Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Thursday.....We're Closed

I am sitting here at work board out of my mind. It is a slow time here for us currently. I should be thankful because within the next month I will be so busy my head will spin and be wishing for this slow time again. Aw who am I kidding; if it is not stressed out going crazy around here I am not happy and get easily distracted.

My work quality and production is much better when it is crazy around here. When it is slower I tend to get distracted easily…………….like sitting here writing a post and getting lost in my headphones listening to Pandora. LOL

I also snack quite a bit more. Currently I am polishing of an apple and caramel-dip. Nom nom nom! I actually have just finished the apple and am now doing the most childish act. Licking the container of caramel, and no caring who is seeing me do it. Marzetti’s is the best tasting that I have found. That is next to melting Kraft squares that is.

Well that is my day in a nut shell.  now I am off to the fridge to get my carrots and vegi dip. 

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