Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week 4 of Training

I have mentioned that I have a trainer.  MD was not happy with the thought of spending money for a trainer, especially when I have a membership to said Gym.  But I am a procrastinator and a good one at that, so I wanted someone I had to be responsible to besides myself (I can always and easily talk myself out of going).

We are in week 4 and may I say something................. UGH he is killing me about the food stuff!  Yes the workouts are hard.  I mentioned once that it felt like he was abusing my upper body.  his response "well I can't abuse your leg (ankle) yet".  Well that my friends stops tonight.  Doc gave me the go ahead to use weights but no twisty bounce aerobics.  I have only lost 1 pound and according to that stupid little hand held "fat" meter I have lost no body fat.  WELL, I am here to tell ya, I know I have lost something, as my jelly belly roll is not as pronounced and my jeans have been fitting a bit better.

But I have not mastered this whole eating healthy business.  Yes I have added more salads and veggies.  But I am missing my morning cheerios as they are not allowed.  Trainer wants me to cook breakfast.  HA this young man does not have two teenagers to get motivated before 6:30am.  Nor does he have a husband that can't sleep unless it is totally black and quiet.  So every week I boil eggs and that is my morning breakfast.  Too which trainer smirks.  I have to keep food journals, not really how much or keep track of calories.  He just wants to see what I am eating.  Ham off the list, salami off the list.  He said to eat turkey and chicken.  Man does not know what he is asking.  Bacon off, sausage off, white bread off, whole grain white bread off, pasta off.  Lots of days I do eat quite a bit of fruits and veggies.  Again I get chastised, about where my protein is.

You know I LOVE to eat, and normally I do eat often (except weekends when I get busy and forget) and healthy (or at least I thought so).  But I am not enjoying this change.  I am thinking that when my 6 weeks are over with Trainer I will cut it down to 1/2 hour visits cutting out the food part.  Because if I have to change too much at once I will do none of it.  I know not a very positive statement, but hey I know me, I know how I am.  And how I am is a slow changer.  So while I am adjusting my life and schedules to include the time to go to the gym I am not just quite ready for the food change.  So I will keep his list and adjust a little at a time.

I have however, stopped soda (well 2 glasses in 4 weeks).  No alcohol (that was not a big feet though), no candy what so ever (now that one was hard!), have started eating more turkey and chicken and fish.  Have tried eating more "meals" instead of grazing.  That is actually harder said than done.

I guess I will have to invest in some new cook books.


Laggin said...

Keep it up! You'll appreciate it in the end (ha ha...I made a funny...about a fanny!)

Greg said...

great Job! I lost weight just by quitting soda! They say soda is totally bad for you it's like battery acid!

Keep up the good work!