again I could say nothing to ease his pain. Chris had told Felicia the day before he had come to terms with Collin being gone but from what I saw, he apparently had not.

After the services they had a dinner provided for everyone. We couldn't handle staying any longer. We found Steve and Debbie said (cried) our goodbyes. They threatened kidnapping if Felicia didn't make it by when she came back in town. I told Deb if she wished, the next trip I made to Chicago she could come. She said she would look forward to that, thinking it actually would be a nice get away. They have always told Felicia she was the daughter they never had, they had only boys.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Trip to Chi Town

Now for a happy story. Earlier this month Mikyla, Nipa, and I took a road trip to Chi town to visit Felicia and check out her new spot she calls home.

She lives in a lovely tree lined community. All the streets look like this. I wish that our neighborhoods here would do this, it is gorgeous!

She lives in a northern suburb of Chicago, and with traffic and parking in the city the way it is we opted to take the train into the city. Besides Mikayla has never been on a train. So mark one off the new experience to do list.

It didn't make the trip any shorter, but at least I didn't have to pay attention to where I was going or who was in my way. Besides Chicago seems to have road construction EVERYWHERE.

We went to Navy Pier (not first but close). We saw pirates fighting and scurrying about.

Then they saw the girls...........and grabbed them.............

.....and you know I always have my camera on the ready.
But I think the girls liked the attention too. They were not shy at all about getting dragged to the side of the pier to pose with some older boys.
Mikayla even attracted some shrimp LOL.

We traveled around the city on the hop on and off Bus. Which at first I was a bit sticker shocked at the ticket prices ($30 a person) but then we were jumping on and off all day at different places around the city. So we figured what we would have to pay for taxi fare to do what we did.........I saved a bundle!

(me taking a picture of Nipa taking a picture of me)

Mikayla fussed at me for taking this picture. But the way I look at it is if you going to "dress" to stand out like this you deserve to have your picture taken and then plastered all over the Internet (or at least my blog and FaceBook pages). Besides they really didn't seem to mind that I was standing there just clicking away.

I was totally NOT listening to our tour guide on the bus and missed what they called this blob of Mercury looking stuff. But it was pretty cool. Felicia had Mikayla and I lay on the ground underneath it to get this odd looking picture. She explains that everyone wants this picture (though I saw no one else laying on the ground)

It was an amazingly beautiful weekend. Thought for sure it was going to be cold (news channels stated also that it would be) but we could have not asked for a more beautiful day. Defiantly wore ourselves out. I am looking forward to another visit. But this time instead of an "all over city tour" we will pinpoint a street or location and concentrate on those. With enough visits I'll get to see absolutely everything in the city.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Collin Camren Davis

I write today with great sorrow. A young man close to our family (especially Felicia) has passed away this morning. Collin Camren Davis was only 21 years old, attended Rolla University (now known as Missouri Tech).

He like to tell me he was getting a degree to legally blow things up. Yep that was Collin.

He and Felicia dated for a while. They split as friends and have been close ever since. MD and I often thought that they would end up back together as did his parents. Those two were inseparable.

I can only imagine how his parent's are feeling just now. I send them my deepest sympathies and all my love.


May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face;

the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,

may the Goddess hold you in the palm of her hand.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I know I have been gone, sorry.

I will be back soon. I am trying to put things together. It has been hard but we are mucking thru it.