Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just another Kink in the Road

I mention a few posts back that I hurt my ankle playing volley ball.  I am use to playing in sand, and when asked to play on an indoor team over the winter of course I jump on the chance.  First night, second game in I was going for a ball.  Stepped forward, and all I heard was CRUNCH.  I finished the second and third game hobbling.  But I finished and even made a few good shots (no jumping of course). 

MD made me go to urgent care the next morning to get an xray to make sure I didn't break anything.  And no I had not.  But 3 months later I still had swelling in parts of my ankle and running was defiantly out of the question.  Even going DOWN stairs still bothered me.  So I made an appointment with my family doc to get it looked at while he did my annual physical.  He then decided that after 3 months it should have been healed and sent me for an MRI. 

The MRI showed I have 2, yes TWO torn ligaments in my lateral ankle and the swelling is due to inflammation from the tears.  So now I have to see and Orthopedic Surgeon.  And don't you know, they didn't have an opening until the end of the month.  So on the 27th I get to find out if I have to have surgery or something else.  But me being me could not wait that long for a response so I was checking around with a few people in the know about these things and they tell me to anticipate getting surgery.  They say that tears usually will not heal on their own.  Just Great.

This biggest disappointment about the whole thing is that I have been benched from playing volley ball for the rest of the summer!

I have been going to the Gym and working with a Trainer.  He is great.  His name is Tommy and I can always tell when he is up to something..................just in the way he has this crooked little smile.  I know that he is about to get me to do something I am so not going to like.  He does not have me doing any cardio other than walking every day that I don't see him.  I did ask the reason behind this and he said that I will burn more fat longer working with weights than with cardio.  With cardio when you stop doing it you stop burning the calories, but with weights you will keep burning for many hours after you stop.  Made sense to me so YEA no cardio.   But let me tell you what, sinse he can't abuse the lower body because of my ankle he has been taking it out on the middle and upper body for sure. 

I just can't believe how hard this winter has been on my body.  What I porker I became. 

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