Monday, January 16, 2012

What a View

Mike and I once again attended the Greater St Louis Restaurant Associations Annual Awards Dinner.  A Pepsi thing that we have to do, rather HE has to do and I get drug along.

This year though I for some reason was looking forward to going.  Hungry I guess.  That and Mike did not make me wear a dress.  It was like 20 degrees outside!

The dinner this year was at Kemoll's downtown St. Louis.  And WOW what a view.

If  you can't tell, that is the St. Louis Arch.  I didn't know that a building could be taller than the Arch, but apparently there is and I was in it.

Now I took these pictures with my VERY OLD outdated phone so it is not of the best quality.  But you do get the idea of the view I had.


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