Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cleaning Out

Holiday decorations are down and put away.  The storage room has been cleaned out (mostly).  Going to do a few returns today as I didn't get Mikayla's pant size correct on the jeans she received for Christmas. 

Wanting to start the year "fresh" and "clean" and "rejuvenated" with no negative energies.  So this week is a clean out week.  A start fresh week.  Kind of feels good.

Now only to figure out how "clean up" other people's negative energies and I would be set.  That way their negative vibes don't intrude and taint my happy little world. 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Little Surprises are a good thing

As I posted earlier, I gave MD a hot tub for Christmas.  He has been wanting one since we moved and left our with the old house.  That has now been 7 years and I know he REALLY wanted one. 

Well yesterday I took him to the store so he could see exactly what he was getting and so I could put the deposit down.  We walked into the store and I took him straight back to the floor model.  When I got to it I stopped dead in my tracks.................it was $1,000 cheaper!   Oh, yea when my sales guy came over I mentioned the price difference.  He said it was for the floor model end of year close out.  Well, of course MD wanted the cheaper price, I wanted the colors I picked out.  So we compromised.  We picked out the BIGGER tub (in my colors) and it was still cheaper than the smaller tub I picked out.


Then after taking Felicia to the airport to go back to home we (and when I say we I meant I) decided to stop at the casino on the way home.   We won (and now when I we I meant MD) $500. 

Definitely a nice day of little surprises.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays

Wishing all of you the happiest of holidays and brightest New Year!

I hope you follow your dreams in 2011 and remember the power of positive thoughts and actions. Please step into the new year with dignity and integrity, and when you can choose love...always love...with your whole heart!

Blessed Be!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Don't Tell Me To Have Faith in My Kids - I Know My Kids

So this year my sister has offered/suggested/requested that we have Christmas at her house this year.  She wanted my family to join her at her church then go to dinner at her house. 
I replied to my sister that we would have no problem coming to her house for dinner but we would not be interested in attending her church. 

Now before anyone gets wind up their skirts let me give you a little background here.  My eldest is die hard Catholic.  I have been studying Wicca (my sister thinks I am going to hell) and the rest of my family has no desire to attend her church.

To this she didn't reply and for that matter stopped talking to me for about two weeks.  Then she emailed me a dinner menu and asked that we be there about 4:30.  Told her okay.  Then she said that she wanted everyone to play rob your neighbor.  I told her I would talk to the kids.  She got mad at me and said was was for everyone not just the kids.  Yea no way MD was going to get into that.  She texted my kids herself (of coarse they said fine) then emailed me back and told me I needed to have more faith in my kids.  They said they were up for it.  Well THAT was two weeks ago.

Today I am getting crabbed at by Devin because he doesn't want to go over there.  He said my sister said they were coming over to our house.  Mikayla threw a fit about going over soooo early then wanted to know how long we were staying.  And Felicia thought the whole rob your neighbor was silly with everyone playing.  Too much of an age difference. 

My response:  All of you told your Aunt you would play/wanted to play so you are playing.  So there!  Make me look like an idiot, oh no you won't.

Ha I think I know my kids....my kids are home bodies, well Devin is.  I also knew that they would all not want to play games as that means staying longer at their Aunt's house and longer before we get home to have our own celebrations.

They are all now hoping we get a ridiculous amount of snow so MD will not drive in it.  Yea I know my kids!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010






I am on vacation until Next Year!

I am going to put on my comfy sweats and keep them on for the next week and a half.  I am not answering my phone and I am letting the answering machine speak with all callers (because I know my boss and coworkers will call, they always do).  I am going to read all the books I just got stacked on the counter.  I am going to enjoy my kids watching them do their thing.  I am going to sit with my husband while we watch his football games(yes I will still be reading).

I am so looking forward to doing absolutely totally nothing and everything I want.

Happy Solstice!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

What a Cutie -- Do these come in my age???

Jodi and I just watched Carlie St. Cloud.  Was not a bad movie.  But what sticks with me the most ........... This kids eyes.  These things could stop traffic, at least in my opinion.

I just can't say it enough Absolutely beautiful eyes. Just Love them.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

You would all WISH you were standing at my house this evening when I got home.

We had a little ice accumulation last night that did not go away today.  When I got home from work this evening I noticed my driveway was as shinny as glass.  And that is saying something since I get home in the dark! 

I drove Monster Truck today since MD is in Kansas City for work.  Just so you know, Monster Truck is a big boy.  He is an F-150 that been lifted 4-inches and big 'ole tires put on him.  My co-workers tease me saying I need a ladder to get in it (sometimes I actually do).  Oh and it is so tall that the only way to get it in the garage is to back in otherwise you would hit the garage opening.

So I put this big bad boy in 4wheel high and start backing up the driveway, get almost to the garage and then do nothing but spin tires.  Once I let off the gas I just slide down the driveway.  I did this 5 times and every time I just slid back down the driveway.  So on the last try I put it in 4Wheel Lo and gun it backing up the driveway.  That time I FINALLY got into the garage.  Now I had to get the darn thing straightened out so MD could "try" to get the car in when he gets home this evening.  Sooooo back and forth I went until I got it straight enough on my side of the garage.

I went to the mailbox to get the mail and could NOT get back up the driveway to the garage.  I had to walk through the yard as not to fall and go through the front door.  Then I went and put fertilizer (we cant use salt on stamped concrete) on the driveway hoping some of the ice would melt.

Was comical from outside of the situation I am sure.

MD just got home, he couldn't make it into the garage either.  He tried 5 times and gave up and left it in the drive way.  And he laughed at me when I told him about my experience!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Today was a rough day for me.  Can't figure out why I am so grumpy about it.  It started before I even got out of bed, which in turn got Devin up late, which made him grumpy, which turns me grumpy.  So I took Devin to school and decided that since I was out anyway I went on into work early.

It was good for a while, but then it went down hill fast.  I work with a person that just crawls under my skin.  I try like crazy to get a long with this person.  Actually its more like avoid this person.  But today I could just scream.

I really dislike people who take advantage of a good thing.  Sit there all day barely doing any work then claiming a full weeks work plus overtime!

And my bosses don't do anything about it.  Yes they have been informed and don't seem to really care or at least they have not made a move to correct the behavior. 

At one time I figured if they were not going to do anything about it then why should I work so hard.  I tried to sit during the day and just read a book, surf the web, text on my cell, and just chat around the office.  I just could not keep it up.  I actually have work that I like getting done and doing a good job.

Luckily I have a few coworkers who know my moods and they take me outside for a smoke break.  Calm me down, make fun of me, and such.  Then we go back and I am better until she starts chatting again.

I need to develop a relaxation technique for work so I can get back into my "happy place" because other than her I really love my job and where I work.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just a Question

MD and I have been discussing weather or not we should invest in another new mattress.  It seems that his beloved pillow top mattress actually bites.  We have not had very many good nights sleep since he ran out and bought this "wonderful" new mattress.

We have thought about getting the sleep number bed.  Many friends have mentioned that they love theirs.  I am just not ready to sink that much money in another mattress so soon.

But this discussion brought up another question.

Do they still make water beds?  And do people still use them today?
The first snow of the year/season. Not enough yet to have fun but just enough to cause trouble.

But we here at the MD house never worry about snow as we have our monster truck. And it can go through just about everything.

MD and I have decided that after we have our big breakfast of bacon eggs and toast we will head out and go to the grocery store. Devin has drained us of milk and lunch meat again.

MD said something this morning about the kids getting up and shoveling the drive.....I said this is Missouri, it will probably be melted by this afternoon.

That is when we have trouble. The snow melts and temps drop again and our driveway turns back to ice. No amount of shoveling will help that.
Md and I went shopping today and finished up our Christmas shopping. And just in a nick of time, as we started home this evening it started snowing. Weather reports say we have a snow advisory tomorrow until Noon.

You know what that means................ all day curled up on the couch with a blanket and a book. I just got a bunch I ordered off Amazon delivered Friday. So I have plenty of reading material to keep me busy for a while.

I am so happy that it is snowing. I mean if I have to put up with the cold then I like it to be pretty.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

High Road is for the Birds

So s I have mentioned in a previous post that Mikayla had a little incident at school. She was in an argument with another student (friend) that resulted in the student taking a swing at her which she blocked. Student then swung at her again an ended up slapping Mikayla in the face.
Instinctively Mikayla threw her dink that was in her had at the student. And in doing so doused several other students. Both Mikayla and the student received 5 days out of school suspension. Okay fine school rules, you can't even retaliate or you get suspended. To not get suspended she would have had to stand there and take it, or try to walk away and still take it.
Today was Mikayla's first day back. I received an email from her principle and this is how our discussion went:

Principle: I just met with Mikayla about the total for the clothes. She will need to pay $192.40 for two pairs of boots, some sweaters and some leggings (they were all light colored clothing). I asked that she bring it to me next Monday, or by next Wednesday at the latest. I told her it would be best that she bring cash, as I did not want you all to spend extra money on money orders, nor did I want your name on a check going to another family.

ME: I want the clothes that she supposedly ruined before I pay for them. If you don’t mind. If they don’t want to give them up I don’t want to pay for them. I don’t mean to sound snotty about this, but if the girls are going to stand around and encourage the dispute that was going on between Mikayla and Student then I don’t see why Mikayla or rather I have to pay for ruined items. But I understand your position. Therefore I want the clothes before I give up the cash.

Principle: Would it be okay if I gave the other parent your phone number (let me know which one) so that you can discuss this?

ME: I would rather they did not have it. If they are claiming their clothes are ruined and cannot be worn and are wanted retribution for them, they should have no problem giving them to you. After you have received them I will give you the money to hand out.

And I was wondering, where did the amount of $192 come from?

Principle: Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to get those items for you. Two building administrators (one of whom was Mr. Head Principle) determined the items were ruined. The two who had clothing items ruined were innocent bystanders who had their backs turned to the entire incident; in fact, they actually saw nothing that had occurred. The girls’ clothes were covered down their backs and the sides of their legs, and both of their boots were covered on the sides and backs in hot chocolate. The $192.40 comes from the information for the clothing for the two girls (one was an outfit that had just been purchased; the total also includes replacement costs for both girls’ boots). Because restitution is part of the suspension, if Mikayla does not pay the fine by next Wednesday, she will be added to the fine list.

My question is really? I have to pay for clothes that the school determined was ruined and did not even bother to get cleaned but will not let me have even at the exurbanite amount?

Oh and being on the fine list means you don't get report cards or if you are a senior you don't get to graduate.

Anyone who has any legal background I would love to know if I have any ground on which to stand?
I don't have a problem paying for the ruined clothes I just want the clothes.

An acquaintance told me to let them know I will be filing a claim in small claims, that way they would have to bring the clothes. I just don't know. What I do know is I am really erked!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Today Devin has his quarterly appointment with his neurologist. First my question is......Why do doctor offices schedule you for 9am but you don't even get to a little room until 9:45? I mean really like I have nothing else to do....I did have to take off work and my child is missing school.

Anyway Devin is now officially 5'11.5" tall and 126 lbs. The kid weighs less than I do and he is 6 inches taller! Doc had us sit after taking measurements and tested reflexes. He asked questions

Question number one (as always) how have been things going
Devin: Now, okay I guess.
Dr.: What do you mean now? Did you have problems before
Devin: Just school drama.
Dr.: What do you mean drama
Devin: People fighting, acting stupid, other people arguing and such. My school has too much drama going on.
Dr.: Are you fighting
Devin: No, well not at school. (me thinking UGH
Dr: How are your grades? How is your behavior going at school
Devin: Eh grades have been better. Attitude is fine
Me: no his grades are not fine, first quarter they were all As, Bs, and Cs. Now they are Cs, Ds, and Fs. His "attitude" is argumentative to say the least.
Dr: Is he taking his ADHD meds and the Behavior meds
Me: Yes and it is when he started back on ADHD meds his mood and grades plummeted

Dr then asked what time is Devin going to bed, Devin answered midnight to 1. Dr. wanted to then know when he got up. I told him I start attempting on getting him up at 5:30 am and he finally flies out of bed at 6am and runs out the door at 6:19 for the bus. Dr wanted to know what time he got up on the weekends. I said anywhere from 10 to 2pm. Dr seems to think a lot of Devin's "problems" are lack of sleep. Said we need re re-train his sleeping habits. Dr also mentioned that even though Devin thinks he needs the ADHD meds he believes that they are not helping and in fact are another thing adding to his "grumpiness". He now wants to try this sleeping aid. I said that Devin has been on sleeping aids before. They got hi to sleep but never stayed. Dr. said we are trying a new med, this will help him get to sleep and stay asleep. So of course I asked what it was going to be like trying to actually get him up. Dr explained that if Devin got enough sleep it should be no problem (after a while) on getting up on time

UGH more med changes, and in 30 days he wants to possible adjust. Then after we get his sleep patters they way they should be he will ADD ANOTHER medication for his "attention" problem. How many drugs does this kid have to take?

Wondering if I can find herbal alternatives to help Devin so he does not have to take so many meds. Off to the wonderful Internet knowledge search.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Brrr it is cold here!

Weather report told from the St. Louis Zoo.

Baby it's cold outside!
Current Temp 24 (with wind chill 16)
High today 31
Low today 16
But I am wondering if the cold really caused his condition (tee hee)?

Tis that time of year

Blessed Be and Hello!

It is that time of year that I get stressed over what to get who and who to get what. This year I am falling behind again. Well sort of. MD is done, not only is his Christmas present bought but it should cover his birthday as well (seeing how I am going to be paying for it all 2011). Felicia is completed as of today! And my parents....well I am 1/2 way there.

Devin and Mikayla have been no help and are proving difficult this year. Although they gave me a few clothing ideas. But since I said no electronics for them this year (they have way too many now) they said they have no idea what else it is they are wanting. That right there shows that we give them too much all year long.

This writing everyday is getting hard.....not sure I have anything else to offer up. So until tomorrow.......... here is hoping everyone stays warm and healthy.

Sunday, December 05, 2010


MD's new play toy and consumer of his time and money is a 1988 Suzuki Samuri. For anyone who does not know what that is, it is a type of jeep looking vehicle.

No it is probably not worth all the money he is putting into it, but for some reason he had to have it. And Mikayla is dying to drive it.

He was coming home from a job one day saw it parked in some one's yard so he stopped. Negotiated a price and brought it home. When I came home and never even saw it parked in the garage. Devin enjoyed making fun of me for that. I know, how observant am I? But you have to understand, MD had TONS of stuff in our garage. So much so that we can barely park 2 cars in our 3 car garage! And right now no cars get in. Besides Mikayla was with me when I got home and she too walked right past it and didn't even notice it either.

See what I mean??

And he "cleaned" the garage before he brought SAM I AM in. What's with the SAM I AM you ask? Mikayla named it right after he brought it home. They have been trying to get some version of the name for personalized plates. Goobers both of them.

Jeff arrived bright an early Saturday morning around 8:30 AM, he didn't leave until 1 AM Sunday morning. And I think he is coming back over today. How they could spend all day in that garage and breathing in all those fumes is beyond me. I only saw them when they came in to eat (yes I was the good wife and prepared lunch and dinner for them).
Mikayla has tagged the jeep as hers. MD has already let her drive it around the neighborhood. (Ummmmm she is only 14 what was he thinking and it is a manual 5-speed transmission.) They banter back and forth all the time on weather or not she will get it when she is 16. MD tells her we do not purchase cars for the kids. We only Match what they have saved for a car. She said she will have no problem paying for SAM I AM(I would have called it POS I AM) when she is 16. Then with a flip of her head she turns to walk into the house, but as she gets to the door she turns and tells her father.............................. "Make sure you do a good job on my baby dad". And proceeds into the house. MD always laughs to himself and shakes his head when she does this. It is cute when they discuss SAM.

Devin said that IF anyone gets the car he should..he is older than Mikayla. Funny thing is, is that I think Mikayla will get her license before Devin does.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

I read somewhere that to "properly" Blog one should write something everyday. It could be anything at all but just get into the habit of doing it everyday.

If I did that I think I would bore you all to death. But then again this is supposed to be like a journal right. What is going on in my life and how I feel. Right..... boring.

So here is my shot at writing today:

Today MD is working on SAM (his Suzuki, jeep thing), his latest toy. Devin is still asleep and Mikayla is still at a friends for a sleep over.

I am reading, trying to learn more of Wicca and it is incredibly interesting. I have found that most of the beliefs are the same as mine. I do not care for organized religion. Every time I have gone in the past I feel as if I am being judged and lectured. "Do as I say not as I do". It has been pretty much how I felt about religion all of my adult life. The only reason MD and I got married in a Church is because that is what my father said we had to do if we wanted him to pay for our wedding. We wanted to get married on a beach at sunset. But at the time we could not afford to do ourselves. So church wedding it was. Next year is our 20th anniversary, we are going to go to a beach (we are thinking of Hawaii) and renewing our vows on a beach at sunset, as we had wanted to do in the first place. I can't wait.

Anyway, Wicca seems as it would be an easy "religion" to fall into, it is just that I cannot seem to find anyone else to talk to about it or ask questions locally. Postings I have read stated that Covens are still very secretive and sometimes difficult to locate and even harder to get into. So I am going about it as instructional still. Getting all info I can get my hands on.

Off for reading then some house chores. Oh and Brrrrrr it is cold outside winter has come with a tight grip.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Lessons Have Been Learned

Mikayla has learned a lesson the very hard way today. little back ground..................

I was just about to walk out the door to go to work this morning, and before I could get out the door Mikayla called. Stating I had her homework (which I did, it was her Bucket List project) and she needed it by first hour. So off I went to her school instead of to work. After all she didn't have her homework because of me.

I get to the school not 10 minutes later, call her on her cell and tell her I am out front. She said she was in the principals office and can't come out. I asked her why she was there and did I have to come in. She started crying saying someone hit her and yes I needed to come in.

So I go to Ms. Principles office, I know it well as Ms. Principle is/was Devin's and Felicia's principle also. I peak my head in and she smiles (remember we KNOW each other) and asks what's up? I stated that I was told Mikayla was here. She nodded and smiled asking if she was one of the "hot chocolate girls". Not understanding what that meant I told her I suppose so if that included a girl hitting a girl. She rose from her seat, explained to the person sitting in her office she needed to leave and walked toward me. As we both made our way out of her office we ran right into Devin. We both in stereo told Devin "go back to your class". He laughed and did just that.

Mikalya as you can tell was NOT in her principals office......she was in the BIG PRINCIPLES office. UGH that means you are in some serious trouble. Great. I am asked to sit in some chairs and wait........and wait.........and wait........and wait. Finally after what felt like forever but was actually only about 40 minutes I looked at my phone to check the time. I noticed Mikayla texted me asking me where I was. I replied I was in the chairs and asked where she was. That was when Ms. Principle came out and asked me back.

So apparently Mikayla and this girl have been having words for the past couple of days (according to cell texts and FB comments) and it all came to a head last night. Decisions were made that they were "meeting" up this morning to throw cuffs. Mikayla admitted as much. Then I was told that the girl threw first, Mikayla blocked it. Girl threw again and this time caught Mikayla and royally made her mad. She had her hot chocolate in her right hand (her dominate) and chucked it at her. Or I should say all over her. So Girl gets suspended because she threw first, Mikayla gets Suspended 5 days because she retaliated.

Only upside is that she said Mikayla gets to complete all missing work. So basically she will be home schooled for the next 5 days.

I am hoping that she learned that there are better ways to handle a person who is bullying a friend. But yet I am proud of her for standing up for her friend.