Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Little ADHD Going on Here

I know my post go all over the place.  I start on one topic and ramble onto another.  Well, I guess I get distracted easy.  Or maybe I am just a too tired to keep dwelling on things.  Anyway this post is about food.

I get into the mood to cook a lot but only seem to have the time to do it on the weekends.  A couple of weekends ago I made a beef brisket.  And if I say so my self......................... it was amazing.

This was after browning both sides. 

MD was in heaven when he walked and smelled this cooking in the kitchen.  He LOVES mushrooms and onions.

If I remember correctly Dad was in town, he even got to be my Guinea pig.  I also made a creamed spinach as a companion dish (also made from scratch and never made before).    MD sometimes worries when I go after new recipes.  that we have never even seen made before.  But this time it actually turned great.

Tonight's dinner nothing fancy just a pork loin.  Today also marks the re-start of couponing.  I have a friend that started recently and is saving a incredible amount of money.  I haven't done it in years.  And yes it takes a lot of time preparing if you want to save some real money.  I will let you know how it goes, but for now I am off to scour sale adds and search for on-line coupons.


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Dibs said...

We must be under the same star or something -- I just started doing more cooking and went back to my coupons. Yours looks yummier than mine, though :)