Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another Girls Night Out

Friday a group of us went to a local establishment to watch the basketball games.  Sharon is a HUGE Ohio fan so we went to support her and her team.   (BTW they choked!)

Let me tell ya, Mitzi is the Socializing Queen!  She had me out until the wee hours of the morning (to me that is 1am).  Sharon and Jodi had the sense of leaving much earlier.  
But we had a very enjoyable time.  I absolutely love spending time with my girls!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Apron Strings Still Attached

Felicia has made it very clear she was NOT going to be one of those kids that goes off to college then comes home to live with mom & dad for years before moving on her own.

She came home after graduating and found a job in another state just to clinch that she couldn't fall back into our house.

We get lots of phone calls though, here is the latest text I got.......

This is why I need you here...or Dad.
Yea our "BIG GIRL" still needs here mom & dad.  

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Loving the Weather

With the weather warming up we are all itching to do things outside.  We decided one of these past Saturdays that we would hang out at my house, drink wine, site by a fire, and enjoy each other's company.

If you are on Facebook you may have seen quit  a few posts with pictures of brooms standing on their own.  Everyone I saw post this did not explain what the heck it was for.  So of course I had inquired when Karen and Mitzi showed up.  And of course Mitzi did a demonstration with my broom.

According to Mike everything has a "balance" point, it sometimes just takes a while to find it.  Of course I could never find it.

Anyway what a relaxing time we had, and it was great just hanging out by the fire, no kids, no men.  just us gals (yea Mike headed for the hills, said too much estrogen for him).

There were more of us, I just forgot to get the camera out earlier.  OOPS

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St Pats Experience I will not soon forget

A neighbor/friend texted me in the wee hours Saturday morning (like 6:30am who is up at that time on a weekend!?) wanting to know if I had plans for the day.  My response was no since Mike was working, I had an appointment at the groomers for the dogs, and a trip to the scuba shop planned.  She asked (told) me to meet her at the Sherlock’s in Cottleville for the St Pats Parade. 

I figured what the heck, texted and woke up Jodi.  So after the groomer we headed 5 miles down the way to Cottleville to meet up with Mitzi.  As it turned out parking was RIDICULOUS!  We parked approximately 2 miles away and walked to the restaurant to meet our group.  Did you hear me?  2 MILES!  Good thing I wore tennis shoes.

Got to see some cool floats, paid too much for hot dogs ($3 each) and ridiculous amounts for alcohol (2 drinks one of them a beer $9).  Then about an hour after getting there we hear the first claps of thunder.  Uh Oh.  Within minutes it started raining………..HARD. 

Luckily Mitzi and her crew had brought a tent like cover thing and we all huddled under it.  Within 20 minutes Jodi remembered that she told me to NOT shut her sun roof all the way.  BWAHAHAHAHAHHAA  next time she will listen to me.  So we take off heading back the 2 miles to her car, in the rain, thunder and lightning.  The T-shirt Jodi had on ended up see through when it gets wet.  Guys would keep running by us, turn around and jog backwards to say something (of course to get a better view).  I couldn’t help but laugh the whole way.  We had the best and worst time ever. 

As soon as we got back to the car we headed for my house, changed to shorts and more T shirts.  Threw her clothes in the dryer and got in the hot tub.  Why not we were already wet and cold and we wanted to warm up.  So best way 102 degree bathtub!  Oh and the glasses of wine didn’t hurt our moods wither.

I just wish I had picture of what we two drowned rats looked like by the time we actually got to the car.   

Monday, March 19, 2012

Just another Day in Paradise

We had another blow out last night.  Of course Mike and I were not home.  It never fails when the kids are all home SOMETHING always happens.

Mikayla and her boyfriend were at the house watching movies and apparently Devin had some of his (ugh) friends over (which he has been repeatedly told they are not allowed over ever).  Around 9:30 I started getting calls from our house phone and from Nathaniel’s phone.  I returned Nathaniel’s call first knowing that he was with Mikayla.  It went directly to his voicemail. I then tried the house phone back.  Devin answered and he was extremely irate.  Started swearing at me, telling me he was going to get into a fight with Mikayla’s boyfriend if I didn’t make him leave.  I asked him what was going on and he said that he didn’t do anything and Nathaniel got into his face.  And that if I didn’t kick him out of the house he was.  He went back to cursing at me and screaming at me and telling me what he was going to do and that it was entirely all their fault and on and on. 

I told him at that point (knowing Nathaniel would never confront Devin without provocation) that the only reason Nathaniel was getting into his face was that he must have been terrorizing his sister (which I found out he was).  Devin proceeded to tell me that this was bullshit (yes he used that language and this was the nicest word he said) and I never allow him to have friends over (but umm he had them over at that exact moment…….) and Nathaniel is 19 and Mikayla is only 13 (I reminded Devin here that she is actually 16 and it was none of his business if I let them date).  He said he was going to call the police because Nathaniel wouldn’t leave when he told him too.  I told Devin that it would not be Nathaniel in trouble with the police because I would be there to tell the police that he was the problem and that Nathaniel had our permission to be at the house.  I also told Devin that I would make sure it would be him that was removed from the house.  He said he didn’t care because he knew he was going to be kicked out in a month anyway (more of that later).  I just told Devin he had best NOT do anything to either his sister or her boyfriend and told him I was on my way home.

I then called Mikayla back on Nathaniel’s phone and got her version of course which was more believable knowing all parties involved.  She asked if I would speak with Nathaniel because he was worried we were going to be upset with him.  She started crying.  I spoke with Nathaniel told him not to worry and to take Mikayla to McDonald's till we got home.

Part of me feels bad because I cannot find it in myself to stand up for Devin.  I actually stood up for a boy not my son against my son.  I just don’t have it in me anymore to defend Devin and have told him that his actions prevent me from doing so.  Of course everything that he has done (quit school, refuses to get a job, get a GED, help around the house) is inevitable someone else’s fault never his own.  I have tried getting him to counseling, he refuses.  Tried getting him to take his meds, he refuses.  Tried getting him back to see his doctor and neurologist, he refuses.  I have had a police officer go to him and let him know how things are, he doesn’t listen he thinks he is right and everyone else is wrong.  I have contacted several agencies to get help.  First Youth in Need, they are a voluntary residence, Devin is not nor will be voluntary in this.  So they are out.  They suggest several other lock down units.  Upon calling them and explaining the situation they proceeded to let me what they charge, how they work and such.  I said fine, then they all told me they could not get him in unless he was currently with counseling.  ARE YOU SERIOUS!  I explained he refuses to see a counselor, therapist, psychologist anyone.    I was then told they could do nothing until that happened first.  So here I am told I cannot get help, I cannot remove him from my home until he is 18 and pretty much I have to let him do as he wishes when he wishes.  He is destroying my home without a care.  He throws things around the house, damaging walls furniture, whatever doesn’t matter to him.

So here I sit patiently waiting for May 18th to get here so I can have him removed from the house.  I cannot keep putting Mikayla in that kind of environment.  It is hostel around the house anytime Devin is home.  And I no longer have patience for him or his behavior and he knows it.  We rarely speak, unless he is cursing at me because I made him mad about something.

So yea feeling bad that it has come to me defending someone else’s son versus defending my own……..

I did find out later when we spoke with Mikayla and Nathaniel that after my call Devin went outside and apologized to them and told them they could go in the house.  

Devin also called back and asked to speak with his dad.  Apparently he was checking to see if Mike was going to be working on the bathroom job we have going.  Mike told him no it was a week day that he had Pepsi work to do.  Devin then informed his dad that he would not be home when we got there.  Mike told him that was probably a good idea to be gone when we got there.

I wish I knew what was going through that kids head.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Conflicting Feelings

Have you ever had a situation when you’re really happy for someone but at the same time you’re really discouraged with the decision they have made. Well I am having one of those situations now.

See here is the thing.  I do not tend to make “friends” at my place of employment.  It has been that way since as long as I can remember.  I like to keep my private life extremely separate from work life.  Usually I hook up with one person that I get really close with and spend time together outside of work.  For reasons for those of you that REALLY know me know that is a good thing to do since I tend to be on the wild side.  And that is nothing people at work really need to know about. (ha ha ha)

Anyway I have actually made friends with two people from where I work now, Dana and Erin.  They are people I confide to, play sports with, hang out with and such.  Well Erin has been offered a position with one of our client companies and an Environmental Manager.  That is a huge opportunity for her.  She will be in charge of something like 4 or 5 landfills. Again that is a huge step up and a great opportunity.  I assist 2 EM's here in Missouri and know they at times are going crazy.  Depends on if you sites are an active landfill or a closed one.  

Erin is of course like 15 years younger than I (Dana is 10 years younger since I am the old lady of the office) but so far I have been able to keep up with her when we play volley ball and such.  We are both going up to Wisconsin to hike through Devil’s Lake with Felicia later in April.  She loves the outdoors as much as I do, and seems to be as much a tom boy as I am which probably explains why we get along so well.  The only thing is that she is single and gets to travel a lot more than I am possible too or I would be going on her adventures right along with her.

Anyway her new job is in California.  We are currently in Missouri.  See my reason for being discouraged?  Going on our little adventures will not be so easy or affordable.  But hey at least now I have someone in California that I can go visit and stay with and one that will take me to cool scuba diving places (she is also certified).  That of course is one thing I will be looking forward too.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Another Adventure Has Been Scheduled

Well it's official.  For Mikayla's Spring Break this year we are going to head up to Chicago and see Felicia.  We are also going to be taking Felicia's Belly Dancing class!

Sooooo looking forward to that!  Hopefully I will get some good pictures and when I say good I mean embarrassing.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

A Very Sweet "Sweet 16" Birthday

In February Mikayla turned sweet 16.  Well she turned 16 not so sure about the sweet.  Winy definitely, stubborn most assuredly, head strong most definitely . Sweet only when she wants something.  

I kid, she is my good girl.  I wouldn't change her one bit.

She has begged to see the ocean since she was at least 8.  So for her 16th birthday I offered in lieu of a big monster birthday party a trip to Florida for the weekend.  

Her response "Oh My God Most Definitely Yes!"

We flew into Orlando on Saturday afternoon, 

Celebrated Mikayla's birthday with my parents

I still say she looks 12.

Went to Animal Kingdom on Sunday (thanks to my Aunt Winnie who scored us free tickets),

Tree of Life

Henna Tattoo (how do I get talked into these things?)

Then on Monday we headed to Clearwater beach!

 Obviously we fed the birds, and learned that they don't go away when you do that.

Yep I am that close.  I couldn't believe it.  Mikayla kept telling me to back up, move closer.  It was freaking me out.  Thought he was going to peck my head or something!

Mikayla didn't give hers a chance to peck her.  

It  was just beautiful late in the day when most people had left.  That was when we enjoyed it the most.

She was in Love instantly, the second she laid eyes on the ocean.  She didn't care that it was windy and cold. Well cold by Florida standards, and if you got wet.

The first beach we went to was Treasure Island Sunset Beach, 

Though it was not a bad subdivision (park) beach so to say, it was just not what we think of when you say "Hey lets go to the beach and see the ocean".  

 But we were enjoying ourselves until we saw to 70 something year old large man in a speedo.  And might I add when Mikayla pointed him out I was closer and get to see that said speedo was actually very "sheer" and therefore SEE THROUGH! 
Yep at that point we left that beech and found Clearwater.

It was just me and Mikayla, we enjoyed our time together, talked, not talked, hung out, explored and played.
Not a trip I will not soon forget at least.  I just hope she has as fond of memories as I did.