Monday, December 27, 2010

Little Surprises are a good thing

As I posted earlier, I gave MD a hot tub for Christmas.  He has been wanting one since we moved and left our with the old house.  That has now been 7 years and I know he REALLY wanted one. 

Well yesterday I took him to the store so he could see exactly what he was getting and so I could put the deposit down.  We walked into the store and I took him straight back to the floor model.  When I got to it I stopped dead in my was $1,000 cheaper!   Oh, yea when my sales guy came over I mentioned the price difference.  He said it was for the floor model end of year close out.  Well, of course MD wanted the cheaper price, I wanted the colors I picked out.  So we compromised.  We picked out the BIGGER tub (in my colors) and it was still cheaper than the smaller tub I picked out.


Then after taking Felicia to the airport to go back to home we (and when I say we I meant I) decided to stop at the casino on the way home.   We won (and now when I we I meant MD) $500. 

Definitely a nice day of little surprises.

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Christina said...

It is even a MONDAY!! Love little surprises :)