Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Hi its me again

First off I have to share a picture of a friends little guy!  Isn't he just adorable???!!!  Usually this little cutie pie has the most serious looks.  I was too excited to see they got this picture of him smiling!

Okay now a picture of my baby!  Mikayla has had a great year in school, her 3rd art show, and she now has her first job.  She has been borrowing (stealing) my camera to take pictures of EVERYTHING. 

And of course she takes them of me too.  (insert sad face here). 

Do I look stressed?  I am feeling stressed.

Let me introduce you to what/who has spiked my stress levels

Background:  A couple months ago Devin was sneaking (Felicia said it was not sneaking he was just leaving) out and I  requested from his probation officer that she put him on house arrest.  That way he couldn't just come and go at will.  What she did was release him off probation.  I told her that if she did that she was just giving him free reign to do what he wished with no repercussion.  She released him anyway.

Soooo since then he started doing poorly in school, fighting with us more about everything, starting hanging out with the "wrong crowd" again.  He recently decided that since he was failing 5 of 7 classes he was done with school and started not going.  Then he turned 17.  And a week later he decided he was done with school.  The daily calls from school were getting old and interrupting.  I finally told the school that if he was not at school and I did not call then he was truant.  Next Memorial Day came and Devin decided to pick yet another fight.  Then he left and didn't bother to come home for 6 days.  Then came home for one night then left again for 3 days.  And that is just part of my stress.

We are now the Parent Inn. 

At least he got a hair cut.

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Dread Pirate Davi said...

On a more positive note, Mikayla looks just like you (aside from the blond hair).


(My word verification is "screw". Haha.)