Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What's on your Bucket List

Mikayla was assigned to do a bucket list for school. This is what she wrote:

1. Bungee jumping
2. Fly a plane
3. Ride in a hot air balloon
4. get a job
5. get my own house
6. get married
7. Invent something new and useful
8. Win the lottery
9. guest star in a TV show
10. Jump out of an airplane (ahhh girl after my own heart)
11. write a book
12. own over 10 TVs (competing with her dad who owns 8)
13. get a talking bird
14. meet Johnny Depp
15. have a Hollywood star
16. Own my own company
17. become a hair stylist
18. Trash a hotel room
19. biggest paint ball war
20. Build something
21. Move to Italy
22. Move to Ireland
23. invent a new flavor of ice cream
24. name a star after someone (I have done this 4 times)
25. fly to the moon
26. become weightless
27. experience a tornado
28. go to the Superbowl
29. find a new element
30. be in a movie
31. go to a very fancy hotel (I hope this is not the one she trashes)
32. invent my own Six Flags ride
33. shoot a gun
34. become an artist
35. find the other end of a rainbow
36. Buy a Lamborghini
37. own a mansion
38. live in Chicago (sounds like she wants to move in with Felicia)
39. meet the President (I wonder if it our current president she wants to meet)
40. Volcano Surfing (this one she got from me)

I absolutely love some of the things she wants to do with her life....thinking maybe I could help her out with a few as she gets older.

So whats on your bucket list????

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shhhh Can You Hear The Silence???

It is Sunday 8:51 pm. And it is seriously quiet around the homestead this evening.

This morning we got Rolland (Felicia's friend from university) packed up and got him on his way back to Truman. After which we got Felicia packed up and on her way back to Chicago. She hitched a ride with a friend of ours son. He is heading to Chi town to see a hockey game and is going to stay with Felicia. So for free room he is giving her a ride home. Saaaweett deal for me, saved me an airline ticket.

We put up all the Christmas decorations and the tree yesterday so that left me with nothing to do today. So I picked up my BF Jodi and shopping we went. We bought MD his Christmas present. In a million years he will never guess what he is getting this year! And he is trying, but I will never crack.

But since he doesn't read this blog I can tell you. I am busting to tell.

It's not white though, it is cobalt blue with dark grey sides. MD has been going on and on for years about getting one. Just something else has always come up and we never got it. Sooo now he is getting it. But I did get a killer deal on it, or at least I think so. I have been looking around for the last 4 months. I am wrapping a picture of it in a box within a box within a box so he will never guess what is under the tree. The hot tub of course will not be delivered and set up until January. Can't have it before Christmas so a picture will have to do until January.

But now I sit here watching It's Complicated (laughing so hard I want to pee my pants) and the house is still so silent (except the movie and laughing). Strange how Felicia will either calm things down or wind them up. But quiet is good. I'll take it over the alternative.

Blessed be and I hope all of you had a "quiet" holiday.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Watch for what one wishes for.................

Yep today is Thanksgiving. And I hope all who happen across this post are found to be in good health and cheer.

I have ALL my family once again under one roof, just as I wished.

What WAS I thinking. In no time at all the arguing and teasing commenced. Oh dear Goddess it is like they are small children again, except then they were easier to manage. Time to separate them to diffuse any possible explosions.

And to add to that, it is impossible to go outside. The winter weather in Missouri has decided to finally show up. Yesterday was 24 hours (or at least felt like it) of rain. Sometime hard sometimes soft, but always falling. This morning the rain has turned to sleet, with rumors of possible snow. So we are now cave dwellers, locked up together. Pretty much why I am held up in my recliner in the office reading and writing you. Devin is at the computer with head phones and now the only noise he makes is the tapping on the keyboard. Felicia and MD watching football in the family room and Rolland with Mikayla playing some video game in the upstairs loft.

Is this what it is going to be like at holidays? Together but not? Well at least it is quiet now and leaving me wondering how long it will last. And when will they ever get along.....quietly?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cooking round one done

Today I finished my white/dark layer cake and all but put the finishing touches on my apple spice cheesecake.

Dad I know when you read this you WILL start drooling. But this is a big no no for you mister. But you can at least enjoy the picture.

The layer cake really doesn't look like much, that is not until you cut into it and see the layers of white and dark chocolate. Bummer that my chocolate was melting off the strawberries before I took the picture.

The Apple Spice Cheese Cake needs the finishing touches of whipped cream to "dress" it up. But that will have to wait until Thursday. Cream spoils too easily. (the brown layer on top is apple butter.... YUM)

The Pumpkin Creme Brulee is also awaiting finishing touches Thursday.

So now all my desserts are complete save for the pumpkin pie MD has requested I make. I said I would head out to a store and purchase one. He said no you have to make it. The man has no idea what he is asking.................seriously I have never made pumpkin pie.

The Ethics of Harry Potter

Check it out, I just read that a school in Massachusetts is now offering a new kind of Sociology course based on Harry Potter.

The first book about a boy wizard named Harry was released in the US in 1997, which means that if you were an elementary school student (and part of the target demographic) then, you're probably a college student by now. Bridgewater State is tapping into that market by offering a sociology course based on JK Rowling's characters, and how they interact within the Potterverse.

"The Ethics of Harry Potter" is a seminar that relates the actions and motivations of Harry and his friends (and of course, his enemies as well) to the ideas of Aristotle. "(The series) speaks to fundamental questions of the human condition: What is justice? Courage? Good? Evil? Every person and every culture must ask and answer these fundamental questions."

Where were these kind of classes when I was in college? Would love to hear from someone who takes this class.

Monday, November 22, 2010


My boss totally rocked today!

Background is I was supposed to be on vacation this week. For 11 years I have always taken this week off. Due to some changes in our clients billing requests and this being a pay week I was schedule to go into work today and tomorrow.

I went into work at 7 am to get a head start on things. When payroll was completed I started working on invoices. I presented everything to the boss before 11am. An hour later when I had not seen any progress in getting things done I ask him if he was going to be able to get to the invoices today. He said sure that he would be able to get the lump sum done, why did you want to leave early? I said no I was going nowhere today but I did not want to be here tomorrow.

Then about a half hour later he started piling invoices on my desk. Not only did he get our "lump sum" invoices completed he got our "time and material" invoices completed. As he placed the last invoice on my desk he said that any that are not completed will wait till the December billing period. Then told me to have a nice rest of the week off.

Yea he totally rocked today!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Are You Ready???

Thanksgiving is 4 days away. Are you ready? Have you purchased your turkey and other items for your meal? If not be prepared for some major lines at your local grocery. The one near my house gets crazy around the holidays.

We have not one but two turkeys. One we fry and the other we roast in the oven. I haven't decided if I am going to use a brine or injection yet. Guess I better decide soon. I am usually off work the whole week of Thanksgiving. I need that time to prepare all the food that I make (crazy since there will only be 7 at dinner this year) But this year, thanks to my companies new billing practices and payday ending this week, I need to work Monday and probably Tuesday. So today is a get my house clean and cook like a freak day.

Today I will be attempting to make an Apple Spice Cheesecake and Pumpkin Creme Brulee. If it works I will have pictures later.

Did you catch that I mentioned 7 at dinner this year? With my parents wintering in Florida and my sister doing I don't know what this year, it will be just the 5 if us (Felicia is making it home from Chicago for the holidays!). The additional 2 are some close friends of the family. Jodi (a friend of mine) has both her boys out of state. One is in school in Arizona and the other ............ well currently he in at Camp LaGune (spelling) in North Carolina. But by the time Thanksgiving gets here he will be in Afghanistan. There is no way I am letting that girl spend the holiday by herself. The other is one of Felicia's besties (as she puts it). Rolland still attends Truman but is heading to Chicago to spend time with my girl. Then they are coming here for Thanksgiving. He is from Alaska, it is an expensive and long trip for a short holiday. So he is spending it with us.

Devin's mood is still ......... grumpy, disregarding, and self serving. This makes crazy holidays a bit harder to handle and the stress level in the house in building up. You can feel it. Mikayla does not help any situation either. She adds to it. Picking arguments with Devin, telling us how WE should handle him, and telling us what SHE will and will not do, and demanding things (rides, cell phone and such). Still wondering what we did so well with Felicia and not with these two. Keep your fingers crossed that an emotional bomb doesn't go off.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Today I woke up with the desire to cook. And not the heat something up kind of cooking. I mean make the mess in your kitchen and yourself kind of cooking.

I went to the grocery store and loaded up on some major food. So for this evenings dinner I will be serving pan seared scallops in a white Parmesan cream sauce served on a bed of angel hair pasta and sprinkled with bacon. A Cesar salad and garlic cheese bread. For desert we are having angel food cake covered with blackberries and strawberries and topped with whipped cream.

Now I had to invite some friends over because my kids will never eat what I have made and I made A LOT. And this particular meal is not good as a left over.


PS Just a little thought..................I cannot wait until Devin turns 18, graduates from school, and moves on. Sad but true.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Today MD is supposed to be coming home from North Carolina. I can not explain in words how I feel about this. But giddy will do.

Maybe now I will sleep ALL NIGHT. This getting up in the wee hours of the morning is for the birds.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just another day


MD is out of town for work in North Carolina. He is there until Thursday. Last night was hard to sleep without him. Then just when I was kicking the REMs the phone rings.

1 AM!! And of course it is for the child that does not even live here anymore. The boy apologized and said this was the last number he had for her, that he was a friend from high school. I said she lives in Chicago now I can't remember her cell number as I was sleeping and he can FaceBook her to get in touch with her, then hung up. It took what felt like forever before I was able to go back to sleep.

The kids have actually, so far, been tolerable. Actually Devin has a GIRL over tonight. So far she seems to be a good influence (on this only time will tell). He has been in a very good mood and playful. Even sat to dinner with me (and the girl), then he cleared dinner dishes.

Mikayla is not talking to me because I took her cell phone for the F's she received on class work last week. Devin has yet to surrender his phone due to his F's but I am not pushing it until the girl leaves.

I hope tonight I can sleep better, I hate it when MD is gone. His snoring has become my white noise. Cannot believe I actually miss it.

Heavy Sigh....................

Monday, November 15, 2010

Friday was a wild roller coaster ride. Wind in your hair can't catch your breath whip lash ride. The day started out quite, peaceful, and just me time. Got into reading/finishing a book I had just started (Fallen). About 11:30 ish we took off for the requested DRUG TEST. We have never had to do this before and we are only doing it now because 1. his grouchy attitude 2. his constant disregard for rules and 3. he flat out admitted to Ms. Probation Office that he has in fact partaken in smoking pot.

After which we headed to his meeting with Ms. Probation Officer. We go into their "chat" rooms. The chat started off well. Then WHAM it dropped, whip lashed you around a corner while dropping 100 miles an hour. I became the worst parent in the world of parents. Ms. Probation Office got mad, so much so that she swore. Now this is the most patient soft spoken lady I have ever met. And to see her get angry with him. I WAS GLAD TO SEE IT. But with him blaming me for all his woes and the end of the world, I was done. Got up and walked out. Left him there to face his music on his own.

Oh and his drug test was negative.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I wanted to post something, anything. Seeing how it usually helps clear my head out. But as I sit here staring at the screen trying to put in writing something about my day I come up blank. Don't get me wrong, I am in constant motion. Getting up at the wee hours of 5am and on the go until I drop back into my bed around 10pm. Just nothing interesting, or at least I am not thinking so. You know what I mean?

For instance today: Actually woke at 4am, probably because I was hot as hell (wonderful early menopause I guess). Fall back asleep after kicking off all the covers. Then at 5:30 MD wakes me asking WHAT I was dreaming about. He stated that I was enjoying myself quite a bit and making noises and talking. I said well if I was talking then you should KNOW what I was dreaming. He just laughed at me and rolled over. What a butt head. Oh wait I guess I could have gone into what I was dreaming about. Would have made for interesting material for sure. But probably quite embarrassing on my part. Gotta watch what books I am reading that's for sure. They are starting to leave subconscious impressions.

Finally getting up at 5:45 to get the kids up for school. Then head to the kitchen, clean up last nights dishes, smoke (yes I do), get kids up again, straighten living room, get Devin his meds and usually get him up again, then hustle them out the door Devin at 6:15 for the bus and Mikayla at 6:45 for her ride (she refuses to ride the bus when she has friends that drive). Then I hustle to the shower and get ready for work, getting me out the door by 7:30. Work from 8 to 5 (usually no lunch). Stop at store on the way home for milk and whatever I feel like making for dinner that night. Get home, search out kids, ask about chores, homework and what nots. Get dinner going, help with homework. Taxi whomever I need too to wherever they need to go. Try to hit the treadmill for 1/2 hour (yea not usually happening). Also try to hide and read for a spell. Go to bed.

Yep that is my life pretty much everyday. Boring right?

Though tomorrow I may have some interesting news. Devin and I have a couple of places we need to visit. He is NOT looking forward to them but we were told it is required. Will let you all know how THAT goes tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010



- The act of coming to a decision or of fixing or setting a purpose.
- Ascertainment, as after observation or investigation
- the settlement of a dispute, questions, etc as by authoritative decision
- the decision or settlement arrived at or pronounced
I guess you get the idea.

One of the “NEW HOUSE RULES” is the cell phone would be taken away a day for every F received on an assignment. That went for both Mikayla and Devin. I informed them that every Monday I would check the parent portal (we can see all kinds of things going on with this school-parent web access) and review the last weeks grades received. If any F’s were received then I would get the phone.

Mikayla has had a HUGE problem with particular rule. Sad thing is when I started the rule she had no F’s. Then the next week she received one, the following was two, and then this Monday when I checked she had 3. Trying to prove something????

Monday night I presented the printouts of her grades. She stammered this is stupid, why am I being so mean, Devin blab la blab la. I told her it is what it is and she could not argue with me. She was warned and the grades were in her hands, "hand over the phone".

WELL………this afternoon I received a call from my youngest child. She explained that one of the F’s were extra credit. I said it did not matter WHAT it was for, the grade was recorded and went against her final grade therefore it could not have been “extra credit”. She stated that the teacher is emailing me regarding this grade and that the web site WILL BE corrected. She then proceeded to another F stating that it was NOW a score of 15 out of 15 and therefore an A.
She then went on saying that she wanted her phone back and that I needed to stop this silliness with the F’s. I laughed and told her that it is not I that she should be upset with. She needs to stay on top of her teachers and let them know that I am checking regularly. She stated she did just that and repeated “I want my phone back”.

Holy crap the kid went after her teachers! I defiantly am raising them to stand up for themselves and do right……at least the girls that is. Or maybe I am raising Debaters or Lawyers. Definitely not going to get walked over.
Just goes to show:

Friday, November 05, 2010

A Gremlin Lives in My House

What a whirl wind week. Devin FREAKS out because his girlfriend breaks up with him. That I think he could have dealt with except it was because the "made out" with one of his friends at a party. That is what really made him mad.

So huge fits were thrown, threats of going out to fight with this friend. THANK THE GODDESS he just went on Facebook a swore like a sailor and complained about life. I will take that form of venting over destroying any part of my house and property which he is so known for when he gets that upset.

Then today his probation officer shown up at school for one of their meetings. He found out that I held up my threat. He didn't seem that upset.. Yes that would be weird he is always upset when I talk to his probation officer. When I arrived home from work I was anticipating a huge yelling match. When I opened the door I got nothing at all what I expected. He CALMLY talked with me about what they discussed. Told me how scared he was. That he knows he messed up over the weekend. But he told me Sunday night that he was going to be better and he meant it (which actually this week he HAS been pretty good). We talked I mean talked.

About an hour later he came up to me discussing math and how easy it has been and how he is going to ace this upcoming test. Then asked if I would take him to the school football game. When I dropped him off he walked to my side of the car leaned in and said "come here and give me a hug". IN FRONT OF HIS FRIENDS EVEN. Then walking away he said "love you".

Now I would normally NEVER EVER complain about this. What mother would. I mean really this is always what I wanted from him. To do what was asked, do well at school, be considerate of his family. But this has rarely ever been something Devin has done. And when he has been like this he either has wanted something and/or never lasts more than a few days.

he even just now called to ask what he should do about a situation at the game. One of his friends got into some trouble with a police officer at the game. Devin said he walked away, but didn't know what he should do. I told him to either catch up with his sister or I could come pick him up. he chose his sister, and said that there was no way he was going back where his friend was, he didn't want to be associated with him. He can't afford to get in trouble.

So here I am loving the moment, and biting my nails waiting for the other shoe to fall.

Monday, November 01, 2010

The Boy Is Going To Learn the Hard Way

After Friday Nights adventures, Mikayla and Devin were both told that they were grounded. For a week. I will give Mikayla kudos as she pouted but threw no fits. And she refused to had out candy saying "I am not handing candy to the little monsters". Okay she WAS going to be one of those little monsters but whatever.

At dinner (which I ate cold with having to answer the door ever other minute) MD asked Mikayla why she was not out with her friends for Halloween. REALLY!!!??? She replied, um dad I am grounded, remember. He just looked at me and said really it's Halloween.

I am now totally dumbfounded. He is the one who said they were grounded! Anyway, he told her that she could go if she still wanted. I then mentioned that he has to let Devin go also. He said oh no. Again though his offences were worse I said you can't undo for one and not the other. At that point Mikayla informed us that Devin was gone and no longer at home. Again REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I verified her statement by checking the entire house for him. And yes he was gone! Little Shit! I went straight to the computer, pulled up facebook, found his girlfriend, and sent her a note: Girlfriend, please let Devin know I am calling Shae (probation officer)tomorrow, thanks, Devin's mom. (remember I took his cell phone away for poor grades)

Oh, yea that got a VERY quick response. He called (now I have girlfriends cell number ha ha) and tried explaining that they were just trick r treating. I repeated the fact I said they were grounded. He PROMISED not to be home past his curfew. At this point I was mad, and when I am really mad I usually just say whatever is in my head. So I just called him a liar, and that he has to now deal with his own consequences. He started pleading at that point and I hung up. He called back and pleaded some more and I hung up. He couldn't have been that worried, or maybe he just figured that since he was in trouble anyway he might as well make the most of it. Because he didn't come hoe for another 2.5 hours at his curfew.

Yes I am going to speak with Probation Officer about what I can do with him. Of course I want to try to handle this on our own before she has to get further involved, because that is a road I really don't want to have to go down again. But he is going to have to learn he can not walk all over me anymore. Now I mean business, well I always have but he didn't believe it so now he will.

I informed him last night that he would be grounded a month. If he wants to see girlfriend (which is why he keeps leaving) then she needs to come here. He will get a job, he will not receive any more tardies at school, he will not receive any F's on assignments, he will do chores, he will stop cursing, he will jump threw any hoop I give him and not argue about it. He was soo scared that I was "turning him in" he agreed to everything. Tonight I will have him sign an agreement and let him know that Shae will also be signing it as a witness. Though I am sure she is going to have some amendments, which he is going to have to deal with.

I hate that we have become a Jail house, but I have been given no other options.