Sunday, July 24, 2011

We have ANOTHER new look

Mikayla gets board with things and gets board with them quickly.  Particularly with her hair.  If she is not wanting to constantly change her cut or style it is her color.  She has been blond, red, brunette and highlighted.

Several months ago she finally wore me down and talked me into allowing her to go real blond. 

This is her blond (sorry its black and white.  All I could find quickly) 

The darker hair are extensions that she got from a friend.  She still has relatively short hair.  Which was another change she just HAD to have.  Now she wants extensions because she said that her hair grows too slow.

(again she has extensions in, so the longer pieces are not her actual hair)

Well she again wore me down with wanting her hair colored.  I had to use my color on her due to the fact she had such blond hair.  It took me forever to make sure EVERY piece of hair had color on it. 

When we were finished I was pretty proud of myself.  It came out pretty good!   What blond did show through looks like natural highlights.

The dark sure does make her blue eyes just pop right out, don't ya think?

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Leslie said...

That's an awesome look for her!