Thursday, February 25, 2010

An Alien replaced my Son

Monday Devin's neurologist suggested we try a new ADHD Med called Vivance. The first day he took it was yesterday. Didn't think anything would happen right away, last round of meds took a couple of weeks to show any improvement.

Yesterday I received an email from one of Devin's teachers explaining how GREAT day. Did all work that was given. Then today I received the following email:

Just wanted to let you know that Devin had another great day in my afternoon classes. He started writing one of his paragraphs for the culminating project in comm. arts even though he didn’t have to begin until tomorrow—great self-motivation! He also helped another student with his comm. arts without being asked and worked very diligently on his math. Truly a wonderful job!
I forwarded the email to MD and he informed me that when Devin came home he started cleaning windows. Windows.....really....SAWEEET!
I asked MD if he knew what Devin wanted, he said he hasn't asked for anything. Okay I am now stumped.

I really didn't think that one or two days would show any results and all I have to say is WOW I hope it will keep up.
Oh, and by the way Devin is now up to 5' 10"! Now he has racked up 10 inches in 9 - 10 months! Still a rail at 120 pounds though.
I like this Alien!

Monday, February 22, 2010

A relief and a break

We brought mom home on the 14th. It has now been a week with her resting at home and my father running around like a crazy man.

My sister went over Saturday to do some house cleaning for them. I would have gone but I needed to get things ready for MD's surprise 50th party. I was a stressed out monkey that day. But with Audrey there my dad was able to do a little grocery shopping and get a little break.

Today mom had another doctor visit, something about checking on her defibrillator she has. She was scared, apparently a nurse told her that they would be "checking" to make sure it was working. She (the nurse) said that since her heart was too damaged when she received the defib they were unable to test it and she needed to have it tested. Needless to say mom was freaked out and extremely nervous about going today. I tried explaining to her that they will NOT activate it in the way she thinks. They have a devise that they can "scan" the the thing and it will tell them everything they needed to know. Well she went and they did pretty much as I explained. The doctor also told here there would be no way they would activate the defibrillator unless she was sedated. Well duh! If/when that sucker goes off it is an electric shock! Dad is going to give the nurse a what for when they see her again. She should not be scaring patients like that.

I will be going over tomorrow to play beautician and color her hair. Hopefully making her feel somewhat "normal" again. Her incision still hurts so bras are out of the question still, she was finally given the okay to shower starting next week. So no more sponge baths. A shower will be good as MD had remodeled their bathroom a couple of years ago and she has a ton of shower heads for massage! Totally jealous there.

That is where we are currently. She has loved all the cards and flowers she has received and I want to thank all of you my friends and family for that. They were little rays of hope each and every one every time she looked at them.

Coming soon..........Very embarrassing pictures and summary of MD's 50th Birthday party. We definitely let our hair down that night.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Odd Animals - Coconut Crap...........

Okay, so mom is now home and re-cooperating well. MD's 50th Surprise Birthday Party is still happening tomorrow at MaxWElls (thank the goddess for the owner as he came through in a pinch). I will just so be happy when February is OVER. This was a very bad and expensive (that part is for another post) month.

With nothing really to talk about I will bore you with a weird creature I stumbled across today. I mean figuratively speaking that is.

This is a Coconut Crab.

"The coconut crab, Birgus latro, is the largest land-living arthropod in the world and is probably at the limit of how big terrestrial animals with exoskeletons can get under the prevailing conditions. Their body is divided into four regions; the cephalic lobe, forepart, trunk, and opisthosoma. It is a highly apomorphic hermit crab and is known for its ability to crack coconuts with its strong pincers in order to eat the contents. It is the only species of the genus Birgus.

"It is also called the robber crab or palm thief, because some coconut crabs are rumored to steal shiny items such as pots and silverware from houses and tents...."

The AbsoluteAstronomy article doesn't say how big the coconut crab is - but another source says the body can be 16 inches long. The things climb trees, and those big claws can lift up to 64 pounds.

That's one impressive crab.

The creatures have a branchiostegal lung - which seems to be distinct from the book lung that other arthropods have.

I checked it out on snoopes (I seem to run everything though here) and it says it is a real living thing.

Just random thoughts that I ended up shaing with you. Enjoy!

Oh, and yes I will be posting pictures from MD's birthday party as soon as I get them from the photographer. And yes I am sure there will be blackmail involved!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

More on my mom

Today is my mothers 65th birthday. She had to spend it in the hospital, as a matter of fact a new hospital than the one she has been in since Sunday (this will make hospital number 3). They transferred her from Des Pares Hospital to Barnes-Jewish hospital downtown. It is supposed to be one of the top Cardio-Vascular hospitals in the country. Des Pares said that they do not have the equipment needed to get her heart back into shape.

Her heart needs to rest and she is not getting the rest she needs with the heart pump she currently has. Tomorrow they are going to do another Echo to check out how her heart is beating. They have to remove the heart pump she currently has. From what we are told you should only have the heart pump in for 5-7 days. After that it does more harm than good. They told dad that they may try some drugs to give her heart some rest if that does not work they may try a internal heart pump. Then I don't know what.
It takes more planning now to go visit with her as the hospital is now a hour from where I live. I want to spend as much time with her as I can, but she gets worn out after about an hour visit. I would have liked to keep visiting everyday, but my life (boring as it may be) did not stop happening so I could pay attention to mom (and dad for that fact).
She has been receiving cards of well wishes and birthday wishes. Davi dad couldn't stop laughing at your name! He was laughing so much when he was asking me if I knew who you were it took three times telling him before he could hear the whole story. Again thank you to all who have generously spent the time to give my mom a little ray of sunshine.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

A request from strangers

I have an odd request, a request from people who know me only from these pages. But for the last 6 days I have been trying to be a pillar of strength for my family. It is getting hard to keep such a stony front on for so long and it is starting to take its toll. So I am for once asking for reinforcements or your help to be exact.

See my mom had a massive heart attack last week. She did not know she was even having a heart attack she just thought she didn't feel well. Then Friday her jaw start hurting then it got very hard to breath. That is what landed her in the ER and that is when she found out she was having another heart attack. Sunday she started having another attack and on Monday she received a triple bypass. While in surgery she had another heart attack. They also informed us they pulled 2 liters of fluid from her lungs. When the surgery was over the doctor came to speak with the family. None of what he said was good. They were unable to close her chest because her heart was too swollen. She had another surgery Wednesday to close her chest. She has a very sick heart, part of which no longer works. He does not every say anything optimistic.

Yesterday she was taken off the ventilator. She was able to visit with my dad and sister. I had to miss that due to having to get Felicia back to school. But she looked good according to my father.

Today she went into v-tach twice and both times it took getting shocked to get regular sinus rhythm back. And of course she is back on the ventilator.

My Facebook family has been sending me great words of hope. I have passed on to mom all the wonderful wishes from them and it seems to brighten her mood.

So my request is this:

Her 65th birthday is Sunday February 7th. She is getting depressed about spending it in the hospital on a ventilator and being stuck in a bed. I am asking if you can find the time to drop a card in the mail wishing her a happy birthday and get well wishes. This would make her mood better to see all the people who have thought of her at this time.
The mailing address is:
Patient - Faulisi
Des Pares Hospital
Cardiac Care Unit
2345 Dougherty Ferry Rd.
St. Louis,MO 63122

I saw it work wonders today when I read to her an email from a friend. I am posting it here so I can share with you what he sent:

I got confirmation last night - in St. Mary's Cathedral in Hyde Park in Sydney Australia there was a mass said for your mother and a candle lit. :) Attached is a picture of the church. When I used to travel to Australia a lot, I would stay right by this park and I have been to this church many times. The park is the most peaceful and serene place I know - so I thought this would be appropriate.


After I read this to her you could see a twinkle in her eyes and that even though she could not smile on the outside she was smiling hugely on the inside.

Thanks for listening, it does feel better letting it out non-verbally. Verbally is just too hard.