Monday, February 14, 2011

A Hallmark Holiday

Yes, as we gratefully leave the frigid cold of January behind, we embrace the month of love…which, for my old & newly single friends, leaves a frigid cold place their hearts. And they are quick to tell you what a crappy day it is.  I personally have no use for this particular holiday.  I enforce the no gift giving rule with MD (and he rarely listens).  And as V-day creeps closer and closer with each passing day, I dread it more and more.

Everywhere I go I am reminded of the impending doom. watching TV and listening to the radio I see and hear what seems like hundreds of people telling me and my significant other that it is expected of us to BUY something for that special someone.  Really?  Does a cluster of cold diamonds on a chain really say I love you and I am there for you and always will ?  Or better yet a $50 - $100 bouquet of roses that die within days really say "Hey your are my number 1"?   Not in my book, and there are better ways to spend/save that money.

The pressure of the media to buy buy buy drives me absolutely crazy.  Really are we as a society not in debt enough with everything else that we are pressured to buy?

Can someone pass me some chocolate and shoot the cupid?!

I have no idea where this irrational fear of V-day came from. It was never a holiday that I got all excited for, but I enjoyed it as much as the next person. If nothing else, I always loved the fact that I had someone around who would buy me all that stuff if I so desired and wait with me for two hours to get a table at a restaurant to eat.

MD felt the NEED to buy me something, the little turd.  I came home to a card (with his beloved wiener dogs on it) and a bag of Hershey kisses and a monster Hershey bar.  He said he knew these were my favorite candy and he HAD to get me something.  I smiled, laughed, and then kissed the top of his head and told him to get out of the house (he was getting ready to go to the hockey game). 

So here I sit in an empty house (no I have no idea where my kids are) on the couch with a huge bag of kisses.  I guess it is a good day after all.

Oh, hold that thought Devin just walked in.  So much for the quiet part.

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Bia said...

it sounds as if, despite your best efforts to run away from Valentine's day, it found you. that's not such a bad thing, is it?