Thursday, December 23, 2010

Don't Tell Me To Have Faith in My Kids - I Know My Kids

So this year my sister has offered/suggested/requested that we have Christmas at her house this year.  She wanted my family to join her at her church then go to dinner at her house. 
I replied to my sister that we would have no problem coming to her house for dinner but we would not be interested in attending her church. 

Now before anyone gets wind up their skirts let me give you a little background here.  My eldest is die hard Catholic.  I have been studying Wicca (my sister thinks I am going to hell) and the rest of my family has no desire to attend her church.

To this she didn't reply and for that matter stopped talking to me for about two weeks.  Then she emailed me a dinner menu and asked that we be there about 4:30.  Told her okay.  Then she said that she wanted everyone to play rob your neighbor.  I told her I would talk to the kids.  She got mad at me and said was was for everyone not just the kids.  Yea no way MD was going to get into that.  She texted my kids herself (of coarse they said fine) then emailed me back and told me I needed to have more faith in my kids.  They said they were up for it.  Well THAT was two weeks ago.

Today I am getting crabbed at by Devin because he doesn't want to go over there.  He said my sister said they were coming over to our house.  Mikayla threw a fit about going over soooo early then wanted to know how long we were staying.  And Felicia thought the whole rob your neighbor was silly with everyone playing.  Too much of an age difference. 

My response:  All of you told your Aunt you would play/wanted to play so you are playing.  So there!  Make me look like an idiot, oh no you won't.

Ha I think I know my kids are home bodies, well Devin is.  I also knew that they would all not want to play games as that means staying longer at their Aunt's house and longer before we get home to have our own celebrations.

They are all now hoping we get a ridiculous amount of snow so MD will not drive in it.  Yea I know my kids!

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Cindi said...

Okay, I'll bite. What is rob your neighbor?

In a way it was good that your sister texted your kids herself and asked them. Like you said, since they told her okay, it was a done deal, and they had no one to complain to but themselves, lol.