Tuesday, September 27, 2011


First off, I did it.  I am signed up for the Warrior Dash October 15th in Old Monroe Missouri (no I have no clue where that is, I have to follow a friend).  I am hoping that I survive or rather that my ankle survives.

Second, for those curious minds.  Yes Devin has officially QUIT school.  Or rather I should say the school has officially kicked him out for missing so many days.  That I believe was his end goal so he could say they kicked him out, he didn't quit.

What is he doing now you ask (as does anyone who asks about Devin)?  Absolutely nothing.  Stays out all night with his friends, sleeps all day, doesn't work, doesn't help around the house (unless it is to occasionally mow the yard).  Walks around like he owns the joint or runs the place (whichever way you want to look at it). 

What am I doing about it?  Pretty much nothing.  I can do nothing.  And before you go on about how I can force him to ..........  blah blah blah.  You are wrong.  I know this because I have checked with hospitals, clinics, Youth in Need, and the Police.  There is absolutely nothing I can do.   

How is that possible you ask.  Simple he is 17.

What difference does that make you ask.  Again Simple..... they call it the grey area for a teen.  If he were 16 I could enforce rules upon him.  If he was 18 I could kick him out.  But no, he is 17 and at 17 you can:

- Quit school without your parents permission
- Come and go from the home at his leisure (no curfew enforceable)
- Leave home for weeks at a time, but you HAVE to let them back should they choose too do so.
- Get into financial trouble and YOU still have to flip the bill.
- Get into legal trouble and the powers that be hold YOU financially and personally responsible.

His days are numbered.  for his 18th Birthday I am planning to place all his belongings on the front porch, have all the locks changed, and pay a police office to sit there and explain to him how things will change for him.

Okay so maybe I will maybe I won't do that.  But right now, with they way he is acting.  I plan on it.

Mikayla has serious attitude issues when it comes to dealing with said brother.  She is upset with me because I "LET" him stay home from school, and "LET" him come home whenever he wants. 

Just another day in the neighborhood.

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Leslie said...

Yup...it's really hard on the siblings too. :(