Sunday, December 05, 2010


MD's new play toy and consumer of his time and money is a 1988 Suzuki Samuri. For anyone who does not know what that is, it is a type of jeep looking vehicle.

No it is probably not worth all the money he is putting into it, but for some reason he had to have it. And Mikayla is dying to drive it.

He was coming home from a job one day saw it parked in some one's yard so he stopped. Negotiated a price and brought it home. When I came home and never even saw it parked in the garage. Devin enjoyed making fun of me for that. I know, how observant am I? But you have to understand, MD had TONS of stuff in our garage. So much so that we can barely park 2 cars in our 3 car garage! And right now no cars get in. Besides Mikayla was with me when I got home and she too walked right past it and didn't even notice it either.

See what I mean??

And he "cleaned" the garage before he brought SAM I AM in. What's with the SAM I AM you ask? Mikayla named it right after he brought it home. They have been trying to get some version of the name for personalized plates. Goobers both of them.

Jeff arrived bright an early Saturday morning around 8:30 AM, he didn't leave until 1 AM Sunday morning. And I think he is coming back over today. How they could spend all day in that garage and breathing in all those fumes is beyond me. I only saw them when they came in to eat (yes I was the good wife and prepared lunch and dinner for them).
Mikayla has tagged the jeep as hers. MD has already let her drive it around the neighborhood. (Ummmmm she is only 14 what was he thinking and it is a manual 5-speed transmission.) They banter back and forth all the time on weather or not she will get it when she is 16. MD tells her we do not purchase cars for the kids. We only Match what they have saved for a car. She said she will have no problem paying for SAM I AM(I would have called it POS I AM) when she is 16. Then with a flip of her head she turns to walk into the house, but as she gets to the door she turns and tells her father.............................. "Make sure you do a good job on my baby dad". And proceeds into the house. MD always laughs to himself and shakes his head when she does this. It is cute when they discuss SAM.

Devin said that IF anyone gets the car he should..he is older than Mikayla. Funny thing is, is that I think Mikayla will get her license before Devin does.

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