Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Girl Who Plays Dress Up

Felicia LOVES dressing up, always has.  Since she could crawl she would put "things" on to play dress up. 
Even now that she is older the habit has not changed. 
Needless to say she loves Halloween.  It's a "grown up" excuse to play dress up.

This year, as you can tell, she was Black Swan.  The reason for this particular outfit?

She wanted to use some of her lingerie that she has accumulated from Fredricks. 

not sure if I am mortified or not, but a great costume none the less.

1 comment:

Dibs said...

If I could look like that, I'd dress like the Black Swan for Halloween, too!

She looks beautiful. I've done lots of theater in my life, and savor the joy of dressing up like somebody else and stepping out of my own persona for a little. I hope she had fun.