Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Dooms Day'er

I get a text from my son (yes I gave him back his cell temporarily) yesterday out of the blue.  Our conversation went like this:

Devin:  Nulear war starts augest 2end (No I am not correcting his horrible spelling)

Me:  What is that?  (thinking he is speaking of a movie or music group) and are you bringing home my money? (that he "borrowed" from me)

Devin:  China is threting the us with nukes because the national debt is tooo high and the greece stock market failed so there rioting alot over ther and then another nuke lab leaked or something aka world is ending

Me:  How about my money

Devin:  Ill talk to u when i get home.  (He never did come home)

I think the boy should NEVER watch the news.  He only picks up on the bad and negative reports.  There was one day not too long ago that they were predicting to be the end of days.  He was totally freaked out and upset. 

And he still swears that the Mians have called the End of he world right. 

 Maybe that is why he has decided to stop going to school, drop out of the "functioning" population and just do what ever the he$$ he decides he wants to do.

These news reports, gossips are not doing his personality disorder any favors.  It takes weeks for me to get him re-regulated after he gets this way. 


Leslie said...

Ugh. Just, ugh.

Dread Pirate Davi said...

And people worry about kids having access to violent video games and movies. =/ Like Cher said in the movie Clueless, "Until there's world peace, don't take away our entertainment!" Or something like that. (I really don't know why I'm quoting that movie. I understand if this makes you cringe.)

PS, totally yanking some books from your montage over on the right.