Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Dooms Day'er

I get a text from my son (yes I gave him back his cell temporarily) yesterday out of the blue.  Our conversation went like this:

Devin:  Nulear war starts augest 2end (No I am not correcting his horrible spelling)

Me:  What is that?  (thinking he is speaking of a movie or music group) and are you bringing home my money? (that he "borrowed" from me)

Devin:  China is threting the us with nukes because the national debt is tooo high and the greece stock market failed so there rioting alot over ther and then another nuke lab leaked or something aka world is ending

Me:  How about my money

Devin:  Ill talk to u when i get home.  (He never did come home)

I think the boy should NEVER watch the news.  He only picks up on the bad and negative reports.  There was one day not too long ago that they were predicting to be the end of days.  He was totally freaked out and upset. 

And he still swears that the Mians have called the End of he world right. 

 Maybe that is why he has decided to stop going to school, drop out of the "functioning" population and just do what ever the he$$ he decides he wants to do.

These news reports, gossips are not doing his personality disorder any favors.  It takes weeks for me to get him re-regulated after he gets this way. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mulch Mulch Mulch

I am going to have the arms of a wrestler by the end of the week!  Mike and I have been putting mulch on ALL the landscaping.  And I am now realizing that I may have over landscaped my yard.  Gracious! 

We just emptied the truck for the third time this week and we are still not done.  And when I say empty, I mean we shovel the mulch into 5 gallon buckets to carry around the house and dump where we want it. Then spread it around.   It does help a little that I park the truck in various places around the yard (let me tell ya I get some weird looks from the neighbors for doing this) so we don't have to walk that far.

So it looks like I will be stopping once again on the way home from work to pick up yet another truck load of mulch. 

Pictures to come when I am done and CLEAN.  Messy stuff Vern.

PS. And I have been still going to the gym for my normal work out.  I think I must be crazy. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Don't Be Fooled

  Look into this little face.

Adorable right?  Innocent, lovable?

Does tricks for treats, craves attention, graver of everyone else's attention.

Don't let her innocent looks deceive you!

She is a KILLER!

This little trouble maker defends her yard to the death.  By which I mean that stray animals beware.  Over the years the rabbits have learned to not have their nests in our yard.  Bailey will dig up (if she can find them) their nests and KILL all the babies.  Then she leaves the "parts" all over the yard (as if in warning).  Last spring was the first time we did not have baby rabbits in our back yard.

She has now taken her little aggressions out on baby birds.  Poor things that end up out of the nest but not just yet able to fly, finding themselves in our backyard, find that their lives are short lived.  Mike found a dead bird in the landscaping several days ago.  Not sure what was going on (Bailey had never gone after birds before) he flung the carcase over the fence.  Yesterday evening we saw another baby just sitting on the stone wall near the fence, trying to be as still as possible.  Mike asked if I knew what it was.  Told him a baby dove.  He then figured out what was going on and said Baily has decided to be the bird hunter.  This morning Baily was going through the plants and we caught her but not before she found the other baby bird.  I got Baily into the house, Mike went after the bird to see how badly Baily got it.  He never told me if it made it.

Baily's response, just prancing into the house licking her lips to wipe off the feathers stuck to her mussel.

Her nick name use to be rabbit killer, now we just call her Devil Dog Protector of Yards.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life is the messy bits

Yesterday I watched Love letters to Juliet.  Defiantly a chick flick but a decent one.  I mean I wouldn't go running out to the theater for it.  What I really like about it was for the great quotes you get from it.

My favorite of course was my post title.  Life is the messy bits.  It for some reason makes me be less stressed about situations at home.

I have adopted it as my mantra and when I start feeling stressed about goings on I calmly and quietly repeat to myself:

Life is the messy bits
Life is the messy bits
Life is the messy bits

See watching the "boob tube" is not all that bad or waste of time.  Cheers!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Holy Crap Pets are Expensive

This little guy is starting to cost quit a bit of money here lately.

A week ago we had our annual Vet visit (well actually it was 5 months late, I dislike going to the vet in the middle of winter).

First of all the poor guy is allergic to his rabies and distemper shots.  Starts puffing up like the stay puff marshmallow man.  That of which requires several steroid shots before and after then several days of steroids.  Then add in a 6 month supply of heart worm/flea & tick treatments for both dogs and the costs of their annual physicals, nail clipping and gland emptying.  Total for that trip $545.

Fast forward a week, just a week.  Now Budweiser has decided to get a nasty bladder infection.  We of course did not know this at first.  First we thought he had a hurt foot or something.  Then we noticed that his belly was really HARD.   Jump to yesterday and a friend comes over and steps on poor Buddy (she always steps on him every time she comes over) and he decides he is not going to walk any longer.

Today we tried to get him to go outside to the bathroom, had to carry him outside and put him in the grass (in the rain).  Nope he just sat there.  Just great.  After Mike went to a couple of meetings he called me to let me know he was on his way home.  I called the Vet got Buddy an appointment.  Mike and Mikayla took him in, got x-rays, blood work, a walk (they tried walking vs and enema).  Finally he relieved his bowls and bladder.  The x-rays showed that his bowls were seriously blocked and was his bladder.  We left him at the Vet for a while as they said they were going to give him an enema (which they decided to walk him instead).  When Mike got back there to pick him up they said that they tested his urine and that he has a bladder infection, they also think he may have hurt his back (common in Dachshunds) and gave Mike medicine for me to give him over the next week.  IF he is not better within the week we are to bring him back for another visit.

Today's total $300.  Guess the mulch is going to have to wait just a little longer.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Some Things Never Change

Felicia came home for a friends wedding this weekend.  It was great having her home and getting to actually see she is doing well.

The wedding was for a sorority sister which meant kids from all over came in town for it.  AND which meant we were hotel D. for the evening.  Mike of course was the cool dad and made them Bloody Mary drinks when he got home for their    "pre-reception party" and showed Felicia how to use the hot tub and fire place for the "after reception party".  He can never say no to her.

It was a stay in night for Mike and I as he is still sporting a nasty head cold.   So after I made dinner (baked cod in a lemon butter sauce and salads) we watched Drive Angry (not a movie I would highly recommend).  Mikayla and her boyfriend were out back in the hot tub (no worries we have security cameras all over the house and could watch them without going out there).  Devin even blessed us with his presence (he was eating non stop so I can only guess what state he was in). 

Then somewhere between 11 and 12 pm Felicia and her herd came home.   I had forgotten how loud drunk people are, especially 21 to 24 year old drunk people (Felicia was DD and started drinking again when she got home).  They headed off to the backyard when they heard Mikayla was back there with her boyfriend.  They wanted to do a "hand check".  

Ah poor Mikayla and Devin don't realize that they had gained more older sisters over the years.  Devin received SEVERAL lectures from Casey.  She chased him down several times to "discuss" his behavior.  She was quit startled to see how tall he had gotten since she last seen him (I believe he is at 6' 1" now).  And from what I gather from Mikayla the girls had gone after her boyfriend also (they don't approve of baggy pants, or drooping pants or how ever it is these boys are wearing them) and were commenting on Mikayla's figure and how she needed to cover up more.   Those girls are definitely more prudish with siblings than I am with my daughters.  Obviously Mikayla and Nathaniel left the back yard and chose to watch a movie in the living room.  Probably a good choice.  

I had to keep reminding them that we had neighbors.  Again WOW young people are loud.  Oh, and did I mention that Felicia's friends seem to be totally comfortable around Mike and I?  So comfortable in fact that they don't hold back with their conversations when we are around.  There are just some things Parents do not need to hear, even IF we know they are doing these things we don't need verbal conformation.

Finally sometime after 2am the ones that lived close (and were sober enough to drive) left and the rest started making their way to bed.  And here it is 8am and I am up already.  Just less than 6 hours sleep.

Humm should I start cleaning up from last night?  Making A LOT of noise, and wake them up?    Guess I would not be cool mom any more if I did that hu?  Guess I will play another round of Domino's on the computer and give them till 10 to get up.  But after that it is all fair game.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just Random Thoughts & Pictures

Do you ever wonder what makes you want to read someones thoughts, look at their pictures, and follow their every thought they post on a blog?  I have been surfing though tons of blogs this morning (procrastinating as long as possible) and the blogs lately that get my attention don't say much at all.  They have pictures.  Amazing pictures, pictures of absolutely nothing, pictures of everything.

(I found this little momma in one of our Cherry trees)

I don't mean that what people have to say is not important, just seems this morning I am in a visual mood.  That and Mikayla has had my camera stashed in her room and I guess I have been missing it.

(Mike's new toy.  Wasn't this pretty when he first got it)

Most of the Blogs I came across are moms with young children.  To me, not so interesting hearing about their daily trials of parenting.  Probably as I have enough child issues of my own and really don't have the energy to read someones issues with potty training.  I am sure to them it is a trying time, but with what we are dealing with now in our stage of parenthood that type of discussion is a bit trivial.

But some of the pictures ......  say so much more then their words. 

Pictures seem to capture a moment.  A moment you can never get back.  And gazing through pictures makes a person remember, good or bad.   And remembering sometimes is not a bad thing.

A smile.  It truly is contagious.

Friends are always there to get your back.

And a silly picture is worth its weight in gold.

A silly friend is priceless.

Friday, June 10, 2011


The feeling of floating on a billowy cloud,
The roar of a waterfall to drown out the cicadas,
The feel of a babbling brook massaging my shoulders and back,
Glass of wine in my hand,
My husband sitting next to me...................

Where are we you ask?  Well I have to admit we are not at a secluded island resort.  Just in our back yard paradise enjoying the hot tub for the last 20 minutes.

Now back to reality, bummer.

But for your viewing pleasure .......... Showing off my backyard paradise:

We ( I ) always wanted to close in a room under the Gazabo.  This was our way around the "shed" rules of the subdivision.  It is now the pool storage and winter furniture storage room.  YEA

Still wish we had the money to have bricked a lot more of the back of the house.  There is just way too much siding for my taste.

This rocked area was the last thing we did.  We were having a hard time growing grass here and dirt was splashing up on the door all the time.  It looked nasty.  Not any more.

The sun HAD to be on a wall.  It use to be on the wall under the deck, but the door is there now.  Gotta love Mike he knew I wanted it up so this is where he put it. Perfect spot!

Our newly renovate room under the deck.  Only thing left we want to do is add the mosquito curtains.  Those are so cool.  But pricey hence the reason you don't see them yet.  Maybe a project for next spring.

My only flowers that I will plant every year just outside one of the basement doors.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

It's Thursday ......... We are closed

Holy crap what a day!  First off Mike is feeling under the weather.  What started out as allergies in the beginning of spring has now turned into throbbing sinus blockage that is trying to turn into a sinus infection.  Mr. Mike has an ad version to doctors so I herded him toward the Walgreen's Nurse Practitioner.  She gave him a plefera of medications and sent us on our way.  BUT not before lecturing him about getting a sleep study done (which of course he will never do). 

And of course all his stuffiness and coughing kept me up most of the night.  Enter 6 am!  I am dead dog tired. Upside, school is out so there is no need to attempt to get the kids (kid) up and ready for school.  So there is only me to get motivated to get a move on.  Made it to work only 10 minutes late, but 2 hours before the boss decided to show up!

It was just Nipa and I today.  The other two admins were out of the office one sick and the other out in the field.  We had a wonderfully productive day.  It was 5 o'clock before I knew it.  A coworker who also owns a lawn service company (seems we all have our own side companies) brought back my mower I had him do some work on had it in the back of his truck.  He was still out in the field on a job site.  So I coerced another coworker to assist me in putting it in the back of my truck, and left an envelope of money on Neil's desk for payment of the repairs to my beloved mower (I dislike Mike's riding mower and refuse to use it).  I should have had enough foresight to make sure I had someone at home to help unload the darn thing though.

Of course traffic was not cooperating this evening and I only have 7 miles from work to home.  Tonight it took over 30 minutes to make that short jaunt.  Finally get home, unload the mower (by myself), dash in the house, chug some water, change into workout clothes, and head off to the gym to meet with Taylor (my new trainer since Tommy left).  Again I was late.  Meh

The workout tonight was great!  e did abs and chest and arms this evening.  All the areas I want addressed.    Then I leave there and get home to immediately start working on the monstrosity that is my front landscaping.  It seems that two of our trees want to grow a forest.  Their roots have shoots that grow like weeds and it seems that every two weeks I have 20 plus little trees in addition to the weeks I have to clean out.

Another upside Mikayla and her friends got another ride home from Six Flags and I didn't have to go get them. 

And now here I sit with Mike and his body aches watching a movie.  I am number 4.  Very productive day, whew.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Hi its me again

First off I have to share a picture of a friends little guy!  Isn't he just adorable???!!!  Usually this little cutie pie has the most serious looks.  I was too excited to see they got this picture of him smiling!

Okay now a picture of my baby!  Mikayla has had a great year in school, her 3rd art show, and she now has her first job.  She has been borrowing (stealing) my camera to take pictures of EVERYTHING. 

And of course she takes them of me too.  (insert sad face here). 

Do I look stressed?  I am feeling stressed.

Let me introduce you to what/who has spiked my stress levels

Background:  A couple months ago Devin was sneaking (Felicia said it was not sneaking he was just leaving) out and I  requested from his probation officer that she put him on house arrest.  That way he couldn't just come and go at will.  What she did was release him off probation.  I told her that if she did that she was just giving him free reign to do what he wished with no repercussion.  She released him anyway.

Soooo since then he started doing poorly in school, fighting with us more about everything, starting hanging out with the "wrong crowd" again.  He recently decided that since he was failing 5 of 7 classes he was done with school and started not going.  Then he turned 17.  And a week later he decided he was done with school.  The daily calls from school were getting old and interrupting.  I finally told the school that if he was not at school and I did not call then he was truant.  Next Memorial Day came and Devin decided to pick yet another fight.  Then he left and didn't bother to come home for 6 days.  Then came home for one night then left again for 3 days.  And that is just part of my stress.

We are now the Parent Inn. 

At least he got a hair cut.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Hi Againg

I am still here, just busy.  Be Back soon.

Lots going on..... craziness.


P.S. the boy got a haircut!   Almost a crew cut.  Wonder who talked him into that, how he got it and/or how he paid for it.  Yes details and filling in later.

Oh and Mom and Dad yes he showed back up here Saturday night.  Not saying much.