Monday, November 15, 2010

Friday was a wild roller coaster ride. Wind in your hair can't catch your breath whip lash ride. The day started out quite, peaceful, and just me time. Got into reading/finishing a book I had just started (Fallen). About 11:30 ish we took off for the requested DRUG TEST. We have never had to do this before and we are only doing it now because 1. his grouchy attitude 2. his constant disregard for rules and 3. he flat out admitted to Ms. Probation Office that he has in fact partaken in smoking pot.

After which we headed to his meeting with Ms. Probation Officer. We go into their "chat" rooms. The chat started off well. Then WHAM it dropped, whip lashed you around a corner while dropping 100 miles an hour. I became the worst parent in the world of parents. Ms. Probation Office got mad, so much so that she swore. Now this is the most patient soft spoken lady I have ever met. And to see her get angry with him. I WAS GLAD TO SEE IT. But with him blaming me for all his woes and the end of the world, I was done. Got up and walked out. Left him there to face his music on his own.

Oh and his drug test was negative.


Dread Pirate Davi said...

Probably makes you wish you could fast forward to adulthood, when you're no longer the bade guy.

Or even rewind to younger days, when you were a hero. :(

Chin up. Even the longest tunnels have a light at the end.

utmomof 5 said...

hey at least the drug test was negative!

Sorry you are dealing with all this, I can't imagine :(