Saturday, February 12, 2011

So that was weird

This past Monday MD & I had to head to the Juvenal Court for a meeting with Ms. Probation Officer.  She wanted to discuss getting Devin off of probation.  I believe Devin knew this was coming and has been on his BEST behavior lately.  He has not argued about anything we have asked.  He has even gone out to eat with MD and I (that is if Mikayla didn't go).  He has texted me if he was not going to be home when I got home.  He has gotten home BEFORE his curfew.  He has even texted asking what chores he needed to do before I got home.


This pattern has not changed since he has been released off probation.  He did ask what he "new" curfew would be.  I told him and he has not complained once.  He has not even asked to stay out later, not once.

Just WEIRD I am telling ya.

Md and I are wondering if it is just a case of getting "the monkey off your back" syndrome or what.  But what ever it is I sincerely hope he keeps his nose clean and out of trouble.

Oh, these pictures are some his friend took while they were playing in the woods behind our house.  I never even knew there was an abandoned car back there!

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