Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Loving the Weather

With the weather warming up we are all itching to do things outside.  We decided one of these past Saturdays that we would hang out at my house, drink wine, site by a fire, and enjoy each other's company.

If you are on Facebook you may have seen quit  a few posts with pictures of brooms standing on their own.  Everyone I saw post this did not explain what the heck it was for.  So of course I had inquired when Karen and Mitzi showed up.  And of course Mitzi did a demonstration with my broom.

According to Mike everything has a "balance" point, it sometimes just takes a while to find it.  Of course I could never find it.

Anyway what a relaxing time we had, and it was great just hanging out by the fire, no kids, no men.  just us gals (yea Mike headed for the hills, said too much estrogen for him).

There were more of us, I just forgot to get the camera out earlier.  OOPS

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