Thursday, December 16, 2010

You would all WISH you were standing at my house this evening when I got home.

We had a little ice accumulation last night that did not go away today.  When I got home from work this evening I noticed my driveway was as shinny as glass.  And that is saying something since I get home in the dark! 

I drove Monster Truck today since MD is in Kansas City for work.  Just so you know, Monster Truck is a big boy.  He is an F-150 that been lifted 4-inches and big 'ole tires put on him.  My co-workers tease me saying I need a ladder to get in it (sometimes I actually do).  Oh and it is so tall that the only way to get it in the garage is to back in otherwise you would hit the garage opening.

So I put this big bad boy in 4wheel high and start backing up the driveway, get almost to the garage and then do nothing but spin tires.  Once I let off the gas I just slide down the driveway.  I did this 5 times and every time I just slid back down the driveway.  So on the last try I put it in 4Wheel Lo and gun it backing up the driveway.  That time I FINALLY got into the garage.  Now I had to get the darn thing straightened out so MD could "try" to get the car in when he gets home this evening.  Sooooo back and forth I went until I got it straight enough on my side of the garage.

I went to the mailbox to get the mail and could NOT get back up the driveway to the garage.  I had to walk through the yard as not to fall and go through the front door.  Then I went and put fertilizer (we cant use salt on stamped concrete) on the driveway hoping some of the ice would melt.

Was comical from outside of the situation I am sure.

MD just got home, he couldn't make it into the garage either.  He tried 5 times and gave up and left it in the drive way.  And he laughed at me when I told him about my experience!

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