Thursday, February 24, 2011

I think I have lost my mind

Like I said in my previous post, I agreed to let Mikayla get her nose pierced while I got my tattoo.   All I keep thinking was.................


The needle kind of freaked her out a bit.

But she kept her smile on.

Even with that big ole needle sticking through her nose.

The last time she got her ears pierced she threw up.  Not this time.  She definitely was a trooper. 

It is barely noticeable so with that I am good.  And she paid for it and with that I am good too.  She would have never gotten it if she had not because I wasn't going to pay for it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Check another Thing Off the Bucket List!

I finally got my tattoo!   I have wanted to get a tattoo for years but never knew what exactly I wanted.  And with this being a VERY permanent thing I wanted to make sure I got what I wanted .  I knew I wanted M&Ms for the last few years just didn't know how I wanted them.

This is the drawing my tattoo artist came up with.  She combined several pictures I brought her.

(looks like I have goose bumps, quite the opposite I was sweating)

This is after she got done with the outline and shading.  At this point it was almost two hours on that table.  She could have stopped here and I think it would have looked good!  But no I wanted color.  So on to another hour on the table.

And here it is with color.  The big question (next to "what was I thinking") is why M&Ms?  Well Lets see MD and I have M's in our first name.  Green because that is my favorite color AND is the only girl in the bunch.  Yellow?  Well if you knew MD you would totally understand.  But mostly because he is my NUT.

Up close.  Love the detail!

So to answer other questions I have been asked:

Yes it hurt!  But I should clarify, the outline was not so bad.  It was more of an irritation.  That was the first hour!  The shading, that was uncomfortable.  And the longer she worked the more it hurt.

I was on the table for just under 3 hours, but was at the shop for 4 hours.  Made for a very long night.

I got the work done in Chesterfield at the St Louis Tattoo Company.  Chelsea is the name of the gal that did the work.  How I found her?  I work with her sister and I checked out her work before I actually chose her.  Plus her sister (the one I work with) has several tattoos that Chelsea did. 

Now just waiting for it too heal to see how it will really look.  I am told that the color will be much brighter when it is done healing.

P.S.  Stayed tuned for Mikayla's adventure with me that night.  She got her nose pierced.  I think I may be losing my mind, agreeing to such things.
So mark another item off my bucket list!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Strange Mood

Have you ever been in an unexplainable mood?  One where no matter what you did you were not satisfied and kept looking for something else.

Well that is me tonight.  MD is sitting with Mikayla watching Young Frankenstein.  I am trying to get into the movie, but I am bored.  Cleaned the kitchen and got bored.  Started laundry and got bored.  Played a video game, and yep you guessed it, I got bored.

Even sitting here trying to write this down, bored.  Serious thinking I am in need of some sunshine.  That should help get my mojo going and get me some energy.

Yep this picture pretty much explains how I feel.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Hallmark Holiday

Yes, as we gratefully leave the frigid cold of January behind, we embrace the month of love…which, for my old & newly single friends, leaves a frigid cold place their hearts. And they are quick to tell you what a crappy day it is.  I personally have no use for this particular holiday.  I enforce the no gift giving rule with MD (and he rarely listens).  And as V-day creeps closer and closer with each passing day, I dread it more and more.

Everywhere I go I am reminded of the impending doom. watching TV and listening to the radio I see and hear what seems like hundreds of people telling me and my significant other that it is expected of us to BUY something for that special someone.  Really?  Does a cluster of cold diamonds on a chain really say I love you and I am there for you and always will ?  Or better yet a $50 - $100 bouquet of roses that die within days really say "Hey your are my number 1"?   Not in my book, and there are better ways to spend/save that money.

The pressure of the media to buy buy buy drives me absolutely crazy.  Really are we as a society not in debt enough with everything else that we are pressured to buy?

Can someone pass me some chocolate and shoot the cupid?!

I have no idea where this irrational fear of V-day came from. It was never a holiday that I got all excited for, but I enjoyed it as much as the next person. If nothing else, I always loved the fact that I had someone around who would buy me all that stuff if I so desired and wait with me for two hours to get a table at a restaurant to eat.

MD felt the NEED to buy me something, the little turd.  I came home to a card (with his beloved wiener dogs on it) and a bag of Hershey kisses and a monster Hershey bar.  He said he knew these were my favorite candy and he HAD to get me something.  I smiled, laughed, and then kissed the top of his head and told him to get out of the house (he was getting ready to go to the hockey game). 

So here I sit in an empty house (no I have no idea where my kids are) on the couch with a huge bag of kisses.  I guess it is a good day after all.

Oh, hold that thought Devin just walked in.  So much for the quiet part.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

So that was weird

This past Monday MD & I had to head to the Juvenal Court for a meeting with Ms. Probation Officer.  She wanted to discuss getting Devin off of probation.  I believe Devin knew this was coming and has been on his BEST behavior lately.  He has not argued about anything we have asked.  He has even gone out to eat with MD and I (that is if Mikayla didn't go).  He has texted me if he was not going to be home when I got home.  He has gotten home BEFORE his curfew.  He has even texted asking what chores he needed to do before I got home.


This pattern has not changed since he has been released off probation.  He did ask what he "new" curfew would be.  I told him and he has not complained once.  He has not even asked to stay out later, not once.

Just WEIRD I am telling ya.

Md and I are wondering if it is just a case of getting "the monkey off your back" syndrome or what.  But what ever it is I sincerely hope he keeps his nose clean and out of trouble.

Oh, these pictures are some his friend took while they were playing in the woods behind our house.  I never even knew there was an abandoned car back there!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Done with a Lot of things

Okay I have made a new list (yes I am a list person).  Things I am done with:

1.  So done with the cold

2.  Done with snow

3.  Done with feeling lazy (because it is so cold out)

4.  Extremely done with this sprang ankle. 

I need some sunshine and warm weather.  Something to motivate me off this couch.  Come on March lets get February over with!

Okay now I feel better, maybe I will go tanning also.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

In Need of Time Travel

We are ice/snowed in.  And how I wish I could get out.  We have not been all in the house for more than 24 hours and the bickering has already begun.   I have to thank the boy for that.  I wish I could figure out why he is angry all the time.  Even when he gets his way or what he wants he is just down right mean.  Yesterday all that would leave his mouth was foul language toward MD and I and his sister.  When asked to turn off the video last night he threw a fit.  Yes a real live 2 year old temper tantrum.  He was informed that he would not be allowed on it today if he kept it up.  Well that just made him worse.
This morning before he got up I took the power cords.  So when he got up (already crabby) we informed him there would be no video games.  That started the arguing, swearing, and trashing of his room.  He has kept up the meanness for over an hour now. 

I wish I could travel forward in time to see how this young man turns out.  To see if everything we have tried to do and have put up with was worth all this grief.  Because at this very moment I don't see how it could.  Part of me wants to just beg his probation officer to find somewhere else for him.  He is wearing on our last threads of sanity, to the point that he gets everyone in the house on edge with everyone else.

And we are looking at being stuck together for days under the same roof with no escape.  I am not looking forward to this at all.

He is now talking on the phone, we hear him discussing WALKING somewhere.  Really there is a blizzard out there.  To stop him or not to stop him.  When will he learn and grow up?  I know he is going to call and want me to drive in this mess (as if I could) to pick him up from where ever is. 

Oh Calgon take me away.