Sunday, June 27, 2010


A couple month ago our faithful washer crapped out. So MD and I went on a search for a new washer & Dryer (MD likes MATCHING sets.

This is what HE picked. He went on and on about Bosch, how reliable they are, what a great company they were, and on and on. I sort of tuned him out after I saw the price (yes I am the penny pincher of the house). I have been so nervous about purchasing this type of machines. I have several friends who went all "high efficiency" and have nothing but bad luck with any brand of these machines.

Well I have to report that we have not had one teeny tiny problem. As a matter of fact they are supper quiet AND laundry time has been cut dramatically! Which of course in turns saves me money on the utility front also. BONUS!
MD was in a spending mode that day..... so he also talked me into a new dishwasher.

I will have to admit our dishwasher was a bit noisy, but it worked fine. You just had to turn the TV up a bit. But in the end, AGAIN, he was right. Life is a little quieter and utilities a little lower with the new appliances.

Monday, June 21, 2010

This week is not starting out well at all.

At work a bird flew into our transformer and it blew. A blown transformer means no power, and no power means no computer, microwave, or AIR CONDITIONING. I have never seen AmrenUE respond so quickly to a call though. I will have to give that cudos to them. Luckily I had a bit of work to do that did not need a computer, and we have plenty of windows which provided enough light to work by. But it did start to get a bit warm.

AmrenUE got the transformer fixed within three hours. That time count started as soon as we lost power to the minute it was back on. Like I said, never seen them respond so fast before. Makes one think.

Then I get home and Devin, Mikayla, and David are in the living room. No I did not inherit or have another child. They had a friend in the house when I got home. (and that breaks one of the rules of the House). As the kids and I chatted, I wandered around the house putting things away that were not where they belonged. As I approached the living room I noticed "things" were missing and/or out of place. The missing item I started asking about. Everybody responded like I was an idiot and didn't know what I was talking about. Finally after roaming through the entire first floor without finding it. Going up stairs to change (ranting the whole time) and coming back down stairs with it not produced in front of me. I proclaimed that everyone was grounded until my missing item was returned.

I knew something was up because I could hear Mikayla telling Devin, "If you don't I am" which is a sure sign they both know what is going on and that Devin had something to do with it. Mikayla does not like "snitching" on her brother, but likes being grounded even less. So finally with enough prodding THEY came down and told me.

Devin now has to clean all the baseboards in the house. All three floors totally 4500 square feet of house which all rooms have baseboards. And yes that is including the finished basement. He is none too happy about it, but I explained that I am none too happy about my broken stuff.

Tit for Tat.

Wondering what tomorrow holds in store for addition to the 100 degree temps everyone is talking about.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

No Words can explain

I am playing catch up today. Don't get too excited. I am playing catch up on reading every one's blogs. It is hot outside and my "TOM" showed up this morning so I really feel like doing nothing.

What is TOM. Well the ladies will know TOM and know TOM well. It is my youngest daughters way of telling me her "time of month"has come. I thought it was cute and it stuck. So that is TOM.

Anyway, I was catching up reading, boy I have been gone a while. You all have written so much and done so much. I feel sometimes that I have been standing still, not accomplishing much, just getting up, going through the motions, going to bed, and doing all over the next day. Nothing really to write home (or to you) about.

Sure I could rant for ever on the progress OR there lack of with Devin and his whatever they are calling it now. Me I call it a royal pain in the ass. Different doctors diagnose him with different things and let me tell you nothing they do help for any length of time. It all starts out promising, but within a few months the demon seed comes back.

Or I could go on forever on how excited and proud I was that Felicia broke off her 5 year relationship-engagement. I could tell you that she is trying desperately to not get serious with a boy she is seeing and failing miserably. How she is enjoying/hating a long distance relationship (they live 5 hours apart). How she is rushing on trying to figure out what to do with her life. Though I keep telling her not to rush, there is no need. She sis graduate from college a year early. So enjoy the year then worry about life. I keep telling her the grind of life will all still be there next year.

Or I could go on about Mikayla and her quick sarcasms make me smile most days. Though I am NOT ready for her to be in High School, be interested in BOYS, or grow up as fast as she is. I guess being the youngest of three will do that.

But really they are the same stories over and over. And I really do not want to make you think my life is so horrible that all I can do is complain all the time.

Actually I do have a saying about complaining in my house. You are allowed to complain about a topic once and only once. Then you have to make a choice on what to do or not do about what ever it is you are complaining about. You either do something to fix said problem or you deal with it but if you are choosing to just do nothing about it then you loose the rights to complain any more about it.

Oops I totally got off track of what I originally was wanting to write about. TOM has my brain on off today also I believe. Sorry about that. As I started out saying in the beginning of this babbling brook of words. I was catching up on your lives and doings. I happended across this Blog post Its My Pink. She moved me to tears. I mean serious tears. Her feelings were so powerful in her writing they came right out of the page. Made me kind of put my problems right into perspective that is for sure.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


I'm just saying.........

Some people are just so......................

They just make you wanna drop kick them across the room!

Can you tell it was a bad day?

Monday, June 07, 2010


Did you ever notice that when you are going to go on any kind of vacation you have to work like twice as much at work the week before you to make sure you have everything done before you leave?

Then when you come back you have three times as much work to do than you normally would have. Like no one else could do your job while your gone.

Does that mean if you left the company your job would never get done?

Makes going on a vacation somewhat depressing. What is with that!