Monday, July 25, 2011

Artist in the Making

I know I post a lot of stuff about Mikayla.

What can I say, she is still living at home, willing to spend time with Mike & I, and/or not always sleeping.  It does feel at times that we have only one child left at home.

Would love to post more information (and pictures) of Felicia, but a lot of what Felicia and I discuss is usually sex related (the life of a twenty something!) and THAT I don't think I should be posting.  And the pictures that I can get of her have been taken with a phone and rarely of good quality or are too blurry to even tell what is going on (again the life of a twenty something)   Nor would I feel comfortable posting about those kind of discussions here.  I am glad that she does choose to discuss this area of her life with me, just sometimes I wish not to hear so much detail. 

But over all Felicia is living the good life in the Chicago area and doing well.  So well that we are unable to talk her into moving back home.  I guess that is a good thing after all.

So back to Mikayla.

I have been promising my parents that I would get some of Mikayla's art work on here.  Alas failure again!  Sorry I will get more as I remember to scan it.

Mikayla has been entered into 3 art shows throughout her Freshmen year.  She LOVES to draw, paint, color, you name it.

Last week I had to take her to the dentist and afterwards she had to hang out at the office with me.  This is what she drew to keep herself busy till I was able to leave and go home.

Looks like something someone would get for a Tattoo no?  She has been drawing Tattoo ideas for about a year now.  At first it was little ones for the ankle area mostly.  Once in a while she would use a sharpie and draw them on herself to "test" run what it would look like.

She has actually drawn some really unusual and interesting ones.  I really liked one that she had done earlier this year and if I had seen it before I got my M&M tattoo I would have probably gotten one she drew.  If I ever get the nerve to get another I will have Mikayla design it first.

This was another one she did while sitting at my office after another dentist appointment back in June.  At least it is a quite past time (insert large smile here).

Mom and Dad as soon as I remember to bring her drawings to work and scan them I will get them up here.


Leslie said...

She's good!

Dread Pirate Davi said...

Oooh, I might just pay her to draw a tattoo for me!! :) When I'm not a broke student, of course...