Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Joining the Over 40 Club!

Another one of my friends hit the BIG 40 recently.  Funny how NOW that I am in my 40's that 40 doesn't SEEM so old anymore.  And for that matter neither does 50. 

Her husband set up the cutest things for her.  A week long birthday present to be exact.  He called different sets of her friends / co-workers and everyday of the week he had coordinated a different activity for her.

One day she went to a Cardinal game with co-workers, dinner and winery with neighborhood friends, another night she had spent with other friends, and two different days of parties with different family each time.

I thought it was a very cool idea.  That way she was able to celebrate with everybody.

We of course had our little celebration at the Wine Cellar in Cottleville.  It is our little hang out about once a month.  They have a little band and some amazing wine slushies.  Oh and we put away some Brie when we go. 

The REALLY nice part...........No kids no husbands.  Just us girls!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Warrior Dash - What Was I Thinking

Just for inquiring minds......................... It WAS FANTASTIC!

Kind of unnerving having to jump over fire.

Out of 6855 people I finished 5035.  Not bad as far as I am concerned!  Especially since I do not run ever, and have not been to the gym for a workout in over 3 months!

After I slid out of the mud pit, I went to where the local fire department was hosing people off (OMG that was cold).  Mike made me go back 2 more times telling me I was NOT getting in the car with mud all over me.

Note to anyone that wants to go to these types of events......  BRING TOWELS!  

In the end I went to the car and just stripped out of my clothes (still dropping mud everywhere), cleaned off what I could (with one of his athletic jackets I found in the car), put my sweat jacket on and some clean underwear. Then got in the car, jacked up the heat and told him to NOT get pulled over.

I enjoyed a VERY long hot shower when I got home.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Paging Dr. House

A couple of weeks ago Mikayla complained of a pain in her stomach.  She complained about if for a couple of days.  I finally asked her if she wanted me to call the doctor (she very much dislikes seeing the doctor) and she said yes.  Uh Oh I knew she was serious then!

I am at work with the doctors office on one phone and Mikayla on another.  I had asked several times if they just wanted me to bring her in. The nurse just kept asking more questions about what was going on with her.  Finally she put me on hold, then came back and told me to take her to the Emergency Room.


I take Mikayla to Progress West.  It is a newer hospital in our area, and everyone that I know that has used this hospital has liked it so I figure why not.  We only sit in the waiting room for about 2 minutes before some child (actually he was in his early 20's) comes and escorts us to a room.  And Mikayla gets worked on right away.  You know vitals and such.  Within minutes another child (doctor this time man I am getting OLD) comes into the room re-asking a zillion questions and poking around on Mikayla's abdomen.  Then he informs us that the attending doctor will be in (he was apparently a student) to decide what they will do next for tests.

When the Attending Doctor comes in (again he couldn't have been over 30) and pokes around on Mikayla he explains to her ALL the things it "could" be and what they will do to her depending what the results show.  Well didn't THAT just throw her into a hysterical crying jag.  Thank you very much.

First test - pee in a cup.  Results high white cell count which means infection and an increased red cell count which means blood in the urine.           Conclusion Urinary Tract Infection

Second test - putting in an I.V. and drawing blood (several tubes) and then hooking her up to a saline bag to give her fluids (they never explained why they did this).          

Third test - xray of her appendix (they were thinking she had an appendicitis)

Fourth test - 2 ultrasounds (one of her liver and one of her gallbladder)

Fifth test - more blood.

Finally 6 hours later Attending Doctor comes in and says that they appendix, gallbladder and liver all look fine (even though she still presents with appendicitis symptoms) they cannot find any stones either.  Apparently they thought she may have gall stones.  The only things they cannot explain is that her billy Ruben is elevated (strange) and that her urine shows she has an infection.

They offered to do a pelvic exam and Mikayla said absolutely positively no freaking way.  I explained that she is NOT sexually active (this the doc already knew because of their "private" talk) and that she has not yet had a OB visit with exam.  So doc said that he would not go with that exam just yet.

We left the hospital with a diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infection and a prescription for antibiotics.  This was a Wednesday evening.  Then on Saturday the Attending Doc calls my house to check up on Mikayla.  I thought that was pretty cool.  Then he goes into how they did a culture and that their diagnosis was wrong.  She did not have a UTI (just great).  So I asked what she DID have.  His reply was they have no idea.  She did grow several bacteria but none of them they could identify (SERIOUSLY?!).  He said that he still wanted her to finish the antibiotics that she was on, but then told me that they probably would not work on the kind of infection she has.  And that if she has anymore paid to get into see her doctor.

So basically we are back to square one and have no idea what is wrong with the kid.  And she refuses to tell me if she still hurts or not since the phone call from the ER Doc. 

Seriously we should be on a House episode.