Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I sit here trying to catch up on everyone blog lives. And all of you REALLY have such exciting lives or is it that you are all just able to tell ordinary things in extraordinary ways. Story telling is definitely not in my arsenal of talents. So kudos to all you great story tellers!


Felicia is home for spring break. Too broke to go anywhere else (and no I am NOT giving her MORE money to go on a trip) so she came home. She brought home a friend with her. His name is Rolland (a.k.a. vampire which is Mikayla's nickname for him)and he is from Alaska.

He is such a laid back fellow (which is a really good thing with staying here for the entire week), very polite, gets along with everyone here and all her friends at school, AND most importantly he has not gotten on MD's nerves.

He is currently sitting here with Mikayla quizzing her for a Social Studies test tomorrow. I think Mikayla is developing a slight crush. She thinks he is "cool" and "fun". It is a good thing he feels comfortable sitting here without Felicia, she is currently up in her room on the phone arguing with her boyfriend.

I personally think they are "cute" together. They look a lot alike. And he is the perfect height for her.......she is 5' and he is 5'5".

They been to the butterfly house (because she had an interview for an internship), Union Station, the Arch, Bush Wildlife. Tomorrow she said that they are going to a few museums. That is if they get up before noon. She said they also plan on hitting the Science Center.

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utmomof 5 said...

Glad the house guest is not annoying :) That is always a good thing!!!!t