Friday, November 05, 2010

A Gremlin Lives in My House

What a whirl wind week. Devin FREAKS out because his girlfriend breaks up with him. That I think he could have dealt with except it was because the "made out" with one of his friends at a party. That is what really made him mad.

So huge fits were thrown, threats of going out to fight with this friend. THANK THE GODDESS he just went on Facebook a swore like a sailor and complained about life. I will take that form of venting over destroying any part of my house and property which he is so known for when he gets that upset.

Then today his probation officer shown up at school for one of their meetings. He found out that I held up my threat. He didn't seem that upset.. Yes that would be weird he is always upset when I talk to his probation officer. When I arrived home from work I was anticipating a huge yelling match. When I opened the door I got nothing at all what I expected. He CALMLY talked with me about what they discussed. Told me how scared he was. That he knows he messed up over the weekend. But he told me Sunday night that he was going to be better and he meant it (which actually this week he HAS been pretty good). We talked I mean talked.

About an hour later he came up to me discussing math and how easy it has been and how he is going to ace this upcoming test. Then asked if I would take him to the school football game. When I dropped him off he walked to my side of the car leaned in and said "come here and give me a hug". IN FRONT OF HIS FRIENDS EVEN. Then walking away he said "love you".

Now I would normally NEVER EVER complain about this. What mother would. I mean really this is always what I wanted from him. To do what was asked, do well at school, be considerate of his family. But this has rarely ever been something Devin has done. And when he has been like this he either has wanted something and/or never lasts more than a few days.

he even just now called to ask what he should do about a situation at the game. One of his friends got into some trouble with a police officer at the game. Devin said he walked away, but didn't know what he should do. I told him to either catch up with his sister or I could come pick him up. he chose his sister, and said that there was no way he was going back where his friend was, he didn't want to be associated with him. He can't afford to get in trouble.

So here I am loving the moment, and biting my nails waiting for the other shoe to fall.


Laggin said...

Fingers crossed.

Dread Pirate Davi said...

It's like walking a knife's edge. Praying to the Goddess for you.