Thursday, July 07, 2011


Mikayla has decided that she wants to try out for the girl's Golf team at school.  Why you ask.  Well apparently she has been told that there is a lot of scholarship money available for girls who play golf.  My response WHO RAH!

Luckily an old friend of ours plays golf A LOT.  And he agreed to give Miakyla (and myself) golfing lessons.  LOVE FREE LESSON.

Uncle Le the "pro golfer"  in his mind at least (tee hee).

Yes I said Uncle, not by blood but because he has been a fixture in the kids entire lives.  His boys are referred to as cousins by the kids even.  Le and his wife were both in our wedding.  He is one of Mike's oldest friends.  And a great guy.

Mike asked how Le was as a teacher.  Let me tell you what.    The guy was fantastic.  He spoke softly with patience.  He gave great instructions and encouragements.

Funny, I never noticed before, but Mikayla seems to be taller than Uncle Le.  Going to have to show him this picture.

As you can tell we worked on our swing the whole time.  FOR TWO HOURS!  And even at 9:30 in the morning, fans running, it was HOT.  I decided that I didn't need to go to the gym that day as I must have sweated off 3 pounds just swing clubs.

When Le was assisting me, he kept saying I moved my head too much.  I was standing there with him holding a golf club on my head.  Luckily Mikayla couldn't find the camera!

When we swung well he said so.  It was nice to hear we were not screwing it up all the time.

He really was an inspirational teacher.  I am hoping she sticks with it this time.  At least she has a friend already on the golf team, so that should help her with commitment at least.

This is how we both felt after the lesson was done.  I believe that Mikayla went home and took a nap.

We are planning to go again next week to the driving range and practice our swings.  But I think this time we will split a bucket of balls vs. two buckets.  That was a little much for the first time I think.


Leslie said...

Did you discovery new body parts with the swing?

Dread Pirate Davi said...

How exciting that she has her eyes on the future! And exciting for both of you to try something new together! :)