Thursday, June 09, 2011

It's Thursday ......... We are closed

Holy crap what a day!  First off Mike is feeling under the weather.  What started out as allergies in the beginning of spring has now turned into throbbing sinus blockage that is trying to turn into a sinus infection.  Mr. Mike has an ad version to doctors so I herded him toward the Walgreen's Nurse Practitioner.  She gave him a plefera of medications and sent us on our way.  BUT not before lecturing him about getting a sleep study done (which of course he will never do). 

And of course all his stuffiness and coughing kept me up most of the night.  Enter 6 am!  I am dead dog tired. Upside, school is out so there is no need to attempt to get the kids (kid) up and ready for school.  So there is only me to get motivated to get a move on.  Made it to work only 10 minutes late, but 2 hours before the boss decided to show up!

It was just Nipa and I today.  The other two admins were out of the office one sick and the other out in the field.  We had a wonderfully productive day.  It was 5 o'clock before I knew it.  A coworker who also owns a lawn service company (seems we all have our own side companies) brought back my mower I had him do some work on had it in the back of his truck.  He was still out in the field on a job site.  So I coerced another coworker to assist me in putting it in the back of my truck, and left an envelope of money on Neil's desk for payment of the repairs to my beloved mower (I dislike Mike's riding mower and refuse to use it).  I should have had enough foresight to make sure I had someone at home to help unload the darn thing though.

Of course traffic was not cooperating this evening and I only have 7 miles from work to home.  Tonight it took over 30 minutes to make that short jaunt.  Finally get home, unload the mower (by myself), dash in the house, chug some water, change into workout clothes, and head off to the gym to meet with Taylor (my new trainer since Tommy left).  Again I was late.  Meh

The workout tonight was great!  e did abs and chest and arms this evening.  All the areas I want addressed.    Then I leave there and get home to immediately start working on the monstrosity that is my front landscaping.  It seems that two of our trees want to grow a forest.  Their roots have shoots that grow like weeds and it seems that every two weeks I have 20 plus little trees in addition to the weeks I have to clean out.

Another upside Mikayla and her friends got another ride home from Six Flags and I didn't have to go get them. 

And now here I sit with Mike and his body aches watching a movie.  I am number 4.  Very productive day, whew.

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Laggin said...

Good to hear from you. Sounds like it's all going ok?